Reviews for New Life, Second Chances
chetan098nain chapter 1 . 3/20
fuck yeah, now this is something different.
Guest chapter 24 . 3/10
Thanks for the update. Been reading since chapter 1 was posted btw, glad to see you haven't given up. Hope things are better now for you. Looking forward to the next updates.
mds777 chapter 24 . 3/8
Sweet and awesome story. Hope you update soon. Have a pleasant day or night depending on when you read this. :)
The Princess and the Peanut chapter 15 . 3/5
More NaruHina is always exciting :) I also really wanna know more about Yuzura and her past, even if I don't ship her and Naruto together. It would be so cute to see Haku and Sasuke together (I think you can tell I don't want a NaruHarem. The NaruHina is too cute!). So, as always, this is progressing in such a unique way that I can guess what's gonna happen, but maybe I'm half right or not right at all (so frustrating, but great at the same time!). I also noticed that there were a few grammar mistakes, but not many. Not more than a handful each chapter, which is excellent with how long these chapters are. Anyways, this is great, and I love it.
Guest chapter 10 . 3/4
Oh my Gosh, the NaruHina was so adorable- I'm actively waiting for more! I love the interactions between all the teams, and it seems like Naruto regrets not bonding with them more when he had the chance. The Wave Arc went so well, and now I can't wait to see how Naruto, Zabuza, Haku, and Yuzura get to Utakata (is that how you spell it?) and the Sanbi. Isn't Yagura (Mizukage) still the Jinchuuriki still though? Doesn't he get killed during the coup d'├ętat and Mei takes over? Anyways, I guess he's dead already. So, this is awesome(:
The Princess and the Peanut chapter 5 . 3/3
So, I know I'm not very far into this yet, but I'm so excited for this story! I love everything that's happening, even if I didn't like the beginning (not how you wrote it, but just that I don't like knowing there's gonna be time travel and there's a chapter explaining everything. I know it's imperative to the story, but I want the action NOW!). Anyways, I'm so excited, and I love the character development so far (:
alteristkang chapter 15 . 2/21
Great chapters so far!
alteristkang chapter 1 . 2/20
Nice, though we don't know how Minato turned back time.
AlexDnD chapter 2 . 2/3
Would have been so much better without the OC.
RyoshiMorino chapter 24 . 1/26
This is a great story I've found so far. I can't wait to see what you do next, but I hope to high heaven that this story continues, I want to see more!
hjh chapter 24 . 1/23
great story, can't wait for more. please continue
DracoArtemisLeopin chapter 24 . 1/22
Hey, this is a really good story and I hope that you continue it soon
Qursa chapter 24 . 1/18
Why? Why did you stop? Is that your limit?
Sarcasm Dragon chapter 11 . 1/10
This chapter was the first where I felt things really did not make sense. Zabuza's "plan" to kill a bunch of people on the way in to the village is so completely counterproductive as to ruin any hope of suspension of disbelief. Had they left everyone alive rather than killing them, then it would have been fine.
MattBlack chapter 10 . 1/8
Umm Zabuza is 25-30 years late to be a jinchuuriki... Whole reason they seal bijuu into newborns is because their chakra coils are still adaptable... A grown person would die from the youki. Besides. yonbi is sealed inside Yagura, the mizukage, and isn't released until much later when the kiri rebels win... If an adult could become a jinchuuriki, all bijuu would've been sealed in S-rank ninjas, instead of children who might not even survive adolescence...
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