Reviews for What Should Have Been
MyPatronusIsAnOtter chapter 22 . 8/24
This is amazing so far, and I'm hoping for more!
NatNicole chapter 4 . 8/14
Realistic and enjoyable chapter. :D
The bride thing made me snicker.
NatNicole chapter 2 . 8/14
Forgot to mention in my logged-in Review that I also like how ya gave Daphne a shocking background; it was pretty attention-grabbing, not to mention original since that particular seni-O.C. has never had one like that (as far as I know).
NatNicole chapter 1 . 8/13
THANK YOU for writing this!
This chapter is so much more believable than canon and I bet my chocolate stash that I'mma gonna love the rest of your fic too. :D
annoyedErma chapter 22 . 7/31
This fic is incredible, I love that you're stressing not the innate power of the 5, but the power of their bonds with each other and with others. Your characterizations are spot on and your OCs are great! I hope you update soon, I want to see more of the 5 and their plots. Thanks for a fantastic read!
Draeconin chapter 13 . 7/21
While it's a pretty good story, the lack of Harry as a main character drags it down, for me. Yes, he's there, but he's not in the spotlight.
Emerald Rose nee Potter chapter 22 . 7/11
love it
Shygui chapter 22 . 7/10
Just found this story, I love a good Haphne drama and yours is one of the good ones. Can't wait to read more soon, and how you wind it all together... Keep at it and thanks for your great stories
willam and jack and jake chapter 22 . 7/10
nice can't wait to read more
willam and jack and jake chapter 21 . 7/10
yes nice very well done
willam and jack and jake chapter 20 . 7/10
cool very nice
willam and jack and jake chapter 19 . 7/10
nice i hope volde is going down soon
willam and jack and jake chapter 18 . 7/10
to ending the war
willam and jack and jake chapter 17 . 7/10
nice continue to change the world
willam and jack and jake chapter 16 . 7/10
poor kids
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