Reviews for Life Through Sea Green Eyes
Guest chapter 2 . 9/4
This is really great good so far! I absolutely love Finnick Odair and I’m annoyed that he didn’t get much screen time or book time in the movies or books. So thank you for producing a good fanfic to read about his time in the arena!
larkbird chapter 78 . 7/19
I went into this fic fully expecting finnick to die at the end and mentally preparing myself. this was a nice surprise
larkbird chapter 77 . 7/19
no im literally gonna shit myselg
larkbird chapter 22 . 7/18
odesta my loves
larkbird chapter 15 . 7/18
my names mara and i keep tripping up lmaoo
Anne chapter 65 . 6/24
Fangirl63 chapter 24 . 5/27
In love with this!
Holly-Rose McKinney chapter 79 . 5/12
I've just spent the last few days solely reading this fanfic and it has been an absolute blessing! I love your way with dialogue, it feels like it translates into real life very well and I think you wrapped up this story very nicely. Well done. Thank you! /3
caomeiwang chapter 79 . 5/3
The way I CACKLED when I read he’s named his second boat Hortensia omg
Jax Romana chapter 79 . 3/15
I'm so glad I found this fic through TV tropes after my last reread of The Hunger Games. It was exactly what I needed to deal with my feelings. I really hope you re-upload this to AO3 someday! You've also inspired me to write a short Nurse Everdeen fic, so thank you for that 3
MotherOfDragons7 chapter 79 . 3/14
This is genuinely one of my favorite fanfic ever, literally you are like the sole reason I have not deleted the app off my phone

Should you ever upload this to ao3 so I can download as an epub because I love in abject fear of this being deleted from the internet I will be eternally grateful

Thank you for such a masterpiece of a fic, I enjoyed every word of it and also love the idea of finnick living happily every after

You’re an amazing writer and everything was so in character and so perfectly written!
KnightSkies chapter 22 . 4/10/2022
I love the dialogue between all of the characters. You have a way with dialogue! *SQUEEEEE* This is so so cute! I've always imagined people to sometimes question both Annie and Finnick because Annie's homely (but in a wholesome way) and not someone equally as sensual as Finnick, and because Finnick can come across as sort of detached and too tied up with the Games/his responsibilities, and sort of like, someone who does sex as a job in the Capitol, but not someone others would want a long-term relationship with. Like he's a celebrity and he's famous. (befoer she's a victor So I've always pictured there to be a few moments where Finnick and Annie defend themselves to other people and why they chose each other/ward of other interested people in them and stuff like that, but I imagine most of their relationship is fluff/hurt/comfort. Anyway, this was the scene I wanted, a validating the relationship scene among the many fluffy scenes I can imagine between them and it's perfect! LOVE this!
KnightSkies chapter 21 . 4/10/2022
I LOVE this. I love their dialogue that you write! It's just so amazing and captures their essence there's no words for it! The stuff with Cashmere, Saffron and all the other girls are interesting. A part of me thinks Finnick is also the better sex partner than any of what Cashmere has to put up with in the Capitol so that's part of her incentive as well lol. I mean, he's got to be the only person Cashmere might actually want to fuck/get in a relationship with, if no one's forcing her. So she's getting something out of their relationship besides just 'helping giving him more experiences so he doesn't have to deal with his first time being with Capitol women as much' lol
KnightSkies chapter 20 . 4/10/2022
I like the description of the games from the victors' POVs, definitely similar to how I imagined it. Yeah it's undertouched in the books immensely. I just want to say I love your writing style, the description and word choice is amazing. It keeps me wanting to read more. I'm reading cause I'm hooked onto the story and plot but the writing style is one of the nicest I've read of late, and it's a nice surprise. Seriously, amazing. I like how they go to the club Icicle, it sounds exactly like the Capitol I've pictured in mind lol. (lots of clubbing, drugs, parties, stuff like that etc). Esp from the career District victors who are more happy about entering and winning the Hunger Games than not and might see the Capitol culture as a nice positive.
KnightSkies chapter 18 . 4/10/2022
I LOVE Annie's characterisation in this. She's EXACTLY HOW I IMAGINE HER INSIDE MY HEAD. Written so so well through Finnick's POV and the dynamics of their relationship is exactly how I picture it to all begin. I LOVE this.
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