Reviews for The Company We Keep
IcyWaters chapter 4 . 3/31/2013
I had some initial misgivings about reading this story when I learned it took place in 1892—long after the days of Spanish California and when men wore fine rapiers at their hip—but those hesitations quickly vanished. This is a stunningly crafted tale of adventure and intrigue.

Your characterization of Diego and Zorro is spot-on and remains true to Johnston McCulley's original creation. It left me wanting to read many more of this Diego's witty quips and Zorro's derring-do. The supporting cast is made up of rich, colorful characters with fully fledged backgrounds. The twists and turns, along with the level of intrigue kept me glued to the screen—I couldn't pull myself away.

Surprisingly, I felt sorry for Pietro. While I do not condone his deplorable behavior at the start of this story, he is young and foolish. He made a stupid decision and deserves to pay for it, but I hate to think of him meeting the noose or a firing squad.

If I have any quibbles, the narrative sometimes slips from third person to first person. This jolted me from the story on occasion, but it's a minor issue. I would love to read more Zorro adventures as crafted by your pen. I can only gather this amazing tale has so few reviews because it is not the romantic fluff that inundates this category.

I hope you will revisit the masked avenger of old California—or in this case, Mexico. It feels there is more to tell when it comes to Zorro and Colonel Mañuelito. Might the colonel become part of the legend, too, as the general has?

Thank you for a most enjoyable read. :-)
Ida Mirei chapter 4 . 9/23/2010
It is definitely one of the best Zorro stories I have ever read. Both the intrigue and your writing style are great. I promise more detailed review later when I will have more time, but now, I just want to say I was impressed.

I hope you will write someting more...
Smile-san chapter 2 . 9/10/2010
A lot of cashing fishing is going on!

Poor Zorro!

A lot of names to remember but did you mean it was Pietro on the mattress? Or I could have just gotten their names mixed up.

"Without further protest, Sanchez hopped up on the mattress."

Bong Cha is scary. I see you have added some colourful Korean words! Hehe!

Quite a technical plot you have going there and as always, I can trust you to end it all smoothly. It is amazing the way you create details,making it all so real. It really does feel like reading a freshly pressed book.

Is Zorro being referred to as the fox? Yes, I am having a mental reconstruction of Ichimaru Gin with a cape.
AlleluiaElizabeth chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
I know you b/c of your Bleach fanfiction and now I see you do Zorro fic, too? Awesome! :D I see this is under TV shows, so is it following the universe of the Guy Williams Zorro rather than the Tyrone Powers or Antonio Banderas movies?

Though this seems to be many years later either way. I think the old series took place in the 1850's? B/c it was California. Which would mean this would be a descendant? Or are you just putting the old series' Zorro in 1892 instead? (If so, will Sergent Garcia make an appearance? _)

Regardless, I am stoked to read a Zorro fic from you. :)

This fic is very nicely done so far. Pietro's hiding place was a good idea. :)

I loved how you just introduced Diego casually, as if he isn't particularly important, just another character. And his correcting the colonel in the parlor (or w/e it was) made me laugh. I can see you have his goofball act down.

The idea of Diego in a bordello kinda has me scarred for life now. It just seems very wrong. lol But then, who says he actually does anything untoward there? I mean, it *is* Diego, actor and smoothtalker (when he wants to be) extraordinaire...

The storyline so far is very interesting. I have a feeling this has to become a bit more complicated than simply grabbing this kid and taking him back to face justice. I am curious to see where it goes. :)
One percent chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
Amazing! Now, I am convinced that your imagination knows no limits!

Strangely, I kind of like the Colonel in your story. According to how the story is played, he might become my favorite character.

I really wanted to laugh when I read the angry speech of Sanchez. His son kills, and he finds a way of feeling victimized? seriousely, this is so much like in real life, and just for that, you deserve all my respect!

As for the escape plan... no comment, you know it was just impossible to imagine, except for you!

I had fun, and I am impatient to read the rest! oh and publish it, your Zorro is unique! and don't fotget to insert one justice line for me somewhere xD you know how much I LOVE that
Smile-san chapter 1 . 8/27/2010
Though I have no clue about this show of yours, I would like to congratulate you on starting a new story.

Sounds quite cool, seeing how it's set in Mexico and all, though I must say I am lost.

Reminds me a bit of Full Metal Alchemist, though.