Reviews for Rose and Romana
Ace of Gallifrey chapter 1 . 12/28/2010
Oh wow.

That is just... wow.

Romana and the Doctor, the best and the greatest, and that one pair I'll never, ever be able to let go of, even if I wanted to. It was so obvious even to me, even by the end of The Ribos Operation, that these two were never going to be able to separate themselves, if only in spirit...

She's still out there, you know. Maybe not in the same way, not really on the physical plane, but her soul, if there is such a thing in the Whoniverse, is still drifting the stars, watching over him... unless by some miracle the Moff finds a way to save her (which I honestly believe he is doing as we speak... fingers crossed until April!) in which case, let the extreme shipping commence!

This was gorgeous and wonderful and oh, how I miss these two... the history of them 10.5 gives Rose at the end, with that talk of how Seven and Romana must have clashed so harshly... and then he became Eight for her (because I do maintain that it was for her that he became such a soft, lovely Doctor) but it was too late because Braxiatel had finally gotten what he wanted, and then she was lost, lost forever... ugh, you made me freaking CRY, because I am the biggest Romana fangirl in the known Whoniverse, and seeing her go is like getting punched in the gut...

And it was really time to end that run-on of doom. I'll stop, because it's midnight and I'm sleep deprived and just a bit intoxicated and my reviews aren't making sense.

But just know that, despite the Rose-shipping involved, this is still going in my favorites. And considering how much I hate anything involving Ten/Rose or even 10.5/Rose (I sincerely hope alt!Jack and alt!Donna and alt!Ianto came and scooped 10.5 away in a salvaged spaceship as soon as possible after JE, for his own sanity!), you should consider that a big effing monument to how awesome this is. I almost never favorite stories featuring Rose in a semi-positive light.