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Kitty in the Box chapter 8 . 6/21/2017
Oh my gosh! Where do I even begin to describe how breathtaking and brilliant and superb this story is? I have become a silent witness to literary greatness. You have taken me to a deep dark place to the brightest star. I am nothing but blown away by the magnitude and intensity of this story. From the way you began to its end, it enveloped in brilliance. Here I thought I have already read the best story about the brothers, but no, your story is far more superior. This is so inspiring. We all have our horrors and this story spoke to me at a personal level. Thank you for writing this.
Jonnie Joke chapter 8 . 8/31/2016
I laughed a little too hard when Vegeta was worried about Trunks not growing lol thats a good one. ANd i'm glad everything is ok between everyone at the end! When Bulma told Vegeta that she wants another child and then found out Trunks and Goten swimming with the animals that's just so cute. What an amazing story, thank you so much for writing ;) Hope you're still in this fandom because you have just become one of my favorite writers!
Jonnie Joke chapter 4 . 8/30/2016
Awww i like the conversation between Vegeta and Trunks, too cute when they get embarrassed like that together!
Mengsk chapter 8 . 7/29/2016
I never meant to read this all in one go but once I started it was too compelling to end. I think it was because there was continually clever and interesting new layers and new angles the Dragonball saga. Tweaks to the 'cannon' or the same events from a new perspective which could alter how we think about those events. Turn it all on its head.

Off the top of my head there would be the idea that it was Gure and not Tarble who was the powerful ki. That put me on alert to watch her the rest of the tale. Tarble writing off the extinction of the Saiyan race as end of a brutal genocidal gang (as any sane person should) only then to experience the Ape form. Mother Nature unleashed. Not evil per sae.

Gure, a member of peaceful society, being angered and engaging in torture even. Now she has walked a mile in Vegeta's shoes. The comparison of Vegeta and Tarble to Goku and Raditz and having Goku rethink hid relationship to hid brother.

Perhaps above all that Vegeta was essentially mentally unstable due to his experiences while operating as a space pirate (and then linking that back to Raditz). And Tarble cannot be a part of his life because it brings it all back. All of it again and again and again rethinking events and characters who previously seemed to not have many layers.
Princess Vegetita Saiyan chapter 8 . 5/1/2016
I have like a million questions so im just gonna ask like two; where did u got the idea? everything was so perfect in timeline. All the Gure's power is it real? Your a genius! And all the history of Vegeta's planet? His relationship with Tarble, kinda pitty him, so weak, and the clon thing? And the end OMG! i love it all

Xoxo sister t
anlmoon chapter 8 . 2/7/2016
great stuff
Guest chapter 8 . 9/16/2015
That was so good :) i enjoyed the story. And that's how Bra was born ;) nice hahaha.
XanaduHawk chapter 3 . 10/12/2014
Yeesh, this whole chapter was messed up (I mean the plot content; the writing itself was amazing, but what was being written about was sick). Personally, I don't think Frieza ever did anything like that, mostly because I think he's too disgusted with Saiyans to touch them that way.
XanaduHawk chapter 1 . 10/12/2014
(reads the last sentence) Oooh, harsh.
Morisako83 chapter 8 . 9/1/2014
I really enjoy this story. I just wish that you write more dbz story. I really enjoy your writing skills.
Baby Blue-Eyes chapter 8 . 7/30/2014
Ah, it's hard to be famous, being the 'queen' of an empire... One thing's for sure, though: Vegeta and Bulma are the king and queen of all true, lovely (and sometimes naughty) things, while Trunks and Goten are the princes of kid-troublemaking (though I think Trunks is the real prince).

Ah, what a beautiful ending. Family matters... no matter who or what or why or when or even where and how. And all relationships bring treasures with them, whether good memories or hard lessons , they all matter just as well. Bittersweet at times, but still, they are meant for the heart, and the heart takes them.

He... He's willing to wish... wish Tarble's tail back... with the Dragon Balls? Has he even thought of doing the same thing to get his own back? Aww! Vegeta! Sorry, but you've officially proved that yes, you have indeed just asked for forgiveness, and yes, you have actually forgiven Gure, perhaps even , 'just words', 'clean slate', the 'what's done is done' attitude... that's our Vegeta, all right. And that's why we love him. His heart does possess that nobility, like Tarble said, in spite his Saiyan nature and coldness at times.

"What's inside of us is all that matters, brother, we aren't defined by things but rather, by what we feel. You may have lost the throne, our people, your tail, but you do have your family. It's all that you'll ever need. We are all comforted by the love we have for each other. It sustains us through-." And Tarble just hit the nail right on the head, even if Vegeta refuses to admit it. He's right about his older brother; being here on Earth, with his family and their love, something among many things he is still somewhat getting more comfortable with, really brings out the very best in him, even if he thinks it to be the opposite and can at times be blind to it, defining this all as some sort of a 'downfall' for him. Now he knows, and is even certain that he'd be better off without his tail, and so would everyone else... though Bulma's enjoyment of the thing came to question... :)

And indeed, Yin and Yang. Light and dark; well, when it comes to these brothers, they're both oh so beautiful just the same. I mean, look at them, the way they interact... lovely, simply sweet. No impatience on Vegeta's part, too!

"Have I ever lied to you?"
"We-eee-ll . . ."
"Have you even started it?"
"We-eee-ll . . ."

Hahaha! Trunks is smart, we can be sure of that... perhaps just as smart-butt as his Dad, as well; Namekian hearing? Hahaha!

Huh? Trophy husband? Aww, Vegeta... you ought to know better than that by now...

I definitely enjoyed reading this fic and had a great time with the story! Awesome job, DA!
Baby Blue-Eyes chapter 7 . 7/30/2014
B...Bulma? On Gure's planet.. .I knew it! I knew it. Oh, is that okay? Is that good? Bad? Will he not take kindly to the change? Oh, no... And a cliffy again?!

"Even drugged, he was still twitching uneasily in his sleep." Oh, Vegeta's state... oh, it makes me want to cry... Gure really did go too far. I know she was shocked at Tarble's sudden change, but what can she do about it? Her husband doesn't come from the same race as her, she should accept that. A change in dreams or thoughts doesn't necessarily have to mean a change in the entire person, does it? She should have watched out for her husband's behavior after his ordeal with his brother first, before taking any action, assuming she even needs to. And to top it all off, she had picked the worst memory of them all... and to think their relationship as in-laws had been going quite smoothly, too; Vegeta even had her to thank for his realizations about his father and brother! Now I'm not sure if Vegeta should thank her for causing his transformation to Super Saiyan 3 or not because of the circumstances that actually led to it. and Gure's got a furious, stressed, worried Bulma to deal with... sorry, but she did a very, very wrong thing here. And now she's got an angry wife and close-to-mad scientist to deal with... Hehehehe! Bulma doesn't really like bluffing, that's for sure. Good thing Vegeta and Bulma are on Goku's 'Favorite People to Help' list, then. :) ...But speaking of Goku... ahhh! You can't do... that, no! Walk into the kitchen... naked! Hahaha!

Good chapter! Very good.
Baby Blue-Eyes chapter 6 . 7/30/2014
Aftermath of Gure's attack? True... but still, try Vegeta's out-of-control rampage...

Gosh, poor thinking, bad move, terrible call on Gure's part.

Oh, gosh. I never stopped to think how much Vegeta must miss... well, the old days, the days long before Frieza, long before the violence, betrayal, the blood. The days where the Saiyans simply... thribed in their existance of power and glory. How sad and tragic, if you think of it... They were Warriors of the Moon... sounds like a fanfic or Saiyan history book title... ;)

Hahaha! Vegeta got you, Piccolo... or should I say, Tarble's stomach got your shoes. Hahaha!

Hm, you have a thing for cliffies, don't you? Haha! Great chapter, nonetheless! Filled with angst and action, nice!
Baby Blue-Eyes chapter 5 . 7/30/2014
Aw, to think it was going very nicely, too! The two of them drinking... Trunks filming them... Hahaha! Too bad it had to go a bit downhill... good chappie, though!
Baby Blue-Eyes chapter 4 . 7/30/2014
w, man! And you really chose this time to cliffy us out again? Haha! Will he do the 'cheers' or not? Nonetheless... ahh! Thank you, Gure! I'm not even going to ask how you did that!

Nice chapter, DA!
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