Reviews for White Knight
Ahbrother chapter 90 . 1/11/2014
This was the best storie for kingdom hearts I ever read but it needs as sequel becaus Ven is suppose to turn evil right or is he going to kill him self. But besides that this story was great and made me cry when he destroyed his Namine. So keep up the good work.
CascadeofRaindrops chapter 90 . 7/27/2013
Epilogue Epilogue Epilogue-WRITE IT. LOL, jk, NO RUSH.
CascadeofRaindrops chapter 1 . 6/4/2013
Danggggg, gurrrl.
You got a huge story right here. Freaking 90 chapters long? Whoa.
This will take me the whole summer cause I am a slowwwww reader.
But it's so adorable, the story I mean.
Vector2Darkness chapter 90 . 3/31/2013
Where's the epilogue?
Kathy chapter 3 . 12/30/2012
Namine's so peculular, I love it! I really love all the stories and games you've added, the marionette story was very intresting!
Kathy chapter 2 . 12/30/2012
Love this chapter! Ven and Namine's 'relationship/friendship' is going..well. XDD I love all the VenAqua-ness!
AtsukoSchulyer chapter 90 . 12/25/2012
Finally! She's alive!

It's great. And, confession time, I haven't read the full thing in months. However, I was able to pick up on what happened by reading this chapter alone, so I think you did well.

Keep it up! I wanna read the epilogue, ne. XD
Cori Shadowfang chapter 90 . 12/22/2012
I assumed it was over, and didn't even check my favorites until now and realized there was another chapter. ; But it's not really that bad; I think it helps tie things together. I'll look forward to the epilogue.
inkbender chapter 90 . 12/11/2012
Ah yes, finally some proper continuation towards a conclusion instead of the sudden cliffhanger at the end of last chapter. This ending feels more befitting of a "Three Months Later" epilogue than the last one. That and a 90th chapter! A fantastic number. I'm terrifically glad you decided to pick the story up again even though you might be exhausted of it.

And for the record, I don't see too many problems here. Everybody is in some sort of shock; thus the grief and guilt and mourning hasn't quite settled in yet. They're all trying to cope with death the best they can without completely coming apart at the seams, so your writing of their reactions isn't muted at all. I forgot though - what was Roxas doing during the conflict again? Funny, after so long, I've forgotten little points about this story as well. And I keep mixing things up with Twisted Lore. And your username's changed again! All so confuzzling haha.

Ven... is still a little messed up. Which is bound to happen after drinking god water, so I suppose this is about as good as it gets. Plus he's horribly traumatized as well.

Once again, let me articulate how grateful I am that you put this up, even if you hate it horribly. Even if you consider this to be a terrible work of writing, plot-wise it brings around some resolution and conclusion to the story which was not present in the past chapter, with Ven wiping Namine's memory and greeting her as a stranger all over again, back to square one. Or very literally, chapter one. So yeah. Gratefulness!

Here's to hoping for that concluding epilogue! Perhaps some things you could address or include...
- how Sora's life changes after his resurrection. After all, death has to have some impact on one's life, even if it was reversed by god powers.
- along those lines, Noel's been brought back to life too! And he's been stuck at 18 years old for centuries. Gasp! Does this have anything to relate to Sora? Noel tells Hope in the previous chapter, "It happens more often than you think!" And also to ask Fang and Vanille about living through the centuries. Maybe this immortality thing is something you can explore in other stories. Or not. I know the feeling of getting tired of a massive story and its massive universe.
- obviously, whether or not Yeul's prophecy really does come true. Is everybody still fighting to the end, or has the apocalypse been magically averted?
- Not to suggest that you drown in character angst as you continue to write, but killing your first human being isn't something you just shrug off the next day. Xion killed the big baddie, but it was in the form of Riku. Sora lost one of his best friends and Xion did it. Aqua had the option of killing Vanitas, but when she chose not to, he died anyways.
- Character deaths are really hard to write - not because of the one whose life was snuffed out, but in writing the reactions of the people around that one person. It affects everybody. You've done well so far and I hope that will continue!
psyco dont login chapter 90 . 12/10/2012
I have got to say I am disappointed with how poorly you ended this. Ven becoming god...
I can't say it's even close to the worst thing I've read, but it is not the ending I was expecting. There was so much promise in the interweaving plots of all the characters, that a simple god-mode that was not hinted at nearly early enough would never be satisfactory.

But I get it. You had lost interest. Everyone does. I still enjoyed every bit of the story, barring character confusion somewhere in the middle there. It is a read I plan on visiting again in the future, perhaps after the epilogue is added.

Wishing you luck on Twisted Lore. Not that you need it.

Please note that I am probably as lost as you were story-wise upon writing this. Just some feelings I think I've been harboring.
AnHeiressofaSOLDIER chapter 90 . 12/10/2012
Dude, I thought I was the only one having trouble writing KH stories lately. Maybe something’s going around? IDK. Or maybe I’ve just been writing too much TWEWY… I need to get back into the groove of writing for KH. Although, reading the TV Tropes page for it kind of has gotten me into it again; it’s quite humorous.

And it majorly sucks when you forget huge parts of your story. Believe me, I know. It wasn’t until my friend Josh wrote a fanfic that was a prequel to mine, that I remembered I’d given Kairi a disease in that story. God, short-term author memory (as I’m now calling it) sucks!

Aaaaaaand I totally forgot that I can review TL now that I have my laptop fixed. Oops. I should really get on that. Though I should probably reread the chapter first...

Honestly, as sad as it makes me, I can see why Nami would be better without Ven. In fact, this whole thing reminds me of what Max did for Zach in the terrible second season of Dark Angel. However, as you said VenAmi’s going to be resolved, I do have hope they’ll get a bit of a happier ending.

Can’t wait to read that epilogue :D

Umm… Let’s see. What were random things I loved about this chapter? First off, the way Roxas thought of Larxene (the lightning bitch, or something like that) was really funny to me for some reason. And that he identified an otherwise unidentifiable Marluxia by his hair. Pink hair tells all! LOL. Oh! And Serah yelling at the idiotic Noel was also much needed/appreciated.

I cannot tell you how much the Roxas and Axel (and later, Xion) scenes meant to me. Especially since they’re my favorite trio in the series, and we never saw much of Axel before, and whatnot. The fact that Roxas didn’t want to be alone, and was afraid of what he’d find, was very much understandable, and goes to show everyone grieves in their own way. This chapter was really great about that, actually. If only Roswell hadn’t pretty much been cancelled because everyone grieved for Alex differently… And you probably have no idea what I’m talking about. Sorry.

But, yeah. I thought Roxas handled everything appropriately; that makes it all the more sad that he thinks he’s a bad friend by not mourning more, but I can see why he would think that.

LOL. Axel and Roxas’ talk about his dad is just perfect. Oh, Square and their funny tropes when it comes to parents!

You know, it is sad all that happened to Roxas’ home and friends. For some reason, I feel the saddest in stories for the people who are hurt, who really had nothing to do with the plot. But I suppose that’s one of the reasons war is so horrible. As Nomura said on the Advent Children DVD (I think), “During a war, it’s the children who suffer.” And that’s so true. It’s kind of ironic that Terra’s thinking along the same lines later in the story…

Oh! So I just noticed the way Roxas is holding Axel, reminds me of when Sora’s helping Riku at the end of KH2. Dani, I tell ya, you really are writing your own version of KH. LOL.

The, “Fight to the end, got it memorized?” line was also a nice touch, and really stuck with me for some reason. Oh, Axel. How I missed your quirkiness in this story! Which is why I’m so glad you’re in the awesome Twisted Lore story more! :D

D’aww! I love that the sisters are sitting against each other. I guess it took the darkest time possible to awaken Aqua and Kairi’s bond. In fact, everyone’s sitting arrangement in this chapter is wonderful, and makes a ton of sense.

By the way, I love that despite everything, Sora smiles weakly at Roxas, and then is so awesome towards Ven, too. Oh, Sora. You’re always proving why you’re my fav character in anything, and why I can never leave KH. _

Speaking of my dear Sora, I like how he seems to seek a bit of solitude when things are bad here. It’s a nice contrast to him usually wanting to be surrounded by people, and since you’re usually doing things that are opposite of you when you’re mourning… It is completely believable, but there’s no denying he’s still the happy, sociable Sora we know and love. Actually, I wrote him similarly to this in my “Let It Burn” story…

I was wondering when the Aerith thing was going to come up. Poor Aqua. Somehow, she actually reacted more strongly than I thought she would (since she was sort of numb before), but that makes it all the better. I mean, who didn’t react strongly when Aerith died in canon? Enough said. She’s just so nice, bubbly… and just Aerith. No one (well, mostly no one) ever wants Aerith to die.

Fortunately, though, Aqua’s friends are there to make her make it through. D’aww! Someone needs to fanart the Ven, Terra, and Aqua group hug here. It’s pretty much what I’ve been waiting for this entire story. The love these three have for each other (and Nami, of course) is why I love this story to death; it’s why it’ll always be one of my favorites, too. Their similarities to canon are truly awe-inspiring.

And, of course, you know me. I could go into paragraphs about how happy I am Ven apologized to Xion (and I’m tempted to), but I won’t bore you with that. Hahaha.

Dude. Roxy, Axel, and Xi-Xi’s conversation about friendship was hilarious. So, so great! How I love this trio! You should write more for them, Dani. You seem to have a knack for it. They’re so funny and oblivious here (as always)! It’s the perfect thing to break up the tension, which you’re so good at.

I love your dark humor, Dani. That’s part of the reason this story’s so moving. Despite its dark moments, it also has a ton of light, too. Reasons why I like this better than The Hunger Games and other stories…

So, I think I need to change my mind on the saddest part of this story. OMG, Terra’s reaction to Riku here! Oh my gosh, it’s all so sad! Everyone’s reactions are! And then that Ven tried to save him, but couldn’t (and is now owning up to his mistakes, though they were justifiable all things considering)… Poor, poor Riku. That’s all I can say, really.

And once again, I hope he doesn’t get screwed over like this in canon. Like I said before, that scene you wrote when Sora found out about Riku made me want to claw my heart out. OMG!

I really hope they end up creating the better world everyone was envisioning at the end of this chapter. Somehow, that was a beautiful way to end it. Even with everything that’s happened, they still have hope for the future. They’re still dreaming. It almost has a World Ends With You vibe to it, somehow.

And now I’m wondering if things will happen where Kairi and Naminé, for example, will end up with a sister vibe. That would be nice. This whole thing sort of reminds me of Nami putting herself in Sora and Repliku’s memories in CoM, except it probably won’t be ruined in this story. I really hope Nami gets some sort of happy ending like this in canon. I don’t want her to be alone anymore.

And, for some reason, Ven thinking (again) that he loves her… Makes me want to smile and cry at the same time.

Anywho, great chapter, honey. Nay, great story! But you know how much I love it. Hahaha.

This has been an amazing ride, and I once again thank you for everything. I have to say, this has been a lot of fun. This is the first story I’ve really ever reviewed until the end, and what an awesome (and long) story it’s been! I hope I can review more awesome stories (like your Twisted Lore) like this in the future.

Actually, I know anything you write I’ll love, and it’ll inspire me to write insane reviews like this again. LOL.

Anyway, thanks again. I love this and you so much, my dear Dani. Can’t wait for the epilogue!


Cookizilla chapter 90 . 12/9/2012
This chapter wasn't bad at all. I liked it a lot, really. Glad you finally updated, too- and relieved that you hadn't ended it just like that.

It just made me very, very sad. :

...Oops. Too late by like two chapters.

I wonder if the apocalypse via Ven thing will actually be resolved...?
x-blades chapter 90 . 12/9/2012
Good chapter. Sad, but still good :)

Is Ven seriously going to end the world? Crazy, but I like it!

I have a feeling the ending isn't going to be happy :/ Well, I don't really think there could actually be much happiness after what just happened. And the ending doesn't need to be happy to be a good one.

It sounds like Ven and Nami aren't going to end up together... Did you just hear that? That was the sound of my heart shattering! Wahhh! D':

I miss Vanitas T.T

By the way, I really love your writing style. It helps paint such a good picture of what's going on and you capture the emotions of each character very well.

I can't wait for the epilogue, even though I have a feeling my heart will be breaking some more :( Not just because of Ven/Nami, but because this story will officially end. Sigh

At least I still have Twisted Lore to look forward to! :)
inkbender chapter 89 . 10/24/2012
So... there's no way this story's over. You can't do that! You can't just leave us like that!

Please tell me there's an epilogue coming up, because, although what Ven did to Namine is a solution, it is nothing close to a conclusion. Sora's still agonized over Riku's death, Terra and Aqua's relationship is at a standstill, Noel still has his task of fulfilling Yeul's charge and killing Ven, and Namine is yet again a blank slate. There are so many loose ends that I hardly believe you can tie it all up within a single epilogue - not unless the epilogue was 20 pages long, and then it wouldn't even be an epilogue in the first place because epilogues are supposed to describe aftermath, like how everybody's doing AFTER everything finally settles down! AND NOTHING HAS SETTLED DOWN YET. Dammit Dani, THIS IS NOT OVER YET.

Ahem. Pardon my freak out. You're probably fairly tired of this monster of a story, and I can sense your preference for Twisted Lore due to the slightly higher quality of writing there... but White Knight is not finished! Argh! Must finish it!
Cori Shadowfang chapter 89 . 10/13/2012
Well, I definitley have to say it's a fitting ending. I was a bit upset that you left the whole thing with Noel hanging, but I suppose the ending you had wouldn't have worked otherwise. I love how the very end of the story ties in with the beginning, bringing it to a close nicely and giving it a very bittersweet feel. On the whole, this story has been amazing, and I've enjoyed reading it. All the plot twists were wonderful, the characters were believable, and plot original, and the story on the whole was exciting. Excellent work.
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