Reviews for Survivors
Gemini Explorer chapter 3 . 9/5/2010
Well, I just found that this is a three-page story. My previous comments were based on thinking that only one page was up. I have now read all three.

I really can't add a lot to what I said yesterday, except that I am even more impressed! There are a few tense or spelling errors, but few. Your English is far superior to my Czech! (I can pronounce the name of the CZ gun company in Uhersky Brod correctly, and a famous Czech anthropological site.)

I picture Challenger as being younger than you seem to. Over the seasons, he looked younger in some episodes than in others. The lighting and how close up the scenes were varied. I like to imagine him as being in his mid-50's. (In the book by Doyle, his wife Jessie was much younger than he was.)

One thing that I will add is a comment on the remarks by another reviewer who feels that every Lost World fic has to revolve around M&R. Good grief! If this girl wants an M&R fic, she can find several thousand! I know that some fans didn't like, "The Imposters" episode, because Finn carried most of it by herself. And she really shined, too! It was one of my favorite shows of the series! And it did include M&R and George... Don't let that woman's criticism affect you. If you like Finn and Veronica, write about them! (I like Veronica, too, although something about Finn especially reached out to me. Probably her relative vulnerability, making me want to hold her and tell her that all will be well.)

Remember: Most male viewers of TLW came to see Finn and Vee, not Marguerite! (Winking Smilie here.)

Gemini Explorer
Gemini Explorer chapter 1 . 9/4/2010

I enjoyed this story, for Finn is my particular favorite character on Lost World. She is the one around whom my own 24 fics (three here, in the Mature area) have largely revolved. These are set after the Third Season, when she has been longer with the others and evolved, learned to read, acquired experience and some culture. In the last few, she has become Mrs. George Challenger, Jessie having died of flu in 1921.

So, I am always pleased to see how others view Finn. You evidently have her soon after Vee has returned and they are not yet well acquainted, not yet the 'sisters' that they were rapidly becoming, even before the series ended.

You did pick up on Finn's certainly having a tortured soul, driven by insecurties, maybe ashamed of things that she has done, to survive. I agree, part of George's appeal to her being that he became her counselor and very private confidant. I think he'd help her to heal, and finally, become the only man who'd ever truly loved her.

I think you're wrong about how Finn'd see guns. Look at how she reacted on meeting Roxton! First words out of her mouth were, "Nice guns!" I think she wanted desperately to own her own, something that I had her acquire from those left by other expeditions, like that in, "Suspicion."

I'm puzzled: you want to write "slash" and had Finny alone with Vee, but all they did was to acknowledge that Finn was becoming part of the 'family'. I applaud that: her suspicion and hostility were soon offset by her wry, often droll humor and her courage, intelligence, and loyalty. She was fitting in very well.

I like your story, very much. You see aspects of Finn that, until now, only I have dealt with, as far as I know. If you want to write some fics with her and the other girls in a slash context, I'd read them, and I'm a "straight" man. I'd prefer them to be "bi", so that each girl can still love a man. I'll check the Mature fics and see if you post any. But I'll read about any good fic that features Finn in a major role! Please write more. But let her like guns (she surely did on the show, and logically would, for they'd increase her chances of protecting herself and her friends).

Mostly, your English is fine. And Finn did have a lot in common with Veronica. But I think she had at least as much in common with Marguerite, something that you may wish to explore in future fics. Finn has been woefully underappreciated by most writers. She is a more complex, fascinating person than many have realized. Please write more about her. Soon!

Gemini Explorer
Joeann chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
Hay; where are Roxton and Marguerite in your really could have used a little more of roxton and marguerite romance in your my friend would have made it worth bring back Nen would have been words I did not like your two stores.