Reviews for Second Chances
V chapter 22 . 7/31
I'm rereading sc ttl and I forgot how sad this chapter always makes me! Ugh no wonder I still read this fic after all these years.. You are just too good at making me feel emotionally invested in all of these characters TT Tbh this will probably always be my favorite fic despite all the pain it brings me
liesandmeta chapter 67 . 6/10
ugh, I don't know why you keep saying this is a bad fic, because I love it. like...everything about it. I'm not even in the deathnote fandom anymore, this is just an amazing story! on to the sequel!
liesandmeta chapter 2 . 6/7
re-reading this for, like, the fourth time. still love it!
Alyss Penedo chapter 17 . 5/8
I fell asleep halfway through the chapter and woke up and went: "Oh. Rae is Light. Obviously. ...Wait, what?!"
And then I had to go and reread everything all over again. Because that was really well done; I didn't suspect a thing a first, I'd just thought Rae was some kind of OC snuck in there for plot purposes. Maybe I'm just oblivious, but I'd like to think it's at least partially thanks to how nicely you tied it all in. (Same with the Mello-hell-scenes. I'm impressed; it's not overtly stated or blatantly obvious, but there's still a sort of confusion turned suspicion turned certain realization. It's a nice touch.)
OrigamiCake chapter 15 . 2/26
Are the second person parts Mello?
ilko chapter 55 . 1/15
Just when Raye was beginning to redeem himself in my eyes he had to go and spout that garbage about Mail not being "mentally stable enough" to be his friend, like all that time spent being dragged along and relied on for every single emotional upheaval doesn't count for anything :/ What an ungrateful schmuck.

Also, quite honestly, I hate Rae. I hate him because he's Light, and because he is petty and prideful and shallow and cruel, and also a total dick to women. The only hope I have to hold onto is that L will be able to rehabilitate him.

This story continues to be both masterfully crafted and all too engrossing to let go of.
ilko chapter 54 . 1/15

I literally laughed out loud at Raye's thought that "this was the first selfish thing he'd done in weeks." Everything he's said and done and felt has been selfish and shortsighted, from blaming L for absolutely everything (and by implication condescending to Naomi by not treating her like a fucking adult who made her own decisions in full knowledge and acceptance of the possibility of her death) to using Mail as an emotional crutch to ATTEMPTING TO SEXUALLY ASSAULT MAIL AS A REPLACEMENT FOR HIS DEAD WIFE (there was one reviewer in particular who was cheering this on? "except not really because Raye seemed to be taking advantage" NO REALLY, YA THINK?). He's like an angry child. He sees what seems to be two people in collusion over a chain of emails, and one is EVIL EVIL EVIL because he hates him but the other is totally fine because he loves her, jesus christ i just hate Raye so much

Also like at least one other cool fellow reviewer I really commend you on the array of amazing female characters in this story, from big players like Wedy and Rem and Naomi and Grace down to the ones they met on cases for all too short a time, like the victims from the "Arcy" case, and even the ones that aren't nearly as likeable, like Jasmine and Takada. You're the best.
ilko chapter 53 . 1/15
Raye Penber is such an incredibly selfish, hypocritical sack of shit that it literally makes me feel ill if I linger too long on his thought processes.

By which I mean you're a genius for portraying someone so real.
ilko chapter 52 . 1/15
I forgot to mention up until now that I really liked Jasmine. Liked. I'm slowly growing to despise her, the more her self-control and morality disintegrates, the less divine she becomes. It's really amazing how you can do that. I'm just totally awed by you, more and more with every chapter.
ilko chapter 51 . 1/15
I know I've said this before but I really love the realism and complexity of emotion in this fic. Raye's grieving is a total train wreck-at once so repulsive and so pathetic it leaves its audience riveted. All the little details, like the way he keeps looking for permission from Matt, the "professional" mourner, to even appear to begin moving on, and hates him for not being sensitive to his every emotional shift and arbitrarily decides for one reason or another that everyone has it better and no one is suffering nearly as much as him, are so realistic and cringeworthy. Matt's resentful confusion is just as realistic, if perhaps much more sympathetic. Mello please come back :(
ilko chapter 49 . 1/15
You are one of the very brightest and the best. I truly do believe that. Matt is amazing. I understand why L lied to him, and it was probably even the kind thing to do, but. L lied to him. :( I just want Mello to come back.
ilko chapter 46 . 1/15
ok i realize that grief is overwhelming and powerful and irrational and everyone grieves in their own way but

Raye is SO ANNOYING i just want to crane kick him in the face and yell into his ear that THIS IS NOT L'S FAULT and he is hurting just as much and you never understood anything anyway so shut the fuck up you douchebag ugh and L isn't even defending himself

I'm so ridiculously invested in this story D:
ilko chapter 31 . 1/15
Oh, oh wow. That single line-about Naomi being Raye's L-that explained so much and provided so much insight into their relationship, and all of it resting on how much time we've spent looking at the world from Naomi's perspective. That's...that's brilliant.
ilko chapter 26 . 1/14
Ah-ha! The plot thickens and Raye continues to be such a giant prick I was almost afraid he'd, like, tampered with Naomi's birth control or something and oh my god you read Terry Pratchett you're the best.
ilko chapter 25 . 1/14
Oh, god,let Naomi not be pregnant. You really do an excellent job with all of them. I sympathize with Naomi. all the time, and yet I'm only on her side from her perspective-whenever the perspective shifts I'm with L, or Matt, or whomever, hoping they'll attain, if not happiness, then at least a temporary peace unharassed by Naomi's well-meaning concern.

Raye is a knob, though. Seriously, I'm not even sure why Naomi married him, because they seem less and less compatible the more we learn about them. Has he ever really understood her?
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