Reviews for Second Chances
Calasse chapter 67 . 8/20
This story was such a joy to read. The only thing I couldn't quite agree with was Antinear's identity. It was so far out of left field because Sayu was never the genius that Light or L or Near was, making the concept difficult to conceive even after she claimed to be just 'lazy'. It felt out of character, but I suppose that's because her character in your world was just developed in the background. Anyway, I hope to see how she came to be the way she is now in TTL.

Thanks for sharing this!
Jenna chapter 67 . 8/19
This is the best story to ever exist. Everything about this story is amazing; the characterization, the plot, the friggin' grammar, etc! Fuck, I love you and hate you for writing this story because I have never experienced so much emotion from reading a story in my life.
Calasse chapter 9 . 8/14
Mello's hell is so tragic. It's all his insecurities pooled into one gigantic nightmare. I love how you've incorporated Rem's origin into this fic. Her human tendency to fall in love is terribly tragic as well.
Calasse chapter 7 . 8/13
Does Light the Shinigami not remember his worldly memories? Oh, dear.
Calasse chapter 6 . 8/13
Matsuda is a blessing. Or a curse, if you ask Light or Mail lol. Also, L's oral fixation is both endearing and concerning.
Calasse chapter 4 . 8/13
I think you meant "...the 29th of (May)..." rather than of November? :)

The way you structure your sentences flow so smoothly. This story is a balm to read, honestly. And I'm pretty sure Rae is Light. Once a bastard, always a bastard.
l.vFoxtrot chapter 67 . 7/14
Ohmygodohmyfjnsga on chapter 1, on chapter 1 i was like "Rae HAS to be light,it makes so much sense and the summary for the fic is just straight up telling like c'mon " in fact, im still in chapter 18, and i was starting to be like "but what if rae isnt light-nah, rae has to be light" but i just had to confirm and i screamed when i found out i was right, i actually screamed, this is amazing.
l.vFoxtrot chapter 16 . 7/14
I have the growing suspicion that rae is actually light? This fic is amazing so farr!
NigerianGeek chapter 56 . 6/14
This squicked me out exactly as much as I thought it would.
NigerianGeek chapter 55 . 6/14
Hoooh boy
NigerianGeek chapter 49 . 6/14
This fic, this beautiful fic
NigerianGeek chapter 48 . 6/14
NigerianGeek chapter 45 . 6/14
I should probably have felt pretty bad for Raye.
I should've. But I didn't.
NigerianGeek chapter 39 . 6/14
Man Raye sucks
NigerianGeek chapter 28 . 6/13
I miss nice Rae :(
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