Reviews for Opposition
Devilry chapter 1 . 8/3/2012
Wow, this story is amazing!

Heh, I never thought that anyone would ever do a serious take on Lucciano x Ruka, let alone one with a dark tone like yours. My attitude towards such a prospect is reflected by how I came across your story. I was playing Tag Force 5, paired up with Lucciano, going around destroying people in tag duels with my machine emperor deck. And a lot of people I ran into had unhappy expressions on their face, because well, as far as anime canon is concerned, it's not exactly nice to go around duelling people when Lucciano has the ability to destroy their soul. And then I ran into Ruka, and unlike all the other people who I had ran into, she was happy to see Lucciano. Which got me curious, because Tag Force 5 goes all the way to the episode where Jose receives Machine Emperor Grannel, and Lucciano betrays Ruka's trust waaaaay earlier than that. So why would she still be happy? Of course, I then proceeded to destroy Ruka (effortlessly), but not before I suddenly felt interested in reading a Luccianio x Ruka fic while Machine Emperor Skiel's summon animation was being played.

And boy was it worth it. The moment I read the first few sentences of this fic, I immediately put down my game because I wanted to concentrate on this. I really liked the metaphor of chess that you used! I haven't read your 'Sum of his Parts', unfortunately, but the idea I took away from this at first glance is that although Lucciano and Ruka were given the freedom to manoeuvre their pieces however they wanted, to leave an open space for the opponent to advance, to give up a knight to capture a queen, it meant that they were still forced to play against each other using rules that neither of them had power over, and the game was only over when one was left standing - the only alternative a deadlock where both would be equally paralysed and unable to make a another move. And yet, even in this dark entrapment, there's still the chance to play the game and to create something... beautiful.

And you didn't need to go into any lengthy exposition at all to get this feeling across. Your words are very concise, and you get across the deepest ideas (I'm reminded of Carol Ann Duffy: 'I like to use simple words, but in a complicated way'). I quote here two sentences that were GOLD: 'Ruka's reluctance to display her true potential left him searching for a hidden agenda that didn't exist', 'when dueling, he preferred to turn the opponent's cards against them, rather than squander his own; and she never, ever heard him tell an outright lie'. I could probably give you a 500 word essay on what I got from those two sentences alone
Buuut I'll leave the power of transcribing these words in your masterful, authorial hands.

I really really LOVE the dark Romeo and Juliet theme you've got going here, and how it juxtaposes against the innocence of two characters who lost their childhoods to circumstance in vastly different ways. I, too, don't believe that Lucciano (or any of the three emperors, for that matter) is simply a psycho-child; he is an embodiment of despair after all, made all the more dangerous by the fact that he is a child, since he needs other people to understand how he feels and he only feels pain and neglect.

It would've been even better if you dragged Rua into this. Already mired by his confused feelings towards his sister that manifest as a self-righteous, aggressive zeal that plays perpetrator to some of Ruka's very grievances, it would be impossible for him not to be dragged into this deep, dark abyss when taboos are committed on both sides. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH AHAHAHA. But there's only so much torture one can tolerate in a fanfic, right?
flaellii chapter 1 . 8/30/2010
I just found this and I have to say I really love it. You did a wonderful job putting such overwhelming emotion into everything and your writing was very fluid throughout. Despite each each one being a sentence long it felt like reading a whole story. So wonderful job!
jenuinetears chapter 1 . 8/29/2010
I really, really like this.

I really, really do.

Onto the review! The writing flows so smoothly, and it doesn't seem like they're different sentences for different prompts- it all seems like a fifty sentence piece that tells their story. Of Ruka and Luciano.

I don't think it's OoC at all. I enjoy character developement, and exploring a charater; which was why I enjoyed Luciano in this. There was part of him that was still a sadistic child, but a part of him that was still good and that didn't want to be evil. Just like #39- Torn said.

I also enjoyed the touch of Rebecca in there. I think that there would be a good chance of Mokuba/Rebecca getting together, because Yugi/Rebecca wouldn't really work out. And they are truly similar, those two relationships. But Luciano/Ruka is a far more dangerous one...

That would also explain why the house is always so empty besides the twins.

And the telling of what happened. Crow/Luciano is what I also think will happen, and forcing the duel into a draw when he has such conflicting feelings is understandible.

Jose/Jack duel would be awesome. That is all for that.

And the ending, which was probably connects to the upcoming stories in your profile, in interesting. Luciano without his eyepiece, lying in a hospital- intruiging, thought-twisting stuff.

As for the end, everybody on Janime enjoys torturing characters. You should know that already.

A very, very good fanfic. I enjoyed it a lot.

Exleader75 chapter 1 . 8/28/2010
Awesome sentences though I really disliked Ruka x Luccanio. This is that 1sentence challenge on LiveJournal I see. I'm also part of that and almost done with it (with Yusei x Jack).

Hmm... though Luccanio was Ruka's former crush (don't know how many crushes she had before Luccanio) , I don't like the pairing. I think Ruka will never forgive Luccanio for taking Ancient Fairy Dragon away, but my hate toward the pairing seem to lift just a little bit after reading this... xD