Reviews for Aberration
Crystal-Wolf-Guardain-967 chapter 20 . 2/18/2021
loved it!
AngelousPoofy chapter 5 . 1/16/2021
I really really wanna see Rae cursing in english more often. Just to get people confused af

I wonder if She and Kakashi wull get along? With their icha2 series and all LMAO
AngelousPoofy chapter 4 . 1/16/2021
Awwwww they're siblings now! Adorable!

And I too, Rae, will buy a stack of the Icha Icha series if I happen to be isekaied into the Naruto world.
wolfiehalo15 chapter 20 . 1/7/2021
soooo are you planning on finishing this? it is really good
Shiori Kurotsu chapter 20 . 12/29/2020
i hope you'll eventually pick this story up again. i love this
Elizabeth234 chapter 20 . 12/22/2020
Love this story. Thanks for writing.
A little stupid chapter 2 . 12/1/2020
That was so fucking cute Jesus
SimplyRainbow chapter 20 . 11/28/2020
I have to wonder if your still continuing this or alive. since you said you'll finish this story even if it kills you XD and it's already the disastrous year of 2020. you have me worried for your health
mynameisnotactuallyJeff chapter 8 . 11/20/2020
I'm sorry but walking and reading isn't hard at all and you're making it seem so difficult I cant-
Faery66 chapter 20 . 11/3/2020
Hope to read more soon.

sirmoocowthethird chapter 20 . 11/1/2020
i hope you're doing ok, this stories one of the best self inserts ive seen
Big Fan chapter 20 . 10/24/2020
You’re amazing! I love this story and can’t wait to see what happens next. I still love her and Iruka. I would love to see her spar against Gai. I think that totally counts as part of her improving herself promise. Has she ever thought about getting another part time job or like a house because if she gets injured she’s not going to able to afford to live where she does? I want to see what Killer Bee thinks of her. It’s been an amazing story!
Queen of Jinxing chapter 20 . 10/23/2020
Hi! I know this story hasn't been updated in 5 years and a handful of months, but I was going through all my favorites and I decided to read it again! This story was the first one I ever favorited on this site and it's one I still think about to this day. This isn't a call on an update or anything, I just wanted to let you know this unique story struck a cord in me and that you have an obscene amount of talent. Thank you so much for creating something so great and thank you even more for deciding to share it with us all!
I ok2 chapter 20 . 10/19/2020
Hey I know it’s been 5 years since you updated the fanfiction but I am really curious to see where the story goes. I really enjoy the plot and I so want to see what will happen with itachi and Obito and the rest of the Akatsuki. Thank you for writing and keep up the great work!
CagedHeart7 chapter 20 . 10/15/2020
No no no no no no. No way! You cant stop here! Not when she suddenly gets the brilliant idea of contacting Itachi! Noooooooooooo
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