Reviews for Snick
Xx.ROSE.THORNE.xX chapter 2 . 7/1/2015
loved this!
Sams Taz chapter 1 . 1/17/2012
Hummmmm interesting...very interesting! :-)
ILoveAnnaKendrick77 chapter 2 . 7/5/2011
WOW THAT...That was hot
RKOCMJHGIRL chapter 2 . 6/2/2011
Love the story!
gamesgrl5887 chapter 1 . 5/8/2011
Oh my god I LOVE this story. It is so well written and hot!
takers dark lover chapter 2 . 12/21/2010
I thought this was very good. It was funny and serious at the same time. And I realy thought it ws Jeff, I ha no ideal it was Matt! Great job!
Karu-DarkAngel chapter 1 . 10/19/2010
Why has this only seven reviews? It's a great story, I totally enjoyed reading it. I honestly didn't know who the person having sex with Adam was and that's a big plus in my eyes. The story wasn't predictable and I liked that they actually talked about things in the second chapter. Chris was fantastic by the way, I laughed my ass off at his sudden appearance and hilarious comments ;)
Terrahfry chapter 2 . 9/22/2010
Yes, been waiting for this! (sorry I'm behind on reviewing)

Haha, Adam turns the tables! The sneak! :P

Matty! Ha, that was my second guess! I knew it HAD to be a Hardy, XD. (least I was hoping it was a Hardy)

"Matt squirmed. "I could just throw you off." *giggles madly* Squirmy Matty :P

"You chained me up in my sleep, mouth-raped me -" Ohh, but that was fun...

Ooh.. Addy /did/ beg.. so sweetly.. yum..

Uhm.. fuck.. Adam.. covered in Matt's cum.. delicious!

Aw, Matty.. sleazy little plot to suck Addy off- I like it.. but still delciously sleazy..

Haha! Adam IS SO easy! xP! WIN!

Yes, Mattylicious, you said out loud that you loved Addy. I heard it! xD

Aww! LUFF!

Aw, Matty.. Makes perfect sense. Matt wasn't upset about losing Amy, it was Adam for betraying him. *sniffle*

"Gee, thanks, cocksucker. You're such a fuckin romantic." Ahha! Lulz!

I love the way you've explained it all, hun. I like this version of the Matt/Amy/Adam story.

Yes, Amy is a chapter of their lives that needs to be put behind. It's good they're working this out.

Cheap disguise attempt? Pfftt, Matty, u tricked me :P

"Duly noted. Stock up on Jolly Ranchers." Yay! XD! ... Imma craving those now! xD!

Oh gawd.. pretty when embarrassed. Ooh, I bet. Yummerz.

"Oh god, you weren't practicing on Jeff, were you?" OMFG, Adam? Lmao!

Addy's contemplating Hardycest? Oh, luff! xD

They can make it work. Yup-yup. I knows it ;)

Ooh, sticky sweaty sweetness :P Me likes it.

Oh, hawt damn.. Both. So. Beautiful!

"Definitely shower. I want to taste your cock, not lube." Good observation, huh? LOL

Mhm.. pretty boys in da shower! Rawr! Hott!

"Touch me, Adam. Fuck, make me cum." *twitches... groans.. thud*

Adam's dirty talk.. uhm.. *melts*

And then aww-ness.. "Tell me again... please... say you love me..."

*giggles* Raiding Chris's products, huh?

"or whatever the fuck Matt needed to keep from turning into a poodle." Rofl! XD! Poodle Matty! Aw, love Adam's fond memories of Matt's hair. So sweet.

Haha, Adam, you ISH the slut :P

"I'm the slut? I'm not the one that had a dick up his ass earlier." Good comeback..

Ha, Matt's was better :P On ur knees Addy-kins..

"Just because I like a good fucking doesn't mean i'm the bitch." *applauds* Tell him, Matty!

"Fuck! I am, I'm the slut! I'm a fucking whore!" SEE? And Matt all mad and dominate makes everyone twitch in special ways. It's okay, Addy. It's natural, XD.

Turn the towel into a tent! Turn the towel into a tent! *cackles insanely*

Addy's so pretty on his knees.. *whimpers* Fuckalicious.

"Step one: find my dick." That's an awesome step! XD!

"And oh, look, there was a belly button, just begging to be licked." *squeals* I love that! Lick it, Addy!

"That's not my dick," "I'm taking the scenic route," *dies* Oh mah gawd, I think I fucking LOVE you! That FTFW!

*claps excitedly* Yay, he found it!

Ah, "open up, old man." Poor Addy :P

Nose-cock bopping! Aww.. Addy lost his precum..

Haha, Adam's thru wif playing!

Mhmm.. Matt still rules at cock-suck-teaching, xD.

"Adam's throat hurt, his jaw ached, and his dick throbbed." Poor baby... :P

"Getting there, you impatient wench," *gasps* Addy, that's mean! XD!

Dammit.. why can't that mirror be a two way..? & me be on the OTHER SIDE?

"I would have sworn you'd be a top, Matt," Me too! Lol! .. But gawd this works. You & Seraphalexiel both write bottom Matt so brilliantly! I love it!

Chrissy! That sneak! XD!

"I thought I was supposed to come in here and rescue a blonde damsel in distress, not see the princess fucking her jailer in the ass. Would that make you the wicked stepmother, Matt, or are you more the fairy godmother type?" Fucking brilliant! Gah, love it! Perfect for Chris to say.

Chris was in on it? Oh, shit, son! LOL

Chris is a saint :P

& he's asking questions! The Head? Awesome!

Oh, Chris taunt Matt how! I see! *giggles*

"If you say it's axiomatic I'm gonna punch you in the mouth. I don't care how talented it is." XD! WINAGE!

Lulz! Chris perks up as soon as Jeff is mentioned!

Cherry-Pop! I love it!

*squeals* Oh, Mizzie! XD!

"I'm not sure if he's horrified or turned on." Prolly both :P

Oh, Love! You should be very awesomely proud of how this chp- hell, both chps, all of it- turned out. It works, I love it. So wonderful done and entertaining as hell. Very nice hott amazing sex. And Miz and Chris's insertions were so adorable. *faves it & you* I look forward to more. This was AWESOME! XD!

Jess1186 chapter 2 . 9/21/2010
Oh man, that was GREAT!

Loved the whole thing :)
Jess1186 chapter 1 . 9/21/2010
Thank FUCK there's another chapter! I was gonna reach through my computer and kill ya if there wasn't, LOL!

Loved this BTW
GrandpasGuitars chapter 2 . 9/20/2010
I have no idea how long it's been since I read this OTP of mine, but it's been too, too, tooooo long. It was well written, incredibly hot, funny (Chris is definitely for the motherfucking win) and just about everything I could want in a fic.

Rock on :)
KimberAnnBRAND chapter 2 . 9/20/2010

-takes cold shower-

Okay, so I'm going to have Edge/Miz/Matt filled dreams thanks to you, but that is nooot a bad thing.

This is quite possible one of the most awesome things ever.
myers1978 chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
OH! Who was it? I had thought's but I'm not sure... are you gonna write a second chapter?
Terrahfry chapter 1 . 8/31/2010
Okay.. uhm.. wow.. I'm kinda in love with this concept b/c it's a little bit different. I like how Adam's cuffed to the bed (Addy bound to a bed all vulnerable like this happens to be a weakness of mine in fanfiction like no other *purrs*) How Adam's at someone else's mercy, yet the one in control is being penetrated. Yeah, I know, but some of my readers are top/bottom picky. I admit, I like a bottom Addy, but I also like a top Addy. I liked Adam's character here most of all. He's the one bound and at someone else's mercy (mystery man makes me uneasy in a gewd way, btw) but he's still kinda cocky and arrogant and running his mouth like a top. Very hott. Very sexy.

The whole mystery person deal usually turns me away personally, but the set-up Adam's in is way too enticing. I don't think it's so much about a top/bottom, dom/sub Adam deal w/ me as much as no matter what role he's in, Adam must be the center of attention, and here he is, lol. Laid out, being teased and played with :P

Poor Adam *smirks* So confused. "Amy had left him months ago, and it wasn't likely she'd be back to nuzzle his crotch." Possibly not... Yay, rooming w/ Chrissy :P

Ah, even when Adam's freaked out, the horndog in him always seeps in.. gradually taking over..

Oh gawd.. such pretty images of Adam you present to me.. "He was naked, vulnerable, and, despite his confusion, turned on." *shudders in delight* Ooh, me likey :P

Ooh, long soft hair and cherry lips. Who is it? Jeff, mebe..? Yeah, I wish ;) I know Jeff's got short hair now.. but still.. Jedam's me other weakness :P Can't helps it, XD.

Ooh, yes, beautiful, Addy being all pleasured and needy... Mhmm..

& ohh, writhing, spread out, being teased.. such heavenly visuals! *bites lip*

Oh, and begging... so fucking sweet. Rawr!

"He jumped, trying not to squeak and failing." *giggles* "He felt warm breath on the tip of his hard cock and he had to grip the railing to keep from trembling and making his chains rattle." Can I say I like your description of everything? Cuz I do.

"Shit, baby, you are so good. You love swallowing my cock, don't you? Mmm, my little slut." Gah! Fucking LOVE Adam's filthy mouth!

*stammering helplessly* Adam.. in.. needful agony.. delicious!

"The total lack of breasts being shoved in his face." Haha! Silly Adam :P

"I'm not gay," Classic excuse, lol!

Once again: WHO IS IT? Gah! I wanna know! & I really wouldn't care if it was Hunter at this point, this is fucking hawt! (sorry, I hardly ever get to read Adam written so well in this position. I mean I have a couple fave authors who can write Addy in such delicious ways, but still...) Jeff? Matt, mebe..? Punkers? Morrison..? I need to know!

"Are you gonna finger fuck my mouth and dry hump me all night, or are you gonna get on my dick?" Oh, Rawr, lol. Adam's the one laid out all vulnerable & yet he's giving commands! Hehehe, I love it :P

"He didn't care who was loving on him so sweetly, so tenderly. It was enough that someone was." Aww..

"Someone who knew him, knew what an asshole he could be and what a goofball he was." Oh, beautifully brilliant! Yes! I know Adam's usually written as an asshole or whatever, but most fail to see him as human at all. I like that you've written Adam as human. An asshole, a goofball, needy, a horndog, vulnerable, commanding.. just perfect characterization for him.

Aw, I like that Adam wants to help him. & I love Adam's pillow talk xD

Oh, dude, Addy's got a virgin on his hands? Hott damn!

"He wanted to rub his back, kiss him and whisper sweetness in his ear." D'aww, see, Addy can be a sweetheart too.

Holy fuck.. he's just riding the shit outta Adam now. Oh fuck yes! Get that shit, boy :P

*gasps* Oh, wow! Wow wow wow.. he just told Adam he loved him.. in his real voice! Adam KNOWS the voice? Who who who? Share w/ the class!

*giggles madly* CUM CUM CUM! "Adam, Adam... so beautiful, Adam. Knew you'd be beautiful... coming inside me..." MAJOR LUFF! OMG, YES!

"Uncuff me," he panted. "So you can hit me?" Awe, that's heartbreaking.

Oh, Adam, so touching...

"Every fresh chance he got, he inadvertently ruined because his past came back to bite him in the ass. Why couldn't anyone see how hard he'd been trying? Why did his whole life have to be tainted by a few bouts of stupidity" & there's my point. Just b/c Adam made mistakes shouldn't mean he should be condemned. Addy needs love too!

*holds breath* Yes yes.. uncuff him.. take the blind off.. Wait.. what..? No! Don't end it like that! I wanna know who it is! *pouts* Not fair...

Well, this was a nice treat to get Adam wrote this way. Sexy, bound, still sleazy :P I don't think I have anything bad to say about this. It's well-written, graphic (a good thing) and shows the feeling & emotion behind it very well. & I loved Adam's character and that HE was the center of attention.. and this also oddly brings to my attention that me and a friend were discussing the Adam/Jeff pairing and that Jeff usually never wants Adam back & usually when Jeff pursues Adam, Jeff tops (she likes bottom Jeff, & I lean sometimes to top Jeff) But she said (and I agreed) that we'd like to see Jeff pursue Adam, bound him to a bed, but Jeff would 'bottom' while he was the 'top' and in control. Then I find this :P I don't care if it's Jeff or not. I just wanted to read Adam like this. So, thanks bunches. I love it. XD.

(& sorry about my rambling.. sometimes I have a habit of it..) Update soon plz?