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sofiarose613 chapter 111 . 11/18
I honestly am so addicted to this story! you can't leave us with that cliff hanger! Update!
Oryza Queences Chaclag Balliyao chapter 14 . 11/13
I can't believe I'm still on chapter 14... I swear to merlin I love this story!
HPRalius chapter 1 . 10/21
The only long Harry Potter fanfiction I'm actually interested in. Just can't stand the grammatical/spelling mistakes, you never spelled Hogsmeade right as far as I know.
One thing I don't like is the fast switches without me really noticing where it's going, and the name of Wandless. In the real Harry Potter series it's something completely else, and it's not just being a Wandless means you can easily perform magic with your bare fists, it's also the emotional horror, the fact to never learn certain things. It's quite a sad story too.

I just read 50 chapters in 1 day, I am seriously addicted.
Jadetronica chapter 111 . 10/18
Please update soon!
Mintypinky chapter 111 . 10/15
When are you updatinggggg! You can't leave me on such a cliffhanger I miss this story too much!
Guest chapter 94 . 10/8
I hope this book has as good an ending as this chapter is
Alvaslarva chapter 1 . 9/22
Hi, I love this story so much. I actually got really sad when I realized that I had read the last chapter because I was really excited about how book 3 was going to turn out with Emma. I understand if you have a lot to do and can't find the time to write but please, please post just one more chapter!
Long Time Reader chapter 111 . 9/9
I've been reading your story since I was about 11 years old. 6 years later, I still find myself returning to read your updated chapters only to find that YOU'VE ONLY UPDATED LIKE 3. Anyway, I've grown up for the past 6 years reading The Fifth Marauder and no matter how long I've gone without thinking of this story, I will inevitably find my way back into your storytelling which rivals that of JK Rowling herself. I've previously posted as GryffindorGirl11 but its been so long that I cannot remember the username or password of my account. I feel as though I too, am as nostalgic and heartbroken for the days of the Marauders as Emma, Sirius, and Remus are. I'm reading the new chapters of this story now, at 17 years old, and they still have the ability to pull at my heartstrings the same way they did when I was 11. Please keep updating, I am looking forward to reading this story long into the future.
fbrm chapter 1 . 8/22
please update soon. this is the best story I've ever read. i love it soooo much so please please please please update it soon. xxx
Guest chapter 8 . 8/1
Massive marysue
overdieksh chapter 61 . 7/23
I just have to say that I am so happy that Emma and Sirius are finally together! It makes me so happy! I love your story! You have done such a great job!
NightlyShark chapter 111 . 7/10
Man, this story is something. It's certainly not perfect, some parts were boring and some grammar errors were annoying too (defiantly) but the story makes up for it. If only you'd finish it...
greatest wizard alive chapter 111 . 6/16
in a matter of 15 days i completed this amazing novel length story and i don't have words to express how good it long chapters and amazing plot, it has satisfied my dearest wish to have an inside view of the events of the Marauder era.:).. the way it has justified the pre war scenario, the emotions of love , fear and marauder pranks is just amazingly accurate.i really felt the terror in the air, when i reached the war part, the LMAO feel when i read the pranks and the love &aww when some romantic moments came...

characters of james , Sirius, lupin ,Neville's parents tonks and many others were well described , though i dearsay that you used their future children characters' traits to describe them(like Fabian and Gideon are described using fred and george, Neville is used for alice , quite justified) . characters like severus,lily, pettigrew , McGonagall, the earlier death eaters, wood sr.. and many were described beyond perfection.i loved the story and you were simply the best!

the AU character Emma was somewhat underdeveloped, although quite interesting and complete as i reached the Wandless theory was difficult to be accepted at first, because hp fans knows this to be a tough but achievable form of magic, whereas you described it to be some alienic form of power. it was one of your first clash with the facts but i easily ignored it because you did remarkable job in making a clear universe of it(the historical background,that house, context in books,etc)so all in all, it was very much enjoyable.

i have a lot more to say, but i will just end this at a request to update some new chapters as soon as possible..the story has made me mad about itself and i can't wait for more...
fbrm chapter 111 . 6/6
i cant remember but do we ever find out about who professor rockwood is talking about when he thinks 'she (emma) is just like...'
greatest wizard alive chapter 91 . 5/30
bah.. it was another low, honestly... you made a small scene of sirius-emma love realization an amazing, emotional clip. but harry and emma reuniting, what after 10 long years so dry,?no hugs, no tears,just an enraged daemon which was the answer to harry's "she".very bad, she was her almost aunt in relation :/
and woah, the ending and the part of ollivander took my nerves,love you for that :)

wait , spy at hogwarts?

PS: you are amazing!
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