Reviews for The Fifth Marauder
Guest chapter 104 . 11/10
Dear aquarius23
I am writing to ask you if i may use your idea of wandless in my story. If there is a way for you to contact me with an answer it would be great. I love your story and would like to know if you will post another chapter. I hope to hear from you soon
P.s i got the idea of the name from you :-)
Blue Luver5000 chapter 104 . 10/16
Great chapter
Bluephoenix22 chapter 104 . 10/15
This chapter was really good and I can't wait for all of them to stay at Emma and Remus' apartment! It's really exciting that everyone finally knows about Harrys parsaltounge. Please update again soon!

PS this is the actual Bluephoenix22 fanfiction just won't let me log in for some reason.
Tjolihopp chapter 103 . 10/15
Thank you for updating! Such interesting chapter! I like that Harry goes against Emma in some ways. And I really like that Severus and Emma are good friends! Keep it up!
Guest chapter 104 . 10/15
I loved it! I am really curious to see how outcome of the school learning of Harry's parseltongue and how the polyjuice situation plays out. Do you intend to have Harry be a wandless? Or something of the sort? Update soon!
Raedot chapter 104 . 10/14
Well well, seems like Harry and Ginny are quite the Bat-Bogey Hex pair of Hogwarts. Lockhart probably pissed himself when Emma stormed into the infirmary. Curious as for why Emma didn't demonstrate Protem, although just for show, as it's also a shield, albeit a Wandless one.
HPuni101 chapter 104 . 10/14
Loved it. Especially emma threatening lockhart and the duel. Please update ASAP.
Lollypops101 chapter 104 . 10/14
Great chapter! I liked seeing the duel when Harry actually knew what to do.

So Emma and Remus are opening up Sirius' room, huh? Is Emma finally getting over the night when her life fell apart now that Harry is back in her life?
dream lighting chapter 104 . 10/14
Welcome back when will Harry live with swift don't like the headmaster think they should remove the curse so Harry won't have to kill Voldy dampen his plans
Guest chapter 104 . 10/14
Would protem be able to defend from a bazalisks gaze? It would surtainly prevent death but would it also prevent patrifecation?
Shriya chapter 103 . 9/29
It would be really cool if Emma saw a unicorn patronus because that's what Sirius' is. I really love your story and I can't wait for the next chapter!
Bluephoenix22 chapter 103 . 9/25
This chapter was great. I can't wait for the third book when Emma will find out that Sirius is innocent. I highly anticipate it. Please update soon!
Tjolihopp chapter 103 . 9/21
Thank you so much for a great chapter! This time I didn't notice your writer's block. :) Finally, they are godmother and godson again! I loved that scene and that Emma finally could feel real happiness. Compared to the canon story it feels like Harry's cheating by getting so much help and trust with the voice from Emma and the others. ;)

Keep it up! When the chapters are this good and long it doesn't matter if we have to wait too long. ;)
Blue Luver5000 chapter 103 . 9/19
Great chapter
Guest chapter 103 . 9/19
Great job
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