Reviews for Virgins & Villains
mommapurvis chapter 22 . 7/12
Aahhh Emmett.
mommapurvis chapter 18 . 7/10
This is has always been one of my fav chapters
Hetwaszoietsals chapter 86 . 6/27
This story has everything! A bit of drama, humor, romance and just sucks you into this universe! Thanks for writing it!
QueenGB chapter 84 . 3/31
I am team E&B and It was fucked what Edward said BUT Bella is to blame for this drama sorry!
QueenGB chapter 83 . 3/31
I understand working from home and being lonely for contact truly I do but Bella, the paps will eat you alive with this Shane shit and what was he going to say in the book store?
QueenGB chapter 82 . 3/31
Bella sure cried a lot this chappy she’s not preggers already is she? That would be to soon they deserve more couple time.
QueenGB chapter 80 . 3/31
God that house in Barbados sounds perfect right now.
QueenGB chapter 77 . 3/30
The toast were just fantastic and sweet and fun.
QueenGB chapter 73 . 3/30
Bella really wore her prudence mcprude hat in this one. Hehe
QueenGB chapter 66 . 3/29
Nicely done indeed!
QueenGB chapter 64 . 3/29
So many things that some will strongly disagree but must be said. And yes, please, I know it’s fiction, hello. Natural family planning is bc (semantics people) and I would civilly Sue on principle. That was an awfully big misleading statement she made public. Finally Bella FFS, Emmett thinks to call Charlie and not you, you don’t answer Alice’s call, you don’t ask Esme to go with you or your Dr. future father-in-law to Check on things and lastly you don’t call the One and only hospital in Forks for info on your dads treatment? Maybe it’s me but shock or not I would have at least called Mama Esme.
QueenGB chapter 63 . 3/28
Come on Bella teenagers experiment with foreplay more than you two. A boob grab in his sleep sends you to the tub? Also my sweet perfect first times don’t usually happen even here in I loved the Leno segment. Her rambling was priceless.
QueenGB chapter 61 . 3/28
Edward is going to pop a vein. Get that man some therapy before he implodes m’kay.
QueenGB chapter 60 . 3/28
From crashing prom to falsely accusing paternity?
QueenGB chapter 59 . 3/28
Please give grumpy Charlie an HEA. It’s sad how much Renee took when she left.
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