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Krusher chapter 15 . 3/2
Fun fact: Beast Boy actually can turn into a phoenix, as well as a dragon, aliens, and demons.
Krusher chapter 13 . 3/2
Beast Boy is right. Whatever it takes.
Blue Azagem 109 chapter 18 . 10/18/2016
BeastboyRaven chapter 18 . 7/14/2016
This was the perfect story!
RPGPersona chapter 18 . 5/15/2016
I was expecting the Master to have some tricks up his sleeve, but I wasn't expecting him to be some Grand Master Wizard. He really had the Titans on the ropes there.

Ironically, it was Kobura who ruined his Master's plans. He tried to shoot Raven in the back, but Robin was able to deflect it. It had a feeling it was going to hit someone else. When the perspective shifted to Midori, I know what was about to happen. With the last of her strength, Midori thanked Beast Boy for what he did for her, and passed the sword to him. With the sword passed to a superhero, the Master's plans were ruined and he just gave up.

Beast Boy almost lost it there. Suprisingly, it was Robin who brought him back from the brink. Using Beast Boy's own words about a hero saving any one person to stop him from going to far.

While Robin stopped him from killing Kubora, he was still quite depressed over what happened. This time it was Raven's time to shine, and by shine I mean lose her cool and blurt out her feelings. It was a nice ending. Both of them were able to find each other.

Thanks for the amazing collaboration story.
RPGPersona chapter 17 . 5/15/2016
It took alot of blushing and deflecting, but Beast Boy and Raven manage to talk about there feeling. Taking it slow, they can admit to each other that they are best friends. Anything else can wait until after Midori is rescued.

That was an intense fight. If the others didn't show up when they did, Kobura might have had time to sneak attack Raven. Also, Raven and Beast Boy may have been forced to go all out and release they primal/demon sides.

For now, it appears the final battle is about to begin. With the team back together, I am sure they will win.
RPGPersona chapter 16 . 5/15/2016
That was embarrassing for both sides. Beast Boy asks for directions and Raven ends up misinterpreting him and baring her feeling.

Raven could have planned this rush ahead idea of hers better. No money and no communicator. Good thing Beast Boy has his fan girls to help him.

That was an interesting discussion about Raven's feelings that others had. I wonder how they will react when they learn Raven was the one who initialized the escape plan.

Back at the Karoke Bar, it is time for Raven's jealousy to simmer some more. While Beast Boy cut it a little close with the closing comments, he managed to get everyone focused at the task at hand.

So one of the fans is the sister of the women assisting the other titans, small world. Yea, we got to see Raven's reaction to finding out she was proclaimed dead.

With no other option, the couple will be traveling by train. Raven showing her possessive side by breaking up the goodbye hug the fan was giving Beast Boy. Unfortunely Kobura is still following them. Hopefully they wil be ready.
RPGPersona chapter 15 . 5/14/2016
Midori is running out of time. The Titans need to hurry. I got a chuckle out of the fact that Midori was able to see how much Raven liked Beast Boy dispite just meeting her.

Oh boy, one of those types of cops. There is always at least one. Good thing for the Titans there was one good cop keeping on top of things. Hopefully the information they gained will be enough.

Yay, more fluffy Raven and Beast Boy moments. Aw how cute, Beast Boy moves over to hold her hand. He then proceeds to brush his hand through her hair before falling asleep. Then Raven wakes up first and proceeds to run her fingers through his hair.

It looks like everything they have been through on this trip has really let Raven open up to Beast Boy more. She has even become perfectly comfortable with physical contact. She was even in a teasing mood waking up. Commenting on Beast Boy staring at her butt when she asked him to check the wound on her back, and teasing Beast Boy about wanting to she her chest when he wondered how back the wound was on the front.

What did she pull from her belt?

Back with Kobura, it appears that the Master left enough men to prevent him from storming the hospital, but suddenly Raven and Beast are leaving. I guess Raven drank a potion to heal herself.

Suddenly we are Harry Potter. Phoenix tears are one way to heal. It is official, Raven is calling Beadt Boy by his real name now. I am sure part of the reason is revenge for the Rae nickname. I think a mother big reason is due to using his real name is more intimate. I know I just said Raven was more comfortable around Beast Boy, but I didn't think it would be to the point where she is fine with him dressing her.

Did Raven partial flash Beast Boy when she showed him the front wound? Poor Beast Boy, all this stimulation right after waking up. I bet Beast Boy never imagined he would seeing this much of Raven so soon. I have feeling that after this is all over, Beast about is going to have some interesting dreams. Makes me wonder if Raven is deliberately encouraging it.

Off the pair go to join the others. Can't wait to see what happens next.
RPGPersona chapter 14 . 5/14/2016
Poor Beast Boy, here comes the guilt stage, where he blames himself for what happened. That doctor was pretty smart. He figured out a method to get Beast Boy to get his injuries looked at while appeasing his worries.

Glad to here the doctor say the worst is behind Raven. Aww, she called Beast Boy's name during the ordeal.

Kobura going straight for Raven and Beast Boy. I would have thought he would try to recover first. Not surprised he wasn't strong enough to summon the dragon again, forcing him to retreat from the Beast.

Team meeting between the uninsured Titans time. Cyborg and Starfire are a little shocked at what Robin told them, but they can understand how upset Beast Boy is at the moment and why he would be thinking along those lines. Robin is right though, letting Beast Boy kill will only lead to regret later. His reaction to what happened to To-Chi is proof of this. Robin's plan is decent. Beast Boy needs to recover, and Raven needs someone to watch over her.

There is nothing more dangerous than a person who has lost everything, since it means they are willing to do anything.

So the Justice League is mentioned, how novel. It would have been interesting to see an episode of Teen Titans that involved the Justice League as well.

Oh good, Raven is levitating now, that means she has regained enough strength to enter a healing trance. The others have convinced Beast Boy to stay behind to watch Raven. Hopefully the other will be okay two members down.
RPGPersona chapter 13 . 5/13/2016
Well, Beast Boy isn't happy to see Robin. It was nice that Robin actually apologized for his previous actions. If Raven wasn't hurt, Beast Boy might have accepted it. Unfortunately, his concern for Raven's current status is filling his head, leaving little room for anything else.

Really guys, you couldn't keep Koburo detained for even a hour after he woke up. This is going to make things more complicated. I man seeking revenge is more dangerous, and properly willing to take more risks as well.

At least the surgery for Raven went well. Hopefully she will be strong enough soon to enter a healing trance to speed up the process.

I see, I suppose someone this would remind him of his parents. Him being powerless to do anything. Poor Best Boy.

Let it all out Beast Boy. It is not good to bottle up these feelings. It is better to get them off your chest, too bad it had to be under such strenuous circumstances.

Beast Boy is really angry about what happened. It's looks like it is even clouding his moral judgement. He is willing killing the ones who did this to Raven.

Robin is right to to talk to the others about this. They need to make sure Beast Boy doesn't cross the point of no return.
RPGPersona chapter 12 . 5/12/2016
Oh dear, even though she is a villain, I feel bad for wha happened to To-Chi. Things go from bad to worse as Raven is pierced by a spear to her chest.

This causes Beast Boy to lose it and transform into the Beast. Of course he would have a dragon tattoo of a dragon. Well, no way this battle is staying low profile. Lucky for the remaining Titans. Robin was able to pick up the broadcast and figure out what is happening. Oh Cyborg, so clueless. He is the only one who had no idea about his Best Friend's feelings, for shame. At least Robin now believes that the situation is serious.

Nice work from the Beast to pull out the win. When fighting the dragon was not working, he bypassed the obstacle and took out the person behind the tattoo.

Raven is in bad shape, but still alive a the moment. Hopefully the surgery can help her enough for her to enter a healing trance. Beast Boy needs medical attention as well. I doubt he cares about that while Raven isn't stable.
RPGPersona chapter 11 . 5/12/2016
Now, now Beast Boy, I know you are frustrated and anxious about finding out what is going on, but taking it out on Raven is not nice.

What is nice is the idea you got. Having Raven morph the women into a rodent, and shell shocking her by transforming into a cobra. He shocked Raven with that plan just as much of the villain.

Exposition time. We finnally have a clearer picture about what is going on. The Master wants a mystical sword that will allow him to conquer the world. I will never understand people who want this. Controlling the whole world would be so much work. Anyway, the magic of the sword prevents usage via theft, the only method available is to become part of the family that owns it. Here is where it gets completely messed up. He plans to marry Midori, have her bare a male heir, then transfer his mind into his 8 year old son's mind and take the sword, killing the remaining Yoshida's in the process. That is just sick and wrong.

Absorbing all this Beast Boy then rants about just wanting a date, but of course it had to escalate into saving the world. This leads to Raven blurting out that her previous boyfriend was boring and she would much rather spend time with Beast Boy. Beast Boy then proceeds to blurt out he feels the same way about spending time with her. If it wasn't for the imediate danger they were in, they could have had a longer lasting moment.
RPGPersona chapter 10 . 5/11/2016
Poor Cyborg tried to hide Raven's a sense as long as possible, but he ran out of excuses.

I see Beast Boy and Raven have switched to a more private room. There were having a nice moment there. Starting with Raven healing any remaining damage from the previous fight, they ended up pretty close to each other.

When the topic switched to Midori, Beast Boy was able to notice the sadness in Raven's voice when talking about people caring about you. It was nice of Beast Boy to try to make Raven feel better. When some hopeful words did little to persuade Raven, he instead switched to words from the heart. Describing how raves he appears to him. It was quite beautiful. It ended up stirring emotions in both their heart. Too bad that old man had to ruin the moment.

Back at the tower, it seems both Starfire and Cyborg have had enough sitting on the sidelines and are joining Beast Boy and Raven. They look like they need all the help they can get, so that is good. The question is what will Robin do now?

Nice plan by Raven I assume. Lure out the impatient one, and separate her from the other guy. They now have a chance to get information. The tricky part is not getting caught before they learn anything.
RPGPersona chapter 9 . 5/11/2016
They were able to get a little information from the police, but not enough to get any new leads.

Back at the tower,Cyborg appears to be playing the don't disturb Raven game, hoping to delay as long as possible. The ideal scenario of Raven returning with Beast Boy before she is missed is gone. What will Cyborg do when Robin realizes Raven went after Beast Boy?

Beast Boy has a good idea, using cheap cell phones to get an anomynous network going. Too bad the villains saw all this and used it against them. I am surprised they were generous enough to give them a final warning. I was expecting things to get alot worse. Beast Boy is not one to be deterred, so the investigation continues.
RPGPersona chapter 8 . 5/11/2016
Better safe than sorry. It was a good idea to check Beast Boy's room first to confirm he has left.

Once Raven got to the airport, it didn't take her long to figure out where Beast Boy went. The desperation in Raven's, that she herself doesn't realize is there convinced the employee to tell her what happened. Some focus around the area where the plan took off confirmed that Beast Boy stowed away.

Beast Boy is understandable nervous when Raven warps in. Raven almost shoots herself in the foot, but is able to rein herself in and apologize. I guess to someone used to being alone, seeing Raven so willing to drop everything just to support him is surprising. Raven is a little hurt thinking that Beast Boy is sceptical that she cares about her friends. Raven then throws some comforting words that he once used on her to convince. How cute, he gave Raven a warm hug to thank her for coming to help.

The Hoganji faction is the enemy they must face, I hope our favourite couple are prepared for what is coming.

A see, even if she said otherwise, Raven did appreciate the hug Beast Boy gave her when he was happy to see her alive and well after Trigon.

Back to the karaoke bar. Of course Beast Boy's fan club are all there. Wow, his fans were not happy about how Raven treated him during their last trip. Beast Boy was able to calm them eventually, though the group got some kisses in. This Hoganji faction has the girls scared. Lucky for our heroes, one girl was brave enough to provide some information, and a name to the enemy.

Oh dear, they are already being followed. We also learn Slade gave them information. Beast Boy and Raven will need to stay on their toes.
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