Reviews for Garnet X Itachi: Twilight
xPrincessGarnetXVI chapter 1 . 11/30/2010
This is quite interesting. Sadly, I cannot reply to your messages. So I hope this doesn't fail to reach your eyes.

I never really thought of writing a fanfic for GarnetXItachi. But since Naruto came out...I thought of a story where Garnet travels others worlds. Everyone she loved was killed and such and the people that wanted her power made her travel to other worlds...hoping she would become more powerful. the last world would be naruto's world. and Itachi did have an interest in Garnet's power like he does for Naruto's...IDK. if i will do it. or just an itachixGarnet crossover would be nice...idk i am confused and undecided. But, A itachixGarnet crossover, A story written by you not one based on another would encourage me. Also a noctisxGarnet fanfic would be nice. But not on twilight. Unless you made the love deeper and not childish like in the movie. the movie was...aggravating,