Reviews for The Fall of the Earth Kingdom
sweetnikus chapter 6 . 10/9/2011
It's amazing! :D
Bellum chapter 6 . 9/17/2010
AGHAGHAGHAGH! This is bad! In a good way!

Go save Toph, Team Avatar!
Bellum chapter 3 . 9/11/2010
This has been great so far. :)
werwerewr23423 chapter 3 . 9/10/2010
This is great.
Lady Silvamord chapter 2 . 9/9/2010
I was rather confused at the beginning of this chapter, as there was no indication that there had been a time-skip or whatever, and it was just like BAM, Water Tribe. But everything became clear after a little while. I like how you wrote it, but your Aang/Katara is so cute that I really wish you had backtracked a little bit, and started the chapter with a scene of him bringing her to the Southern Water Tribe; worried sick, torn up with guilt over what he perceived as his failure in allowing her to get so badly hurt (it is an Aang-ish type of thing to worry about), and his anguish over ultimately realizing that he has to leave her in the southern water tribe; it's the only way. Because the thought of Aang willingly leaving Katara behind, anywhere, is just so foreign, and I'm sure he would have been really agonized over it. Not to mention Katara's feelings of horror and shock upon waking up to find herself without Aang, in the Southern Water Tribe, and realizing the implications of everything that had happened - everything she had caused, in her mind. That could have set it up a little more for Katara and Aang's tumultuous emotions when they reunite.

That scene was very touching, by the way. The way you wrote Katara's reaction is very realistic and true to her character, and of course Aang, tormented by guilt for letting the Earth Kingdom fall, killing Cheng, losing control of the Avatar State, etc. Your strong grasp on the characters is what made me REALLY want more of them instead (or along with) the timeskip.

...On another note, normally I am kind of unable to visualize Aang and Katara having any kind of physical relationship aside from innocent kisses like on the show, but when you write it, I can imagine it a little bit more. It's kind of sudden that Katara decides to have sex with Aang after not seeing him for so long, on the very first night that he gets back as well, but it isn't implausible.

So, I'm drop-dead tired, and though I love this, I've got to take a break here. I can't wait to read the rest tomorrow. :) What with the setup that you've provided already, with the fall of the Earth Kingdom and the threat of yet another war, I have got to wonder how long you'll make this story. If you actually decide to start another war, this could get epic. I like it. It's a more realistic take on what happens after the series ends, than other fics I have read.
Lady Silvamord chapter 1 . 9/9/2010
:D It has been so insanely long since I've reviewed on FFN! This feels weird. But I am way excited to read something by you again.

I'm pretty sure this is your first Avatar fic - which seriously blows my mind, because you've got the characterization, voice, and essence of the characters down perfectly, which is such a hard thing to do. Everybody feels and sounds so natural. They're so in character I can imagine this (the actions, thoughts, conversations) actually taking place within canon. Especially Aang, but everyone else glows too. "Spread your dogwhale blubber evenly over the entire biscuit?" cracked me up. It's very Sokka-like.

I also like the plot that you have developing, too. Highlighting the fact that King Kuei is incompetent and rather dumb, and also that of course, things aren't going to be all sunshine and butterflies in the world now that Evil Fire Lord Ozai is gone and Good Fire Lord Zuko has taken his place.

And I like how you wrote the action at the end of this chapter. It all happened so suddenly, and the tension was palpable. High drama. I like it.

The Republic City part at the end definitely got my attention even more. It reminds me of Legend of Korra, especially that quote from Cheng: "You will never be on our side, Avatar. We are not like you. We cannot bend the elements."... is this like a prologue, of sorts?

Argh. I'm glad you linked this to me while there were already three chapters posted. It lessens the suspense. Off to go read the rest now. :)