Reviews for Myrddin Emrys Returns
JEROME B chapter 15 . 11/4
I would just like to point out that if Sirius did end up getting the map from Harry, then Harry most likely wouldn’t be alive according to the Remus’s theory. And so, Harry having the map would be a pretty good defense from the ‘threat’.
Guest chapter 7 . 10/28
Getting drunk can not be good for your sickness. What the hell is wrong with you? Do you like pain?
nah yeah chapter 22 . 10/15
that kiss was embarrassing, so fucking lame
Haphne4ever chapter 41 . 9/20
Awesome story!
Big.Daddy.Dudders chapter 26 . 9/14
Why would Sirius move the Weasleys into his new house? Grimmauld Place still exists. There’s really not a reason to not follow canon on that.
AliceTobor chapter 25 . 7/10
The Delacours could pay back the life debt by rallying France to help Harry.

Especially since Fudge makes flobberworms look good.

Why France did nothing while Voldemort attacked Britain is another of Rowling's witless writing mistakes.

France HAD TO KNOW they would be next.
AliceTobor chapter 23 . 7/10
Another possible fic is one where Gabrielle or Fleur or both DIE in the second task.

France and Spain and Portugal and Italy and Germany and MACUSA all declare WAR on magical Britain.

In a lightning strike the ministry is slaughtered before the third task.

When Voldemort is brought back Harry is LISTENED to and the occupying forces hunt down death eaters then help Harry fight Tom.

Harry may have to land the killing blow but Tom can be brought to the brink of death by anyone.

After all if the prophecy was not in play the Dursleys treatment would have killed Harry.

But they could hurt Harry easily and did.
AliceTobor chapter 22 . 7/10
Edgar Rice Burroughs who wrote TARZAN said every good story has three things.




If you want the Ron as BWL can be a dream or nightmare.

Why Rowling gave Harry such a failure as a "best friend" is beyond me.

Old married couples that BICKER AND ARGUE are not in love.
They just cannot afford a divorce.
AliceTobor chapter 21 . 7/10
Ron is JEALOUS of Harry?

Then imagine this, after one of MoRon's outbursts Harry has had enough and WISHES that Ron was the Boy Who Lived.

A passing angel, demon, god(dess), genie or what or whoever grants the wish.

Ron is the BWL, his mother, father, all his brothers, even Ginny are dead.
Because of his FAME a grateful populace showers him with gifts and gold.
He is sent to live with his aunt Muriel behind blood wards.
Muriel is very strict, seldom second helpings and never thirds.
Manners are BEATEN and CURSED Into him.
Quidditch is not allowed, Muriel hates the sport.
Muriel Prewitt will NOT LET Ron be Lazy!

Best of all, when the time the wish was made comes again Ron REMEMERS.

Harry Potter and his parents left Britain, never to return.
No one knows where they are.

I would have the Grangers move to France.
Hermione can go to Beaubaxtons.

Will the MoRon learn family is better than FAME OR GOLD?

For that matter can Ron beat Tom?

Or will the ICW or British Army have to step in?
AliceTobor chapter 20 . 7/10
The idea that a magical contract can be forced on anyone is one of Rowling's great stupidities.

A contract by definition is an agreement between two parties.

What the Goblet of Fire does is a GEAS, magical enslavement.

For a great story starting with GOF (goblet of foolishness)



spoiler, the goblet exploded
AliceTobor chapter 17 . 7/9
Spoiling a child like Vernon and Petunia treat Dudley is not love.

Are there any examples of healthy love anywhere in the seven books?

Maybe when Lily tells Tom "kill me instead", but that is so short, the scene lasts a few lines.

The way Molly Weasley acts like her family must be made to do WHAT SHE SAYS is not love.
Running a person's life with no care of what they want is slavery not love.

Arthur lets his wife control him, also not love.

Did Severus ever love Lily or was he just obsessive and possessive?

I love my sister but I would not have chosen the husband she did.
But he makes her happy and takes good care of her.
Still not my type.

When you love someone you want them happy however it may happen.
AliceTobor chapter 16 . 7/9
Dumbledore is going to train Harry?

I'm sure Hell just froze over.

Dumbledore never trained Harry in the books.

The memories about Tom don't count.

Dumbledore could not have planned for the unlikely series of disarms that left Harry master of the elder wand.

Harry should have lost, Rowling had him win by luck, not training or skill or a careful clever plan.


Any fool can write a story of a lucky hero, there are plenty on this site.
We call them wish fulfillment stories.
AliceTobor chapter 15 . 7/9
Harry is an ORPHAN.

His Father and Mother were Murdered when he was 15 months old.

That Snape Hates and torments a child proves he is NOT the secret hero Rowling wanted to make him.

What is written is written.
She cannot unwrite it.
Having a BRAINFART late in the books of a plot twist doesn't work.

I find Snape's attempt to steal from Harry VERY in character with how Rowling wrote him.

What is not in character is an adult (Remus) helping Harry.
But it should have been...
AliceTobor chapter 14 . 7/9
And why is the idea funny?

It is because of Good (Harry Remus & Map) getting a laugh at the expense of Evil (Snape).

I'm not sure any of the characters in Harry Potter had a clue what love really is.

If Rowling knew what love is she would never have put love potions in the books.

And had girls giggled at the idea.

Magical Date RAPE drugs.

That women the world over didn't have book burnings just shows that they are no better than men.

Rowling was a single mother, so she understands sex and lust, love not so much.
AliceTobor chapter 13 . 7/9
Alan Rickman risks damnation for making evil attractive.

Just because an evil man(Snape) fights another evil man(Voldemort) does not make either of them Good.

I would never have trusted Snape like Dumbledore did.

First Severus betrayed Lily's friendship, then he betrayed Tom, he betrayed Lily's son from day one by treating Harry like a dead man. (James)

Rowling's sudden, Surprise, "redemption" of Snape was a failure.

There is a reason one of my favorite stories has Snape boiled alive until he dies.
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