Reviews for Something There
controlled climb chapter 1 . 9/24/2010
I loved this!

I like how she likes him. But she's not totally oblivious to his imperfections, you know what I mean? And how she's trying so hard NOT to like him.. it's so sweet!

- Parvati realizes she and Lavender

need a new hobby -

I adore that part! So true xD Maybe she should take a leaf from Hermione's book? xDD

Great Free Verse, Mewww :D
Morghen chapter 1 . 9/2/2010
Awww, I loved this!

I really liked how Parvati actually liked him in school before he changed. It showed how she could look past his bad traits and see his good side. I'm really starting to love this pairing - they are quite cute together.

"She didn't really know how she fell for it

like a canary…

singing for a hungry cat"

That had to be my favorite part. No, not only because of the bird reference(thought it did help) but also because it was beautifully worded!