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Guest chapter 49 . 9/18
masterpiece /
Guest chapter 49 . 9/9
Why was Draco Malfoy sooooo out of character!? And all the cursing and everything, it made the characters all so strange. Like come on! What's this buzz all about!?
LeIRS chapter 49 . 9/6
Legit the best fan-fic I’ve ever read, but as is protocol, I must ask. Have u paid ur taxes?
Jennifer chapter 2 . 9/5
Its a really good fanfiction from now on! You are really talented!
joannie3 chapter 17 . 9/4
This review is for the previous chapter, but a keyboard glitch posted the review before I competed it, and then the would not let me post again.
I am enjoying your story, and I like the way you have allowed their relationship to build. I share your anxiety with the writing of intimate scenes. They are the most difficult when it comes to putting pen to paper to make them believable and not sound like a how to manual. You did a beautiful job - definately not smutty. Just plain beautiful. I had the same nevous feelings after writing my first one. I always come back to the advice from my creative writing professor in college, “Write what you know.” Yours is a story I can’t put down but at the same time I don’t want it to end. I am hoping for a good ending for both of them. I am more a Granger/Snape fan, but your Hermione/Draco is absolutely spot on believeable. joannie
Guest chapter 22 . 8/31
I don’t normally review at all but here I will because you seem lovely and the story is freaking good and as realistic as it could possibly be. Like you didn’t change their personalities at all and you adapted to them and then changed them into how Rowling would have if she wrote such a story. It’s a fave.
charlotteelizabethbullimore chapter 24 . 8/21
Im crying so hard. This hurts so much. Stunning writing.
Taylor Swift chapter 2 . 7/17
I heard that this was a good fanfic, Dramione would always be my favourite. I cannot believe that I am finally reading this after all my friends told me that this would definitely be worth the 48 chapters. Damn, reading this would be bloody long but as long as I get into the interesting stuff, I think that I should be fine. Done with the first 2 chapters, comments: Your English is so good, FR.

IK that this is not related but I cannot help it. You should listen to Taylor Swift's music. I feel like after listening to her music, I owe advertising about the songs to her. So here I am. Just a tip, you should start with the FOLKLORE album, It's the best!


-One and only Swiftie and Dramione shipper
Haley L chapter 2 . 7/15
I can’t wait to continue reading
Cinder chapter 38 . 7/15
stayed up till 2 you are AwsOmE
Cinder chapter 26 . 7/13
oh its very blah important and exiting although im not sure how you do all three chapter 49 . 7/10
so beautiful!
Guest chapter 49 . 7/8
This is the first fan fic I have ever read and it was so incredibly good! I started it just a couple weeks ago and I’m so sad I’ve finished but again such a great read. I can’t stop telling everyone about it. I instantly started bawling when I read that Draco named his son Theo. I’m so happy I’ve come across this story and will most likely read again and again! Thank you Bex Chan for giving us an amazing alternate reality story to feed our wizarding wold obsession.
yeah more crap chapter 1 . 7/7
c1yeah more crap
Using alt accounts and guest reviews does not make this fic popular!
Vainglorious & really, really sad you have to FAKE all those reviews to make yourself feel important.
Forgot to cover up those IP addresses tho. FF staff like laughing at fails like you.
Frindy chapter 44 . 7/4
You did good, I cried with Draco. Your amazing!
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