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Iona chapter 49 . 11/19/2010
No! Mokuba! Why does he always have to sacrifice himself for his Nii-sama(Nee-sama)? Then again, it makes him that much more likable and awesome and totally not annoying, compared to other kids his age in other anime. Though even in Yugi-Oh, I have to admit, there are some kids who are pretty annoying to compare him to. *sideways glance at Rebecca Hopkins.* Then again, no one can resist Epic!Mokuba. I can't wait to see what sort of awesome Nee-sama saving moves he'll do. *grins* _

I totally understand what you mean about girls in general being a lot cattier with their insults compared to guys. (Middle School was tough, but High School was ok for me, since I never had any problems. People like me, what can I say? _)

And I am happy that you're also incorporating such an interesting back story to Mai. She's one of my favorite characters, so I am happy to see her get her chance in the spotlight in such a positive way. Well, I suppose I've said enough. *lol* I look forward to your next update.
Jadej.j chapter 49 . 11/19/2010
Action, action, action. Wonderful chapter. I can see Seto being really mad when they used his Blue Eyes...:)
Maggiemay chapter 48 . 11/19/2010
Well, had it checked. Doctor says it's not cold - just me having an idiocy attack. It'll get better when I grow a new brain. Until then ignore all idiocies.

Blargh! If I want juicy Seto/Jou I'll just have to write it... Hmmm... Well I COULD finish Bury It Deeper (Yugi kills Jou's dad protecting Jou so they try to bury the body on Kaiba's land. YOU do the math cuz no matter how I do it - it equals PAIN.)

Ah well okay then on to this part of your story. Why didn't Seri's arm heal? What did I miss?

Okay the Jou getting swallowed thing reminded me of MIB. Tommy Lee Jones at the end of the movie when the space cockroach at him. *blargh and gag*

But well written and entertaining.

Cynical Gamer chapter 48 . 11/18/2010
Well, at least you didn't hit me again. Thanks.

Well, yeah, the whole "I want to take over your body" was creepy enough, but giving him a strange "interest" in her would only up the wrongness factor. Point. If he's got a weird obsession with her, the big "reveal" would seem a lot more perverted. We'll just wait and see what happens, then.

Oh god...that sentence came with a squiggly! D: What are you planning? What evil are you PLANNING?

To be expected, given that she's Kaiba. Plus pretending to be a boy for so long and all, she likely hasn't had many people interested. *Pause* Okay, so she likely hasn't noticed or CARED if anybody was interested. Don't MAKE me pull out my patented GLARE O DOOM on you.

Just a little at least, but that usually happens with character growth.

Yeah, he's really lucky there.

I get the fanfic. You made it pretty clear why he had to compete and that it was expected. It's the anime and manga that left me scratching my head. A no-name novice duelist just suddenly shows up on the islands, lacking a glove or any indication that he is a duelist, and they don't kick him off because his friend gave him a star chip-of course, completely ignoring the OTHER THREE non-competitors who shouldn't be on the island either.

Heh, I'll bet., this is difficult. I thought I was getting somewhere. I can't wait for the big reveal!

Yeah. Thanks for that.

And I just saw the chapter. Awesome. AWESOME I say! I loved the upgrades to the weapons and abilities for this game. And Jou getting eaten...hehe, poor Jou. But Kaiba certainly isn't some damsel in distress, is she? And I loved the art. The bit with the tauk and rod were pretty nifty looking, and make me wonder exactly what scenes are being depicted by them. Hmm...
Jadej.j chapter 48 . 11/17/2010
Wonderful chapter love how Jou got into his character as well as Seto-chan kicking butt :)
Iona chapter 48 . 11/16/2010
The creep gets his comeuppance! Hooray for pyrokinesis! _

Kaiba is enjoying assassinating and stealing another person's clothes way too much, judging by the dark laughter. (Then again, getting rid of all that repressed rage is probably a good thing. And for our dear Katsuya Jounouchi, that's a healthy thing, since it means she'll kill him with less of a vengeance *lol*.) I can already hear the grinding teeth of rage...

And Anzu and Honda, oh you two. (Honda needs to learn that women don't like it when you stare blatantly at their assets.) It's a good thing that Anzu's there to make sure he pays attention to the problems at hand. *lol* _

Of course, the action in this chapter was pretty cool as well. Epic!Mokuba is never a bad thing in my opinion, and in this instance, he was great. _ Also, the escape on Harpies Pet Dragon was a welcome change as well.

Btw, your drawings are really getting me anxious to see what you have planned. Hanging the carrot in front of us eh? _ I'm looking forward to your next update.
Iona chapter 47 . 11/15/2010
I'm really liking how you incorporate not only Jounouchi's point of view on things here (especially concerning creepy dogs.), but the other characters such as Anzu and Honda. (It makes me sad when fanfiction writers ignore them or relegate them as unimportant or annoying.) But I really like how you also have each of the character's feelings shine through, even when the attention isn't focused solely on them, and that's what really keeps me interested in continuing to read this. _

The Noah cameo though is a nice touch. Does this mean he'll be popping in and out throughout their journey, or was that a one time appearance? (I always did find Noah's circumstances to be interesting, if tragic.)

Oh man, what would those guys do without Mokuba to keep them on the path? I like that you have Mokuba have those touches of maturity, which reflect the very different upbringing he had. I hate it when fanfic writers basically make him the equivalent of a 5 year old who has to be constantly watched and taken care of. I also hate it when they ignore the fact that the Kaiba siblings are a team who work together.

Sure Kaiba is the elder sibling and responsible for Mokuba in some ways, but they're siblings in the end, not parent and child, or babysitter and kid and a lot of fanfiction writers (not you of course) ignore that fact. They also seem to forget that Mokuba is a tough kid too, even if he looks small and weak in comparison to Kaiba. The kid is pretty independent given his young age. Besides, who doesn't like Epic!Mokuba moments? *lol* Well, I suppose I said enough. I'll be looking forward to the next installment. _
Lily272 chapter 47 . 11/15/2010
nice story really liked it
Maggiemay chapter 47 . 11/15/2010
Thank you for the updates. Perfect for entertainment on a cold and snowy day.

I haven't any intelligent remarks today because my brain is frozen (see above).

*sighs* I have to admit to a tiny bit of impatience. I want to have a bit more Seto/Jou interaction... even if it's just a hug when Seto is freed from the T - not likely to happen... and if it did Jou would likely find his ass in the dirt but...

Well enough impatience. Great job and thanks a lot.

Maggiemay Lost_in_the_
Blue Lagoon Loon chapter 47 . 11/15/2010
BTW, the nameless review for chapter 47 is mine. Dunno why it didn't put my SN in the name part. IT'S THE FANFIC GHOSTIES! (scampers off somewhere)
Guest chapter 47 . 11/15/2010
YAY! Red Eyes Black Dragon! That dragon is kewl, so I am very glad he's part of the Yugi-team now. Plus, I likes teh awesome changes. And I like that it's in Jounouchi's viewpoint as well, since he's a funny guy. AND, I like that this story has some awesome syntax, and the grammar is not horrible like my own. Ku ku ku ku... yeah, wrong time to add that in. Later, when I find something evil, like, uh... monkeys. Yeah.

Hey, it's Noa's pet dog that he made look like something out of S and M Magazine 1996 edition, a periodical which I have never perused through. Uhh, yeah. (eye shifty)

What was Noa virtually smoking when he made that cute puppy into the bad guy from 'The People Under The Stairs'? Must be the apathy of living in a computerized world with little to do, and never being able to feel anything either due to being a compooper thing. Since being a computerized whatsit would make anyone pretty crazy. Though I expected more 'crazy like a moose', or 'crazy like a fox', than just plain 'batshit crazy' or 'I yam a gonna take yer bodee like that symbiote from Spiderman, making you into Venom' crazy (lol) Yaha! Can't wait for Kaiba to get freaked out by the weirdo teal green haired kid that resembles her. I don't know what to expect from Noa on the whole 'Seto being adopted to be the future body of Noa Kaiba' but one thing is certain, if I were Noa, I would wonder why the heck my dad adopted a GIRL to be my replacement body and subsequently be both repulsed and angered. And maybe homicidal too. (cackle)
Jadej.j chapter 47 . 11/14/2010
Poor Jou doesn't have an easy time does he...oh well on to taking on Mai's whip now eh. Great chapter :)
Iona chapter 46 . 11/13/2010
That Witty Phantom is a creep. If I were Kaiba, I would have kicked his face in as well. *lol* Those bad guys are just like Pegasus, in that they have no respect for personal privacy.

BTW does this mean that the Big 5 know the big secret? I'd hate to see how this is going to affect future events, which I'm still wondering about.

Oh yeah, and it looks like Kaiba is going to strangle Yuugi and Jounouchi soon after these events. (Yuugi because he dressed Mokuba as his bondage twin, and Jounouchi because... well, he's Jounouchi. *lol*) Being strung up on a giant 'T', which in no way resembles anything religious, is bound to also amplify the anger, and it's going to be hilarious to see the boys face the wrath of Kaiba. _ I can't wait to see what happens next.
Cynical Gamer chapter 46 . 11/12/2010
ACK! ;_; Sorry. Meep! Don't hit me again! DX Yikes, I know the feeling.

Oooo, choices. On the one hand, Noa's been in there for years-it's not like he'd be too picky on the gender of the boy as long as he got out and even if Seto is a girl, she's still the girl who took his place, pretty much. Besides, that penguin guy didn't seem to have much issue with challenging Anzu for her body in the anime. The second one screams of much wrongness, but it would be funny to see Jou get overprotective and clash with him. "Hey, back off! The lady ain't interested!" "I don't need you to defend me, mutt!" And as for the is hard to say. Honestly, no telling at this point.


Well, that does make sense. At least she's still around to yell at him and stuff, right? Hehe, yeah... _;; Guess it just doesn't feel right having them there, but not there, even if they originally never got along. I loved her annoyance at his laughing off her insults. She's Kaiba, so of course she will. (Oh boy...this should be fun.)

lol, and maybe because of Jou as well. It's hard to insult someone who laughs off the insults and almost seems to tease back. Well, yeah, it's expected for Kaiba to be confused. She wakes up and the guy who constantly bickered (though not very well) with her isn't reacting to her insults the same way anymore. But she even goes so far as to state that he's HERS. And yes, yes you should. _*

Very muchly so. As if she'd go soft on him.

Heh, well that is a major factor. It'd be incredibly difficult to see this working out nearly so well if Kaiba was a guy. Because then you'd have Mokuba calling Jou brother when he already HAS a brother and...well...I think Jou would end up "disappearing". That it would. Maybe so, but still, when it comes to Jou being the only one the guys notice being there "illegally"competition-wise, I have to say: eh?

Well, he's lucky enough to make it work out...somehow. I guess so.

Hehe, I can totally see that happening. I'm sort of surprised she hasn't done so already, but she IS Kaiba and she DOES have an image to maintain. True, that...

Hate much. I think he actually DID die after his duel with Marik. As in "heart stopped" and everything. Yes, yes you are. And to your readers, too. ...You jerk. Seriously? Huh..sounds kind of mysterious...too bad they never DID anything with it. :P Maybe...or maybe he's got a bit of protection. Maybe I'm spoiling the future plot points, but given when his whole greater interaction with and notice of things in the games seemed to start...maybe I'm forming a new theory. (I know, and yet I can't stop. Curses!)

lol, scary little Japanese girl. Where have we seen that before. Only this is more badass, I bet. XD So that's the hint? Does his growing ability and notice of things in the games have to do with his connection to Seto or his part in helping her to complete the puzzle of her heart?

I know it was, but that doesn't mean the others should be ignored or that EVERY FRIGGIN PLOT has to be based on Yugi or Kaiba. I mean, seriously! If it's not a bad guy trying to take over the world with the magic of the puzzle, it's someone trying to take over Kaiba Corp. It reaches the point where Jou is just there for convenience and the others are just...there. Heh, true.

I guess. It's easier to focus on just one character and their interactions with everyone else, but then that sort of ignores the lives of the others. Sure, I like these series, but I can't help but want to see more involving particular characters who don't get much spotlight or have much overall importance. They do minor things to help the plot along, but these are generally things just about anybody could do.

Very nice. And an interesting chapter you got here. I can't help but wonder, though...are we going to have another "Our Queen is Mokuba in a dress" bit?
Jadej.j chapter 46 . 11/12/2010
Wonderful chapter full of action and scary stuff too :) Oh boy will Seto mad at Mokuba? Then there is Mai...when will she show up?
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