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Blue Lagoon Loon chapter 45 . 11/12/2010
Waha! New updates make everything better! And horsies again! Yay! And Christmas for the Kaiba-crew was certainly interesting. Though I feel bad for Bakura. KFC for dinner? Yeah, I know it's Japan, and apparently it's a popular food, but that would make me sad to eat that for Christmas dinner, probably because I'm spoiled rotten here living in the US, eating a giant feast with my family on Christmas, and he's eating KFC. And not even KFC with his family! (Which almost seems to make it worse.) Well, hopefully, he got the coupon for 5 dollars off his KFC dinner. Or would it be 500 yen off? (shrug) I just hope he also got the mashed potatoes. Can't have Colonel without the potatoes. And gravy. And those 'el cheapo biscuits and cole slaw. Yeah, too much South Park. (lol)

It's always good to see our good guys letting their powers combine to defeat the baddies. Oh yez, very very good indeed. And lubbin' the additional Final Fantasy elements added to the story arc too. Does this mean we'll see those Chocobo references as well?

And I'm interested to see if Mokuba will burst a vein in fury if you happen to have his princess doppleganger show up in this version of the story. Personally, I found it hilarious when he had that look on his face that pretty much said, 'Mokuba keel doze Big 5 bastardos for making gerly vershion of Mokuba! Rivers of bluud and carnage! DEATH WILL BE MOKUBA'S BATTLE CRY!', when he saw that she looked like him.

Well, that's what I imagined he thought. Though I think he'd use proper grammar and spelling when he thinks that. And he'd definitely not speak in 3rd person either. Though I suppose I'll just have to wait and see what happens eh?
Iona chapter 45 . 11/11/2010
Mokuba must have taken some sort of espionage class to be able to escape like that and fool those guys into thinking he's in a ventilation shaft. Between escaping Kaiba Corp. and escaping Pegasus' Castle, that kid is a ninja in training. Though it also helps that the goons he's up against constantly underestimate his craftiness. *lol*

Uh oh... looks like Jounouchi is going to get in trouble soon... (Oh Kaiba, if you only knew what Yuugi and Mai know. And you do, since it's your secret... Yeah, Jounouchi's in for it.) It's a good thing Mokuba is there to protect him. *lol*

Hey! Drawings! Yay! I forgot to mention last chapter that they're looking as lovely and expressive as always. (I do enjoy hand drawn work a lot _) And Chibi-Kaiba in Red Mage gear is fab. Having the RPG Arc with these newer elements is a welcome way to tell this story arc. Now I'm wondering what sorts of outfits and abilities our good guys will be sporting. I guess I'll just have to be patient huh? With that, I'll be waiting for the next exciting chapter. _
Cynical Gamer chapter 45 . 11/10/2010
I didn't mean to and I'm sorry! Though I ended up doing it again...gah! I both hate and love your fast updates.

Yeah, Pegasus most likely would. He did it with Jou's little crush, after all. Noa, too? Oh FUN. Depends on the "things". I know some horror movies that would disturb anyone. Eh, maybe. Guess we'll never know. Well, it does depend on the person. But yeah...given how creepy Pegasus is, it'd have to say something about the person who could successfully creep HIM out.

That kind of makes sense, actually. Spending so long with an unresponsive Seto and just Mokuba's take on would explain how he was able to joke with her as opposed to getting riled up at her "dog" comments after she woke up.

Honestly, the bickering seems almost...friendly. Well, on his side, at least. And while the feelings may not be mutual, at least she...sorta...cares. In that he's looking out for her brother and is loyal and not among the workers likely to try and backstab her.

Canonically, it wouldn't work. Here, with this sort of situation, and with everything having gotten started this early on before Jou could form the "Kaiba is a total bastard" perspective, it definitely works. It doesn't seem so impossible when you're writing it like this. I mean the whole "Jou getting caught sneaking into Pegasus's Island when the others were there, too and nobody cared". Though that was probably because Jou was actually trying to compete.

It makes a weird, twisted sort of way. But I can't see anyone but Jou coming up with that sort of logic.

Of course, that is Kaiba for you. He's still pretty damn lucky, though.

I know, but not when it's being used against me. D: Okay, so it's not just the whole "past life" bit. Hmm...I hate having to guess, but it's so fun to make up theories! Something I noticed, though...that for a guy who really has nothing to do with any of the ancient battle or shadow powers...Jou has had the most encounters with the ancient forces. And I think he's also died/nearly died the most often. At least in the anime, what with being sent to the graveyard, struck by lightning, and hit by Ra...twice. How the hell he survived it all is beyond me.

Oh really? Though I thought that was because of their coinciding concern for Mokuba? Hmm...darn it. It IS, though! I would love to see it if you ever post it. She's young and trying to look and act more mature than she really is, so it kind of figures she'd look a bit awkward.

Because in the end, it was all about Yugi. Not that that was a problem, but every arc was either about him or Kaiba. Only in the manga did we see any situations revolving around Anzu (hostage), Honda (the crush and the puzzle), or Jou (Hirutani). Sadly, I know nothing about Battle City in the manga and can't find it, either. A peek I managed at a volume in a store showed that there seemed to be other characters I never saw in the anime, and a situation involving some poison and Tea being trapped. I have no clue what happened.

I loved actually seeing it from their POV on how it happened. Yes, Yugi finished it, but he wouldn't have made it without them, and actually seeing them play a real part there instead of simply implying something intangible that they may not even be aware of just made it more REAL than it was in the anime. That it would.

Hmm...point. Though to be fair, this is a fanfic, so you can really do it however you want. That way, you can include the Doma arc as well if you wanted.

That was so sad, but touching as well. I really liked that bit.

I know, but I couldn't get the image out of my head. It was like they were sharing a mental high five. Like "That's right! We're awesome!" Almost like co-conspirators, those two...

Yeah, poor girl. Honestly, it's one thing after another for her. And Yugi. Not so much Jou and the others, but they get dragged into it anyway. Yeah, true. Still, I like your version more.

I hated that outfit SO MUCH. I read the chapter and see how you're doing it. At least he's not wearing the caveman outfit. The buckskin does help. But now for some strange reason, I want to see Jou as a ninja. I know he's gonna go for warrior, but still. No, I don't get why, either. But still, if there was a system, shouldn't we have seen some indication of it regarding armor and stats? Because they all seemed to die easily enough.

Right, right. Ah, in that case, I feel kinda bad for her. Still didn't mean she had to be so rude before. Oh, that bit. Yeah, that makes sense, then.

That it does, I haven't seen too much of the manga, so I wouldn't know. But he definitely seems more mature and easy-going. Heh. Well, it's good Seto isn't going to blame them, though the paranoia won't help matters. DARN YOU AND YOUR BLATANT FORESHADOWING!

That's fine. Kuma is Noa's horse, so it makes sense he'd be picky about his rider, and I really couldn't see Jou riding him even if he likes Jou. It's still interesting that, given how he's considered a "beast" by everyone, he'd be nice at all to Jou. He is a cool horse, though.

GAH! WHY must you torment me with your crypticness?

Anyway, another good chapter. And now we get into Legendary Heroes, which is actually quite different in terms of the nature of the game. Looks like fun. I can't wait to see how this goes.
Passion-sama chapter 45 . 11/10/2010
great chapter as always!

Though I wish Kaiba would be nicer to Jou

you said while reading the manga, you noticed that there are moments where Kaiba acts like his own age, if its not to much to ask for, do you mind telling me which chapters to find them?

I cant wait to read what happens next!
Jadej.j chapter 45 . 11/10/2010
Oh boy the games are geting more danger for our little heroes...Seto won't be happy when Yugi and Jou show up but that nothing new. :) Great chapter :)
Iona chapter 44 . 11/10/2010
I really like how this chapter played out. It gave me the warm fuzzies, even though some of the instances were awkward, such as overly quiet dinners, and Kaiba's quiet contemplation of decorations. Plus, the fact that we knew little about what was going on in Kaiba's head was a good way to keep us in suspense as to how she really felt about certain things. Though she really seemed to like the gift he gave her. Hopefully, it will inspire her to be nicer to her 'mutt', well, until he does something dumb again. *lol*

In many ways, Kaiba seems to act so grown up. (Such as hefting such immense responsibilities and whatnot.) On the other hand, her stubborn refusal to eat Oden reminds us, that she's just as finicky as the next kid when it comes to her least favorite foods. (Though I'm sure Mokuba didn't mind it in the least. *lol*) That, and added to the fact her behavior during dinner was a good way to show that Kaiba still has a long way to go. _ Well, I'll await your next update anxiously.
sailormai20 chapter 39 . 11/10/2010
Well hi there!

Sorry for not reviewing in so long (and so late! .) but I love this chapter :3

Just as I was thinking Pegasus was an arseholw, a chracter on tv said the same thing Had a happy moment there ;p There was enough creepy!Pegasus and... soul part Seto to make me happy :D

The dream coming 'true' was pretty cool as well! And I like how you put in the meaning for the flowers, makes things a bit more intersting But Soulless Seto was creepy. Iccccck!

And I have to say, that Durarara chain is looking pretty snazzy so far!

On to the next chapter!
Maggiemay chapter 44 . 11/9/2010
I am loving this retelling. Thank you for your creative efforts. I am an avid puppyshipper and write fanfics, although only at my specific Yahoo group Little Dragon.

You have a poll about Set/Seth in AE arc. You have covered most optionsbut one you haven't explored is the possibility that he is a Child of Hapi... a Hermaphrodite or Ambiguous Gender person. These people were generally venerated and exalted and would certainly have been able to be a high priest. Seto is obviously masculine in the AE arc, but he CAN have feminine traits and be Masculine if he is both.

I find your narrative fun and easy to read and outside of a few very minor typo/word substitutions flawless. Thank you again for this very wonderful read.

Maggiemay ()
Jadej.j chapter 44 . 11/9/2010
Talk about an eary x-mas. It was a wonderful chapter. Seto-chan trying to show some human emotions...gods love the dog-tags...ya should draw them up eh :) Chat with ya later :)
Blue Lagoon Loon chapter 43 . 11/7/2010
HORSIES! Yay horsies! And one was nom noming on Jounouchi's head! I'm not surprised, since he has that animal magnetism and all. (lol) But wowee! Lots of exciting stuff happening!

And... clowns! Guaaahh! No likey clowns. Clowns are ebil. EBIL I SAY! And I will be proven right soon! SLAY THEM EBIL CLOWNS! MUHAHAHAHAHA! Yeah, laughing like that not helping plan to eradicate clown menace, just make me sound crazy, especially coupled with bad grammar. *Doh!*
Cynical Gamer chapter 43 . 11/7/2010
What the? I leave for a week and miss five updates! DX

Well, this just gives me a lot to review then. And nice to know you like the long reviews, because this one is likely to be a doozy. That's very kind of you.

Yeah, lucky, though it begs the question what could Pegasus do if he DID know? Then again, if he knew, he likely wouldn't have underestimated Jou and allowed him to escape. Ah, lucky. I wonder if they could have completely freaked out Pegasus by keeping a number of horrible things at the forefront of their minds...hmm...

That it is. Heh, thanks.

I know, and it's really touching. I honestly like Jou's interaction with Mokuba, and in a way, his unrequited feelings towards Seto, though it still strikes me a bit strange how he could be crushing on her. Ah need to thank me for it. It was honestly very well done. One of those "okay, they normally wouldn't get along, but if we went back to the start and this happened, I could totally see it working" things. And honestly, I like how this is going. That bit in the tournament made NO SENSE and too many people were able to get away with it for JOU to be singled out.

Yay! I can imagine, especially with the way you described it. Should be worth it, though. You know what? I'm just not going to question the logic that actually got them matter how crazy it was or how much it shouldn't work. Still, Jou protecting chibi Kaiba from the evil eye is cute. He's damn lucky she won't remember it, though. *SMACK* "WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"

Darn you and your cryptic foreshadowing. Every card and not just his own, right? So pretty much like what they had in Ancient Egypt. Hmm...sure there's the OBVIOUS answer, but I can't help but feel that there's more to it than "past life in Egypt" bit, otherwise others would see it as well. Sweet. I'll keep guessing till then. And mini Kaiba protected Jou! So cute.

I know, and I hate it. Otherwise, why have the "band of tagalongs" even be there if they're good for nothing besides being cheerleaders and stepping stones for the main hero? Huh, I'm gonna need to read over the manga. But at least they each still had a role...sorta. I believe in putting some focus on everyone and giving each character their place in an event. Otherwise, they might as well stay home and cheer from their couches for all the good they're doing. Yes, having it be from Jou's POV did help some. And you worked it out wonderfully with Honda saving Mokuba, Jou saving Kaiba, and all of them shielding Yami's mind and trying to avoid getting their souls stolen. Bravo.

Nope. Still creepy and disturbing. That's Pegasus to a T. Is this following the manga or the anime in regards to his fate?

And I loved, loved, LOVED the bit with Jou and Kaiba in chapter 39. The bit with Kaiba and Mokuba reuniting was awesome and the way Jou knew it was coming and got out of the way made me laugh. Then Jou having a side conversation with mini Seto while the siblings are hugging gave me the mental image of the two sharing a high five. Plus the bit earlier with Seto waking up and her ghost self making her go back and help Jou was kickass, too. You had a lot of great scenes in this chapter.

And things "mostly" go back to normal in the next chapter. I honestly thought the canon bit in Legendary Heroes was stupid. Dammit, Kaiba! You're supposed to be a genius and you didn't think the Big 5 might have planned anything else to get rid of you if Pegasus failed? SERIOUSLY? So yeah, your reasoning made a lot more sense. And it looks like we're still going to have that arc in this story. Does that mean Jou is gonna get dressed in a loincloth again? Or is he actually going to get some cool-looking armor this time? It's not that it wasn't funny-because it totally was-but WHY go off on a rescue mission wearing barely anything except a fur dress when the rest of your party all have protective ARMOR? Maybe it's just me, but it honestly doesn't seem that bright. In fact, it's like you're asking to be killed. So maybe the armor doesn't actually make a difference, but if that's the case, why not just go as you're originally dressed?

So what's the creepy reason for it? I thought the way you had Jou find out their last name made sense, and it's honestly something I would see plenty of people doing if they needed to find someone. And it's really sweet that Jou is going this far to get the two something special and sentimental for the holiday. But MAN, what is up with the aunt? Though the bit with the penalty game was pretty cool. And when Yami mentioned the cardinal sins, the seven were actually the first that sprang to mind. Sucks to be the aunt, though. I'm assuming that the aunt wanted to keep the album and pictures for herself because she really was sentimental over the loss of her brother, but the secret? Was the secret Yami mentioned the fact that Seto was a girl? Or something else? What I really liked, though, was how Jou decided not to look into the album since Yugi had already checked to make sure it was the right one. That was really respectful and really shows a lot of maturity on Jou's part. Looks like the Kaiba siblings were a good influence on him. And vice versa.

And now Seto knows about what happened with Bakura. Fun. But it worked out, so hopefully she won't hold it against them-though we know she will to some extent. Plus Jou knows about Noa now. That should make things a bit interesting. Hurray blatant foreshadowing! The bit with the horses was a neat addition. Shame Kaiba hates them. But Kuma seems to like Jou, though.

So, all in all, a multitude of wonderfully-done chapters. I look forward to seeing how the Christmas arc ends. And how Seto and Mokuba react to the album.
Iona chapter 43 . 11/5/2010
*lol* Hobson is pretty cool. Which is a nice change, since he seemed creepy and weird in the manga to me. (BTW, I like the back story you're giving him here. It makes him very interesting.) In fact, Kaiba's staff are a cool bunch in general, and that includes Jounouchi of course, since he's part of the staff as well. _

Oh yeah, and Mokuba's enthusiasm is definitely a fun thing. (Christmas isn't as fun unless there's some kids around to be excited over things after all. _) I am looking forward to your next update.
Jadej.j chapter 43 . 11/5/2010
Oh it's tell Jou secerts time eh...and still don't know what Seto-chan will think of the album yet eh :P Great stuff :)
Iona chapter 42 . 11/4/2010
Moral of this story children? Always offer your guests a cool, refreshing beverage. And maybe some cookies. Oh yeah, and don't be bad to your family for complicated reasons and don't be a rude person with an attitude, I suppose. *lol*

I'm interested now in how things will turn out during their 'gift exchange'. Hopefully, Kaiba won't start getting competitive with Jounouchi over Mokuba. (I don't see that going down very well...)

I really liked the portion with Kaiba and Mokuba. It shows that even though things are forgiven, there's still some lingering distrust between them. (Which is realistic, given that things were so strained between them when Kaiba was, well, a humongous jerk.) I'm looking forward to how things will shape up for them.
Jadej.j chapter 42 . 11/4/2010
Oh my pharaoh...he loved doing that didn't he. Ah wonderful gift for Mokuba when Seto took him to Kabia land. Oh Seto finding out more about what happen during the time she was out...:) Man I wonder what Jou going to think when Yami shows up with the wedding pictures...:)
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