Reviews for The Last Will and Testament of Uzumaki Naruto
Sweetpotato16 chapter 1 . 14h
Ever since the quarantine, I have been finding comfort from reading a ton of fanfic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for writing this piece. We readers tend to forget just how much effort and time is being sacrificed to bring forth this quality of work. This appreciation comment is the least I can do to express my gratitude. Thank you dear author for the wonderful read, and keep up the good work! Keep safe always
seasonwave chapter 12 . 4/7
It was such a blast reading this! I was really laughing out loud the whole time! I love how you kept everyone in character but added humor to everything. I've also had a hard time imagining sakura and sasuke's interactions in canon but you wrote them so beautifully that it actually makes them a more believable couple in my mind. Thank you for brightening up my day this will be added to my faves!
Guest chapter 13 . 1/10
I believe this might be the best fanfiction I have ever read, sure I was deliriously high on cough medicine while reading this gem, but I one hundred percent believe that only enhanced the experience. Also I sent a quote or two to one of the few human friends I have, who now knows I spend my evenings reading Naruto fanfictions, I have absolutely no regrets.
With love, a deliriously high fan.
Guest chapter 13 . 11/20/2019
This was hilarious!
Perfextskies chapter 13 . 11/13/2019
omg i looooooooooooooooove this story
Guest chapter 13 . 10/24/2019
Looooool I loved that they ended being Chidori and Rasengan!
Guest chapter 13 . 9/16/2019
Fuck, this was the funniest shit ever!
Tamires Schossle chapter 13 . 8/17/2019
MARAVILHOSA! Muito obrigada por essa leitura incrível! Eu dei muitas risadas e me diverti muito!
gffn chapter 1 . 8/1/2019
I loved this, their personalities and the Humor but not enough sasusaku in my opinion but the sasusaku parts were super cute
HoneyHelly chapter 13 . 8/1/2019
Me ha encantado! I love it! Se siente tan real y mantienes sus personalidades identicas. Me reido mucho con las ocurrencias de Naruto y lo inoportuno de Sai jajaja Pero Gracias a el Sasuke por fin se animo a salir con Sakura, estos celos me hacen daño, me enloqueceeennn. La cena familiar fue uno de mis momentos favoritos! La abuela de Sakura es un desmadre! LoL Thank you so much for this fanfic! Is my new favorite!
K4sum1 chapter 13 . 5/25/2019
Ok.. Chidori is a normal name in Japanese, for example Kaname Chidori from FMP.. but Rasengan? That's really stupid.. xd anyway, nice story, but to my taste too much about Naruto and less about SS.
K4sum1 chapter 10 . 5/24/2019
Maybe it's better that he drugged Naruto. He can be such a cockblocker sometimes.. xdd
K4sum1 chapter 8 . 5/24/2019
Sai: You look like a woman.
Me: Split water on my monitor.
Sai joining Sasuke and Sakura in bed.
Also Sai: Do you want all of us to lay on you from now on? Or just Ugly?
Me: Can't breath from laughing.
Geez that idiot.. I love him.. xdd
K4sum1 chapter 7 . 5/24/2019
WHaaaaa they kissed! I couldn't even breath when he said "Kiss me." that damn possessive sexy bastard xdd
K4sum1 chapter 5 . 5/24/2019
Sakura's grandma is for sure hilarious lady, even worst than Sai xDD
Ha! I told it it looks like The Ring with Samara! xd
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