Reviews for In Need of a Shave
WholesomeToast chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
Loved it. Uber awesome. Completely in character. Good one!

MissBliss8527 chapter 1 . 10/17/2011
One hell of a shave. lol
aPrettylittleVillain chapter 1 . 12/6/2010
Lovely story m'dear.
KitCat Italica chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
WOW. That was incredible. The Joker you've captured here fits to a tee, that perfect insatiable blend of edgy irrationality and brutal honesty throughout his character. The mundane act of shaving (before the mob meeting, which was a nice place to insert it into) is brought to life with just this oh-so-Joker FLAVOR, and I LOVE IT. :D

The scar story was quite genius too, because throughout it you made it quite subtly obvious (if you'll pardon the oxymoron) that snuck in the underlying purpose behind his scar stories: mirroring the victim's situation to strike a chord in their hearts and minds, toying with them before he moves in for the kill. It was brilliantly executed. Well done.

And this bit, "He left me alive, and killed her. So, how should we arrange it here? Which one of you wants to play the part of my girlfriend, and, which one the part of...little old me?"

The couples' eyes widen at the same time. He lets out a giggle. "I knew it. No one wants to be me," he says with false disappointment and pulls out a knife."

That was just so...idk, words fail me. It just struck me at just how joking and yet profound it was, in the semi-foreshadowing-justification thing it spoke of for killing them. Just...I'm not being coherent, am I? Drat. Well, I can't quite place it, it just hit an awesomeness receptor in my brain that goes off in the unexpected bits of awesome. Thanks for that.

All in all, wondyful! I shall look out for more work of yours in the future. :)

Kaya Nah chapter 1 . 9/3/2010! I missed you're writing a lot and THIS is simply amazing! I'm blown away. The whole razor thing, what a way to tell the story, I mean, it's pure genius! :D You have an understanding of that character tha it so, so very good. I wish there were some artist out there willing to make a comic book with this one shot! :D You should try to find someone on Deviant Art! It's just too great. :D Does it show I totally enjoyed it and that I miss your writing? ;)

Talk to you soon,

vibra chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
Wow, you really captured the essence of him... Completely! I love the scenario and how nonchalant he is with everything and how tied it to the actual movie. Nice job with ending, it was gruesome of course, but a necessity with the Joker. You should totally write some more one shots if you get bored ;)

P.S. I love the line concerning cowardice is a pandemic. Amazing...
HoistTheColours chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
This, without a doubt, is one of the best Joker one-shots I have read in a really, really, /really/ long time. The title alone was enough to grab my attention, and my eyes tore down the page, savoring every word and marveling at your brilliance. I have to tell you, my mouth actually dropped open when the Joker said, "Which one of you wants to play the part of my girlfriend, and, which one the part of...little old me?" -That was simply too perfect for words. I was in awe and amazement and just couldn't help but smile at your brilliance. Honestly, the scar story was perfect, and the Joker always has this way of making up a story and molding it to fit the person he's telling it to. I'm glad you recognized that.

My favorite line from the first paragraph was this one: 'Take a pinch of normality, stir, grind, twist, hack, and voila, here's your /ab/normality.' -I absolutely loved that. I like how you went from the subject of shaving to cooking so seamlessly. I also liked how well I could hear the Joker’s voice resonating in my head. This was written in third-person, yes, but I still felt like the Joker was telling me a story, you know, speaking directly to an audience. His sardonic humor intermixed with his thoughts on anarchy and chaos were a delicious mix and caused a great feel for this one-shot.

‘They are all so incredibly honest then and he loves honesty. Everyone thinks he's so immoral, but he has principles. He just abides by them in a different way and people are so scared of something different.’ -This was probably my favorite line in the whole chapter. Leave it to the Joker to insist that yes, he /does/ have principles, they’re just… different from everybody else’s. That amuses me to no end.

I had no idea that the couple’s home he was shaving in were actually home. I was very surprised to find that the two owners of the home were tied down to their chairs in the bedroom. How terrifying. The thought of the Joker breaking into some random couple’s home just so he can use their bathroom for a shave… wow, that’s incredibly in character, at least to me. Gotham is the Joker’s playground, and he’ll play in whoever’s sand box he wants.

I like how the boyfriend was in a wheelchair. You don’t read very many stories where someone is in a wheelchair, and I found that incredibly sad, and my heart went out to him because of it. That was probably what you had intended for, though, and I can only applaud you for that. You obviously know how to draw sympathy from your readers. You want us to feel disappointed about these two random people’s deaths, and, oddly enough, I do. You’ve given them a small back story (mostly through the Joker’s ramblings about how he thinks they are, [clean, organized, structured,]) but it was enough to paint a slightly blurred picture of how their relationship works and all that jazz. The girlfriend is the one who obviously wears the pants in the family, and the boyfriend just kind of lets her do her thing, because, being in a wheelchair, there’s really not much he can do anyway. Again, my heart aches for the two of them and their current predicament.

I loved this bit right here, as well: ‘"See right through me?" It's not so easy. He has to explain and he has a favourite way.

He licks his lips and kneels by her side, contemplating her features. "Wanna know how I got these scars?"’ -I really, /really/ liked that, ‘he has to explain his favorite way.’ I also really enjoyed the scar story that the Joker told. It wasn’t incredibly original, but a part me thinks that that particular story could be the closest thing to the truth he’s ever told. But hey, who am I say? He’s an enigma.

In conclusion, I thoroughly enjoyed this and implore you to write more one-shots. I think you did a great job writing the Joker and you can only improve from here on out.

Most Sincerely,

kriitikko chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
I think you got him nailed down pretty good. In fact, considering you already wrote about him in an earlier fic, I'd say you have the Ledger Joker pretty narrowed down.

Nice little reading. XP
rubywonderland chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
Holy cow, that was great! You wrote him really, really well, so no worries there. (: Good job!