Reviews for Impossible Situations
my hubby is no edward chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Wow. This was crushing, but felt like it was pulled directly from the series. Poor Gale. Wonderful job, thanks for sharing.
spanglemaker9 chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
This was really fantastic. I ripped through all three books this week and I've been walking around in a post-HG fog, wanting more. Then I heard that some of our very own twific writers had put some stuff up, so I came to explore. This is just what I wanted! It felt like I was back in the books, getting the more I was hoping for! I loved seeing this through Gale's eyes. I really felt for him, watching her fall in love with someone else along with the rest of the world. Thanks for writing.
algonquinrt chapter 1 . 9/4/2010

bb, I have no idea what got into you to write for HG, but I think you belong in this fandom. Like Lo gave B&E back to me in ALE after the horror of BD, you gave me back Gale.

He was flattened; a caricature by the end of Mockingjay, but you've done an amazing job of fleshing out how that could have happened, how the Gale Katniss loved could have changed so completely, leaving her with a choice that really wasn't a choice at all.

EJ Santry chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
My heart hurts. This is like the "Midnight Sun" I yearned for. I think you captured Gale perfectly in this view of him watching the games, realizing his love for Katniss, and then the pain of losing her before he ever had the chance to make her his. The line about how "his Katniss" died in the aren was poignant.
Centurion of the Legion chapter 1 . 9/4/2010
Oh Noes! (no sarcasm this time) No Katnick! *sobs*
rrudyteeth chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
poor gale
profitina chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
This was really powereful bb. I wasnt a fan of Gale because I felt he was kinda like the HG jacob but this makes me look at him differently. Im still team peeta though!
ahizelm chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
“Who can calm me? - I can’t even tell you the impact this had on me. Literally chills. So fitting. GAH.

“I know my Katniss. No one will ever know her like I do.” Sigh. This is why it has been epically frustrating for me that people attempt to compare liking Gale to liking Jacob. There is no comparison, and honestly, this simple idea that you’ve conveyed is why I never discounted him, not for a second.

“I'll always wait for her.” Shuddering breath. Absolutely.

Gale’s thoughts as she makes her initial round as The Girl on Fire are so spot on - bordering on a freak out, but level-headed enough to remain in control.

The reference of Cinna, indirect as it was, makes me all sad panda. I had bouts of heartfail as I read Mockingjay, and this was no exception.

“He might be from my district, but he's not from my world. His world is filled easily with food and warm winters. My world is clawed out of the earth every day. Every morsel is fought for and nothing is easy.” And THIS is why I never thought it was a given that Peeta and Katniss should end up together.

“Peeta Mellark is nothing but a conniving rat.” This suspicion is something I could never let go of, all the way through Catching Fire, so it’s interesting that it’s here, in your work of Gale’s POV.

“I don't leave the Hob that night. I don't leave the dark screens for even a moment.” Such a simple thing, his not leaving, but it’s so perfect. So in character. So devoted.

“As I watch her try to eat and drink, Greasy Sae presses a bowl of soup into my hands and nods to me to do the same. So as Katniss rebuilds her strength, I do the same and force myself to move around the Hob to work out the stiffness in my legs.” GAH, WOMAN. This’s gorgeous and hard and lovely and SIGH.

“I try not to think of other tributes that have won the Hunger Games bearing the scars of their fight for survival. I remember one year the last two tributes fell off a cliff as they fought. The loser died in the fall. The winner was paralyzed from the neck down.” Ugh. What a perfect example of the ugliness that is this world Collins has created.

NGL. Just reading “Day 9: Rue” was a bit overwhelming for me. That whole situation killed me - I nearly cried as I read it, initially.

*whimper* Gale’s diatribe about the innate evil that is the Capitol is so ... on. You’re killng me slowly, lady.

"You can't, silly," my sister whispers back. "She's going to marry Peeta." I...cannot. This was such a kick in the stomach in the face of Gale’s sheer adoration and dedication to Katniss. SIGH.

“I've never seen this side of Katniss before but there's something that still feels not... authentic about it all.” Yet again something I couldn’t let go of, all the way through CF.

“My knees give out under me and I fall to the cramped floor of Greasy Sae's closet and bury my face in my hands, choking back sobs so no one will hear me.” Heartwrenching. You do turmoil and worry so well, gk. It’s impressive, because it is never oppressive, if that makes sense. It’s hard but not impossible to read. Really well done.

“My Katniss died in that arena, if she ever existed at all outside of my own heart.” I... am speechless.

In this piece, you’ve captured Gale’s consternation, his absolute devotion. It’s beautiful and impossible, and I adored every word. Thank you for writing this and for sharing it with the fic-world. You are absolutely amazing.
songster chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
Finally, I have a window in which to tell you how much I adored this. I have read the first two books and the third is sitting beside me now and I can tell you I thought an awful lot about Gale. I had the very strong feeling that there was a lot of hidden emotion between these two. They are very alike, constant and never wear their hearts on their sleeves. But just because it's hidden does not mean that there isn't a deep well of emotion there. I found your Gale to be completely believable and a very worthy character. You can't help but feel his sorrow at the missed opportunities and also the wellspring of anger that is well deserved directed towards the puppet-masters in the Capitol. Great job as usual and I am quite sure Lola loved this.
notbngood chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
WOW. This was absolutely wonderful.

Gail's anxiety and jealousy and all around broodiness is just heartbreaking. The part when his sister says that his brother can't marry Katniss bc she will marry Peeta? OMG.

I'm so glad you mentioned Peeta's father loving Katniss's mother bc when I read that part, I was sort of like, "Dude, way to throw your dad under a bus."

And the muttations. You know that Friends ep when Joey and Rachel trade books and he says he hides The Shining in his freezer bc it can't get him from there? That's how I felt about the mutts. Scariest part of all three books for me. Gail's reaction, his rage, was perfect.

Thanks for sharing. I hope you write more HG stuff. :)
letmesign chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
oh sweets, this was just amazing. I myself have loved getting into Gale's head and writing a HG o/s, but I've never read anyone else's till now. It was fantastic! I love your insight into his head, and how truly selfless you have made him. He's even more likeable to me now, because just as I imagined him, he doesn't hate Peeta. He simply loves Katniss. Brilliant job, bb.
dihenydd chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
This is the first HG fanfic I have read (indeed the first non Twific I have read) but you encourage me to read more. I have only just finished reading HG and this seemed to fit so snuggly into the story, I can't imagine it being otherwise. I especially loved reading Gale's perceptions of Katniss and the comfortableness of their relationship. He has a real sense of her inner steel and ruthlessness. I also liked hearing his rebellious thoughts and intellectual plotting. It's about time someone was thinking that way! I am very encouraged to read more HG ff. Thank you for sharing your gift to Lola.
MirrorMyThoughts chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
I'll admitt it: i'm not much of a Gale fan, but this was amazing, really! I especially liked the bit with peeta's dad, it was a rather unique addition, and fitted with Gales thoughts, :) i'd almost forgotten that Peeta's dad liked Katniss's mum, lol, i may go re-read the books. ;)

ooh, by the way, i adored the hob scenes, i'd never thought about them watching it :L guess i was too carried away with the katniss/peeta stuff :L! but yeah, awesome job on this! _
jaybunzy0 chapter 1 . 9/3/2010
Aw I loved this. So sad :( but I enjoyed this look into Gales mind.
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