Reviews for The Publishing Rack
confusedlildevil chapter 1 . 2/18/2012
lol i love the internal monologue :)
EdwardsGuardianAngel chapter 11 . 7/21/2011
This is great. Seriously gonna need an update soon.
namemeamy chapter 11 . 5/18/2011
Uh oh! I hope Edward doesn't freak out too much. What a mess :\
namemeamy chapter 9 . 5/18/2011
Ok, I'm finally caving and reviewing. This is a fun read - I am loving all. Bella's word vomit & non-cursing curses. :)
punkfox825 chapter 11 . 4/28/2011
So excited to see and update!

Oh my god is a dick! Taking advantage of poor simple Bella like that. I wonder what edwards gonna respond with!
Elara420 chapter 11 . 4/27/2011
Well Shit. Bella is just too naive, and she doesn't seem to be learning... I feel bad for her but she is a bit psycho, what with the pre-emptiv talk with Carlisle. I understand why she did it. But, she never had a talk with Edward in regards as to what and where their relationship was headed. She just assumed... I cannot wait to see what Edward thinks of it all! :)
StAngelS chapter 11 . 4/26/2011
OMG she is so naïve. I'm dying to see E's reaction.
weedstert chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
I was so happy to see an update today! This story is unforgettable...I really like your Bella and Edward.

Carlisle is indeed trying to get Bella to do his dirty least she was honest with Edward...although sounds like he's a bit ticked off at the news (can't blame him).

Lots of smiles while reading this funny and entertaining chapter...thanks so much :)
orlanka chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
oh man, Bella has stepped in it. But at least she is being honest with Edward, but I don't see this ending well at all. Update soon please.
JessaCloud chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Uh oh! Just when things were going so well with Edward and Bella. She's so clueless! I can't wait to see what happens in the next chapter; please don't make us wait too long! ;)
PCCTwiFF23 chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Oh snap, shit's about to hit the fan! Oh,poor Bella, she just can'tget a break, can she? She just wants to move forward with her life, her career, and as innocently as possible! And Edward better not bite her head off coz I'm sure Bellahas loads of readers who are protective of her & will want to kick Edward's ass if he starts being a dick to her again!
PBJilly chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
Now ladies, that is kind of a cliff hanger, and you can't leave us all waiting a long time to find out what happens next, can you? I think Edward is going to be pissed at his father, and maybe even a bit at Bella. I guess just dating doesn't add up to boyfriend/girlfriend to him-it's not like he has a lot of experience with that type of relationship. I wish Bella would see how Carlisle is just using her. Maybe I don't want to see what happens next! Great update.
bdubs chapter 11 . 4/25/2011
I'm glad Bella told Edward about her conversation with Mr. Masen, but I don't think Edward is going to react well, lol. This Bella just cracks me up! Love this story and I was so excited to see it update, I read it right away!
Saguenay chapter 1 . 3/1/2011
I love Bella. This story is going to be pretty good.


StAngelS chapter 10 . 2/27/2011
Ok so almost lemon... And it was yum.
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