Reviews for The White Team versus Orange
Swallow B chapter 1 . 9/19/2010
That was fun. An unexpected side to Rita. it's about time we heard something good about her.(Is the Lynx who I think it is? That's unexpected too.)

The whole idea of Poppy collecting memories of Minerva and the results ring very true. I can just see things happening like that.

And Pansy following in Rita's footsteps, quite an interesting idea.

The bit about Filius was nice. I just read Tetley's beautiful story and I'm glad you put that in.

Nicely done.
Kelly Chambliss chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
Great fun; it's got so many of the things I love: snarky banter, voyeurism, meta, sexual Minerva, great cameos (like Millicent and Pansy visualizing - ha!), everybody so IC, bad writing so well-done that it's good (Wood's piece, omg) and excellent lines. Viz -

"'I see what you mean,' she said after a few minutes of reading. 'It's bland, it's cliché-ridden, and it could be about everyone.'"

Sounds as if Pomona has been reading some FFN classics (/g/)

"'I'm not going to do a Skeeter on people,' Poppy replied acerbically. "I'm going to do a Skeeter on Skeeter.'"

"'So, basically, you're telling me that Rita Skeeter is on her way to Hogwarts on an Errand of Mercy?'"


"'That blond trollop has come to see you,' Argus Filch announced morosely. From the various Muggle films he had seen, he had picked up the fact that good servants do not knock. Unfortunately, his Upper-Class butler skills had not yet reached the level of announcing visitors properly."

Love this Filch moment - and the wanton one to follow.

And of course, it's great fun to see Skeeter out-Skeetered (and to see her as more nuanced than usual). Love how she and teenaged Lynx (so clever, that) think they're they only people to know what sex is like.
moira of the mountain chapter 1 . 9/5/2010
Marvelous new perspectives on both characters - Poppy's got a touch of Slytherin in her, doesn't she? And who would have suspected that Rita had that side to her - had been in love (still is, it seems) and is capable of decency and admiration of another's inate strengths. Fine piece ! And fun way to launch a Sunday !