Reviews for No More Pussyfooting Around
Compucles chapter 44 . 11h
Nice conclusion, if a bit brief, to this wonderful story. I'm glad you finally managed to finish it after all these years. I've added it to my "Rakanma's Happy Endings" community.
jes968 chapter 44 . 2/18
Oh my god! I am simultaneously so happy to see how this story ends (wonderfully) and so sad that I have no more chapters to look forward to. This story is in my top 5. I selfishly hope you write another someday.
caia-chan chapter 44 . 2/18
Beautiful final! I love it, thank you
VlightPhase chapter 44 . 2/17
I have certainly enjoyed this story immensely and I thank you for sharing it. The end of the Battle, demon, and Akane getting the prophecy to work for her were all sitting-on-the-edge-of-your-seat engaging. I'm glad they got their happy ending. However it was jarring for me how everyone went from physically (and in Ranma and Akane's case spiritually) Battle worn, exhausted and injured to perfectly fine, energetic and celebrating a wedding. I had to mentally put in a "few days later for everyone to heal and recover" to even enjoy the wedding and wedding night. I mean you described Ranma's soul as in tatters before Akane put it back, and when earlier in the story Akane's physical state reflected her weakening soul. Also while I am happy Sachi survived and came to an understanding with Akane she too should not be her hyper energetic self within a day after the physical and spiritual damage to her. The ending was too jarring for me without a time jump. Nevertheless I did enjoy your story very much.
Thank you for writing.
Rarefoil chapter 44 . 2/17
This is definitely one of my favorites on the site. It's a (mostly) comprehensible, well-told story, and it gave me fuzzy and heartwrenching feelings a lot. This story has the honor of me playing selected music while reading, which not every story on this site can say they inspired me to do so.

You've done a good job. Congratulations on making it to the end.
Lifesend chapter 44 . 2/17
I love you! I love this story , and I love you for writing it. Thank you for completing it. It was a labor of love. It’s beautiful, and the angst in the middle was totally worth it. Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful story with the world.
NonBlondSpazz chapter 44 . 2/17
Happiest ending ever! Thanks!
Guest chapter 44 . 2/17
This was such a wonderful story! I was never satisfied with the ending of the series. In my opinion, too much was left unfinished. You addressed many of the storylines that I wanted to see complete and added so much to them! Thank you You’re an amazing writer.
Luna12 chapter 44 . 2/17
Thank you for 1) quick posting after that cliffhanger 2) happy ending 3) kick-ass amazing storytelling! It was so worth it!
caia-chan chapter 43 . 2/17
The demon has been defeated but Ranma is dead, I expected that he would be sacrificed, but it was still very sad, poor Akane, their farewell was heartbreaking. Now I do not know how it will be the happy ending, because the situation seems really desperate, I'm really curious to know what will happen to Akane.I can not wait to read the final chapter, thank you for completing this wonderful and overwhelming story, you are great.
Guest chapter 43 . 2/17
What a chapter. Brilliant
own son chapter 43 . 2/16
SatineGrey chapter 43 . 2/16
Oh my, what a tragedy! I’d be very devastated by now if not for your promise that there will be a happy ending, so I’m really looking forward to that! A happy ending is truly sweeter and more touching after a seemingly hopeless and very sad event. I think of Ranma & Akane as star-crossed lovers in this story, deemed to eventually end their love tragically where as has been prophesized, Akane will have to sacrifice herself or her love one, which at the end of the day would surely have to be Ranma. Knowing him, he would of course sacrifice himself for Akane! I just so hope that the happy ending part is not like Akane will grow old until she dies and then she’ll join Ranma aftee death...anyway, I’m truly thankful for this lovely story and for you being such a very talented author and also being dedicated to Ranma & Akane!
Lifesend chapter 43 . 2/16
I’m crying so hard that I can barely finish reading
But this story is so good !
Luna12 chapter 43 . 2/16
Holy f*ck, how the hell is there going to be a happy ending now?! How are we supposed to wait to find out? This is Devine torture.

Thank you again for great writing and suspenseful story.
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