Reviews for Here's to the Losers
Jim Red Hawk chapter 2 . 9/19
There is another where Harry refuses & Snape looses his magic. Sorry, I do not remember the title or author now.

Blufox03 chapter 5 . 9/4

Niknakkitkat chapter 5 . 9/2
this is awesome and harry doing the ritual instead is truly inspired like whoa man just this whole fic i love harry refusing to do the tournament and still somehow winning
Marshman101 chapter 5 . 8/22
Well that was perfect Cedric is alive Harry can soon turn into a phioxex and Luna is Harry's lover and with black as a teacher snape is doomed yay
Guest chapter 5 . 7/4
The only good part was luna getting harry. The rest well just take to the trash been, at least it do not end been a gay story
Thundramon chapter 5 . 6/30
Best ending ever!
Me chapter 5 . 6/22
How it should have turned out! :-)
Just one caveat - the bones were Tom's father's, not Harry's father's.
dogbertcarroll chapter 5 . 5/24
I like it!
MADStar529 chapter 5 . 5/19
Good story. Was not expecting Harry to do that.
SmexyBananas chapter 5 . 4/18
This was great
hpf2114 chapter 5 . 3/20
LOL! Excellent! Full marks!
ploiuiu chapter 5 . 3/13
Love it ! It's so great Cedric survived!
SortingHat chapter 5 . 2/4
What the hell and how did Harry get into the cauldron in the last chapter? Something isn't adding up.
SortingHat chapter 4 . 2/4
Your chapter names could use a bit (a lot bit) of TLC or just go by numbers since this fanfic is not that long.
SortingHat chapter 3 . 2/4
I can see why you'd like that fanfic because you like anything that makes Draco look bad instead of the kind of fics that explore the more humane side of Slytherin and other houses that get shoe horned and thrown to the back burner.
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