Reviews for Monologue Filled Flashbacks
QueenOfFanFicWorldLoveGunner chapter 1 . 9/7/2010
The Fourth Shippuden movie? I keep forgetting it. I tried to watch the 3rd one, but there was a chat to the left of the screen, and I ended up talking to this gay kid who finally got the hot guy in class as his boyfriend. And then we all started talking about penises.

XD I read this chapter and I was like OMG KISA! And I was like KISA ITA FANGIRLS ARE SCREAMING! and then I was like KISA'S GUNNA BE A ZOMBIE! and then I was like OMFG KONAN VS MADARA AWSOMENESS YAY! and then I was like OH SHITZ KONAN'S GUNNA DIE NOW!...

XD ROFL. Naruto, you seemed rather pathetic this chapter. Don't make me kick you~

I spoke wif my sissy about Guy/Gai/Gay's statment. and she was like "KISAME HAD TO DIE BEFORE HE REMEMBERED HIS NAME!" And the I was like "This seems kind of counter-productive."

So, is Samehada officaly Killer Bee's now? I'm confused, I hope so, cuz I'll miss him/her if not.

But we finally get to see Konan fight! even though it probably means Madara will kill her! BUT I noticed resently that, since an Akatsuki can't die untill their cloak has been ripped to shreds/taken off, we get to see Konan's BOOBS! Before that we only got that concept sketch on NaruPedia! but now we get to see BOOBS!

Naruto lady boobs fasinate me, cuz they're not all giant, but some of the are huge, and and and... My Grandma measured me, and, when compared to Jiraiya's measurements of Tsunade's bust, I'm three centimeters bigger then Tsunade!... Yay?

...Enough about boobs... Kisame... I'LL MISS U KISAME!... sniff, sniff. (So Kisame can become a zombie now, and, if they can get into Shikamaru's backyard and dig Hidan up, then Naruto's right back to square one! DAMN I hope Kishi thought this through!)

... I was talking to my Grandma about Naruto, and about the Gaara Kiddnapping arc, and when I brought up Chiyo using all of the last of her power to ressurect Gaara, my Grandma brought up a theory-

Maybe Gaara might unlock some of Chiyo's memories... And I was like, wow, Grammy, that's a better theory then the geniuses down at the Naruto fourms can come up wif...

... I'm rambling, and I think my sister got me sick, I dunno, or I just got a bunch of dust in my nose from having to re-arrange my room so that the closet is actually accessible...

FUNNY CHAPITER! I actualy laughed-out-loud at a few points. And then the part with the flashback- Kisa, Ita, buddiez till teh end! KisaIta yaoi stocks are up by forty! WEEE!
Bloody Dead And Sexy chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
I think he had the best death, to be honest. It was honorable, at least he wasn't killed by his little brother (Yeah, i kinda hate Itachi xD). Can i join you and the rest of the fangirls? Kishimoto deserves a good old beating.
TerrorInYerTub chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
That was funny as hell! XD And I loved it! X3 And I'll totally help out if ya need it. Kishi Must Bring Him Back! Sorry but Kisame just cannot die, like at all. How many times in the series have they killed him and then his like poof ' I'm back, bitches! XD'? Anyway I loved yer story, it was very good.

Well then, Terror out! X3
Yuti-Chan chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
Lol, yep, good ol' memories

It's really a pity that Kisame had to die :( But is was inevitable, because he lost his cloak! Whenever an Akatsuki member has lost his cloak, he was going to die within the next few chapters... Except for Hidan, but he is immortal...

But why is Itachi in heaven? :D I mean, isn't his soul trapped in a dead body, all covered with dust and controlled by Kabutomaru? I wonder if Kisame - now that he is dead - will be the next "puppet" of this evil man-snake!
Vazio chapter 1 . 9/6/2010
Really, really funny. :D

The booby trap; as a motivational said:

"So long, and thanks for all the fish!"