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AbbyMasrai chapter 14 . 8/1/2011
POOOOR LOGAN! Ah, I can't even imagine. It's so sad that this actually does happen in real life. Ugh. Life can be cruel. But I'm so glad he has Kendall, James, and Carlos! And I'm very glad he got adopted! They are all really like brothers, so it was just logical that they made it official!

Loved this chapter!
AbbyMasrai chapter 13 . 8/1/2011
I loved this. Like seriously. I could see this as an episode of Big Time Rush...if Nickelodeon would do angst. They tend to not, don't you think? It's quite sad. But I thought the flow and dialogue were both perfect. Especially the exchanges between the four boys at the end! And yaaaay Luke's back! LOVE HIM.

Great chapter!
AbbyMasrai chapter 12 . 8/1/2011
Hahaha I love the ending of this! Kendall SO would say something like that! So awesome.

Ugh...this kind of reminded me of Soul Surfer. Did you ever see it? I loved it, but then again it came for me at a time when I needed it, so maybe that's why it holds a special place in my heart.

But, as always, this was excellent. I don't think you could write a bad story/one-shot, even if you tried. In fact, I DARE YOU to write some epically awful one-shot! DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU, in fact! Heehee.
AbbyMasrai chapter 11 . 8/1/2011
ZOMG HOW COULD YOU? YOU ARE SO CRUEL I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY! THIS WAS TRAGIC AND SWEET accurate representation of life. Unfortunately, there isn't always a complete happy ending. It really was a sacrifice.

This was beautiful, but so very sad.
AbbyMasrai chapter 10 . 8/1/2011
I can't even begin to describe how epically amazing this chapter is.

First of all...the boys as seven year olds camping? ADORABLE! I loved the Mr. Garcia and Carlos moment at the beginning...Mr. Garcia really is like a big kid! It's hilarious.

POOR LOGAN! Logan as a seven year old talking about his family was just so sad! I wanted to hug him and tell him I love him!

Hahaha, Carlos fell out of a tree? Funny enough, I fell out of a tree back in May and my ankle snapped. I had to walk a mile in the dark by myself to get back to my house and I wanted to vomit because it hurt. It swelled SO MUCH. But I'm a beast and powered through it hahaha.

I'm SO glad you brought Luke back! I really liked him, too! And I love him even more in this story! I'm so glad he's the one who saved him and didn't even look for praise. So wonderful

Hahaa I love how Ryan Mitchell was the first one to thank Luke! That was ironically perfect! Well done.

I SERIOUSLY LOVED THIS CHAPTER! IT WAS REALLY AWESOME! And I'm sorry I've been MIA lately, life has just been so busy! Hopefully I can review quite a bit tonight!
lovatic225 chapter 1 . 7/1/2011
Baby James is adorbs 33
CountryPeach05 chapter 15 . 6/13/2011
I enjoy reading your fic so much. I love all the angsty bromance! It's nice to find something well written that's not utter slash or totally riddled with f*bombs.
CountryPeach05 chapter 15 . 6/13/2011
I enjoy reading your fic so much. I love all the angsty bromance! It's nice to find something well written that's not utter slash or totally riddled with f*bombs.
raindropsX chapter 15 . 5/20/2011
Oh this is amazing. I always feel so bad Logan when you write about his relationship with his father in your universe.

And haha I love Harry Potter parallels. You and your friend are so right about the parallels.
Falling to Fly chapter 15 . 3/13/2011
Um. Well first of all I'd like to apogize for the extreme lateness of this review because it's been what, almost a week since you updated this and I'm just now getting to this? Unacceptable. Second, I'd like to say I'm sorry for the incoherence that will be this review because it's late and I've been up since early but I had 3 Diet Cokes and apparently that's a lot of caffiene and so that coupled with insomnia means no sleep. Oh joy!

Lol. Logan WOULD lose track of time while doing homework. I love how many times Kendall, James, and Carlos texted him. That was what, fifteen? Plus six missed calls. Or voicemails, at least. There's no telling how many actual calls they made. Wow those are loyal friends!

Oh yay! Luke is here! And so is Ryan. That basically just cancels each other out. Dumb lawyer. Oh well. Sleepover time!

I hate how often (and by often I mean always) Ryan puts work before Logan. It's like, really? That's inadequate childcare but since he's "supporting" Logan and keeping him alive it's okay. It makes me sick. AND HOW DARE HE MISS LOGAN'S SCIENCE FAIR. THE JERK.

Luke and Kendall chat. Funnnn. But seriously, I love Luke for caring about Logan the way he does. Because Logan deserves is more than anyone.


Sorry again. Please update soon!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 15 . 3/10/2011
Hehe Kendall 'hid' his copy of Miracle? Wait a second. Why would Kendall have his own copy? I though it was James' favorite movie. Unless Kendall 'hid' James' copy, which makes more sense, I don't know. Maybe that's what you meant in the first place, and I'm just being my usual tortoise self.

Oh, and I gotta mention Carlos' "Bring candy!" No, Carlos! You don't NEED sugar! You'll literally be bouncing off the walls with sugar in you...

"Dude, if you're alive let us know okay?" LOL! Oh, Carlos! :D

"Yes, that's my name. Short for Lancelot, actually." ROTFL! Luke is AWESOME!

"He called me "Kendall" once." Haha. James.

Haha, Logan sounded like the kind of student I was in grade school. Doing stuff even though it wasn't due for awhile. Getting a jump on assignments, being all over any extra credit opportunity, etc.

But I thought Logan's pocket protector said "Math is Cool" I'm so math fun? Or is it cool? ;)

Wow! That was kind of rude of Ryan! He didn't even let Logan finish explaining!

Tomorrow or Sunday? Isn't that when Ryan told Logan he could ask him whatever he wanted to ask him? The jerkface!

Hehe Carlos. He never fails to brighten up the mood.

I liked how concerned about Logan Luke was. How he was asking Kendall if Ryan abused Logan or if there was food and water in Logan's house. I also liked how you tied in Kendall working at the supermarket. Nice touch!

"Well, James is depending on me." He said with a straight face. "I can't disappoint him, can I?" So...much...Jagan! Seriously, I'm grinning like a Cheshire grin right now!

LOL Carlos and his dramatic sigh.

Aw! That was so sweet how Kendall was willing to drop out of the all-star hockey tournament so he could go to the science fair with Logan.

I'm confused. What do you mean the end of the story? This doesn't say 'Complete' Besides, I thought this was a 100 themes challenge? Unless you refer to each chapter as its own story, which in that case, it makes more sense. Again, never mind me and my tortoise-ness. Lol.

I liked this a lot, but what else is new? :)
Fish Stick Friday chapter 14 . 3/10/2011
I'm back! *creepy smile like the boys did in 'Big Time Songwriters'*

Okay, so is it wrong of me to be throwing a mini-celebration in my head right now? I mean Ryan is dead! Never liked the guy after how he treated Logan, and am so glad he's gone, hopefully for good this time, meaning I hope he doesn't make an appearance in any more of your stories or chapters, but I highly doubt that will happen...

*sighs* There goes Kendall making promises again...Seriously, and he has the nerve to scold Carlos about making promises he can't keep...*rolls eyes*

That was so sweet how Logan was afraid to let Kendall, James, or Carlos out of his sight for very long because he was afraid they might be taken away from him forever. It made me go, "Aww!"

You know it's bad when Logan interrupst people when they're speaking. Logan's "I don't want to live with strangers" remark pulled at my heartstrings, because yes, I do have a heart...

Yay! I loved reading about Logan's adoption a little more in depth. I was grinning from ear to ear as I read Logan's reaction to the news.

Oh yeah! Kendall and Logan are brothers in your stories. I totally forgot about that! Lucky Kendall...

I loved Kendall's reaction! *sighs* If only they'd actually getting around to showing more Kogan in the episodes. It was after all the first BTR bromance I fell in love with, even though now it is like my 3rd favorite.

Careful, Kendall. If you don't stop grinning, it might be a permanent fixture on your

I liked how Kendall caught and quickly corrected his mistake when he started to call Mrs. Knight his mom.

Poor Logan! It's not your fault, Logie! Your dad was just an uncaring jerk! You did nothing wrong, Logie!

"But I don't know if I deserve you as my family." Ah, yes. Typical Logan response. Or at least typical Logan response for the Logan in your stories.

K-Dawg, dude! You NEED to stop promising people stuff! You need to stop promising LOGAN stuff!

Thank you for reminding me about the wonderful bromance that I have forgotten about lately, Kogan. I loved this chapter. So much Kogan-y goodness!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 13 . 3/10/2011
Wow! I can see the end (well not really the END end, but rather the last chapter of this story that you have updated a.k.a. Chapter 15) in sight! Woohoo! Go me! Or not because this took me forever and a day to finally get caught up so I should get shot or maybe strapped to a pole and stoned to death like back in archaic times...yeah I think I'll shut up now before any of this stuff ACTUALLY happens to me...

Oh hey! You know what MY least favorite holiday is? Valentine's Day! I hate that day with a passion! It's just the one day of the year that makes all us single folk depressed and/or suicidal. It just reminds us single folk of all that we DON'T have. You know what I said this past Valentine's Day? Eat it Hershey's and Hallmark! Lol. Seriously, I said that in my Facebook and Twitter...

*groans* Why oh why do you have to include Ryan Mitchell in this chapter? Can't he just die and stay dead already?

Hehe Logan jumping slightly reminded me of 'Big Time Songwriters' where Logan jumped when Kendall kicked a piece of paper. F.Y.I. that is officailly my favorite part of the episode even though it was only like a brief not even five second scene. That's the only part of the episode I rewind and watch over and over again. It's just so funny!

Yeah! Baldwin returns! I heart Baldwin! I also love how protective he is of Logan!

*slaps forehead* How could Kendall not pick up on Logan's lack of sincere enthusiasm? Even Logan picked up on it!

Hehe. Scatterbrained. I love that word. Scatterbrained. Teehee!

Oh, come on, Kendall! I'm sure Logan's the most prepared out of the four of you! Do you really need to ask him if he has his cell phone on him and if it is charged?

I love how protective of Logan Baldwin is. I love how he stands guard by Logan and watches Kendall cautiously. I want my own dog! I have a dog, but it's my parent's dog! Actually, my mom's dog! No fair! I used to have a dog, I named it, picked the breed and everything, and then he had to go and get attached to my dad. Talk about a slap in the face...

Okay, so even if Logan was being a bit of a jerk himself, Kendall was being insensitive. Just because He had a father to celebrate Father's Day with doesn't mean everyone else does!

Haha, I loved how Baldwin went and retrieved his leash, and held it between his teeth after the word "walk" was uttered.

Hey! It's Luke! All of a sudden, this chapter is looking up now!

That's right, Kendall. You SHOULD feel guilty! Though I have to give you SOME credit for not being able to fully enjoy your day with your dad because you were too busy thinking about Logan.

Aw! Poor Luke! I think I like him even more now after hearing his sad story!

Oh Logan! You always are so hard on yourself! You have a tendency of overexaggerating, don't you? You didn't ruin Father's Day for anyone...

Hehe. You tell him, Carlos! "Of all the times to be irresponsible..."

Lol. Okay, so true story, when I read how Carlos was trying to say Bubonic Plague, I seriously thought I saw Blue Bunny Plague. Blue Bunny, you know? Like the ice cream...Great! Now I'm seeing things...

"I bet that's what they all said." ROTFL! Oh, Carlos! You're too much sometimes...:D

Oh! James! You did NOT just say that! Carlos isn't stupid! He can be right too! Careful, James. I'm sick too! You wanna get worse? I can do that for you!

"Just as long as we're all okay and we are even though James has the-" He cuts himself off when he sees the glare James sends him. "I mean, even though James has a cold." I LOVE how you write Carlos! The thing is it's EXACTLY like the Carlos in the TV show in my opinion, so major props to you!

Hehe. Look at Carlos barking out orders. Hehe. Barking. Dogs. Ahem. Haha. "Just stay there an invalid." I swear! I love Carlos SO much in this chapter!

Sheesh! How many times have the boys watched Miracle? It's like the only movie they ever watch in your stories. ;)

Aw! Nice Kogan and Jarlos (?) at the end there! I loved this chapter! Great job!
Fish Stick Friday chapter 12 . 3/10/2011
Um...that stuff at the beginning...seriously, what WAS that? Lol. Potato Mountain Flannel Sim III, huh?

Haha, so now Logan is armed with squirt guns full of sunscreen? Okay, not really, but I see he took over Mrs. Knight's role for her in this chapter. Haha.

I loved how you included James' love for surfing. After they showed him surfing in 'Big Time Beach Party,' I thought to myself that I could totally see James as a surfer.

Uh-oh. Why does "Let me go one more time" sound foreboding to me? Maybe because it's you writing it...

Go Kendall the Protector! You go save James! Lol. Wait...since when did I cheer for Kames (?) if that's even what it's called?

Oh Kendall, don't you know that Logan panics under pressure? He said so himself in 'Big Time Audition.'

Oh my. Kendall giving James CPR. I mean only chest compressions would be one thing, but mouth-to-mouth too? You sure this is only Kames BROMANCE?

If James coughed up the entire ocean, then what did James drown in? Sorry. I couldn't resist. Never mind me...

*shakes my head in disappointment* Carlos and Logan were so useless in this situation. Although to Carlos' credit, he did run for help. To Logan's credit,he did tell Kendall what to do...vaguely...

Oh my gosh! So you know what the whole "You? Scared? Nothing scares you." remark of James' reminded me of? The Lion King. "But you're not scared of anything!" "I was today." "You were?" "Yes, I was afraid I would lose you." Of course, I'm not saying that in this analogy James is Simba and Kendall is Mufasa, because that would be weird, creepy, and wrong...just wrong because that would mean Kendall would be James' father, but what am I even talking about? It was only an analogy, and not even that, it just reminded me of the scene in The Lion King, and that's all...

Let's not test that theory, shall we? The end result might be a dead James... James' attempt at lightening the mood/cracking a joke was an epic FAIL!

That last line was a little corny, but oh well, It was still sweet. :)

Good job on this! Hey! You know what? It makes me think that there really is a happy little threesome between Kendall, James, and Logan. I mean Kendall and James practically kissed in this chapter. Lol. Plus, Kendall surprisingly didn't seem to be very upset with Logan for his epic FAIL at being any help whatsoever to a drowning James...
Fish Stick Friday chapter 11 . 3/10/2011
Oh no! Now we're back to Logan having cancer! Why do you insist on doing this to us? Wasn't "Little Hollow" and "Three" bad enough for us readers?

Wow! Kendall was a match? What are the odds? Ohhh, I think I see where this is headed...Uh-oh...

"I'm older." Yeah, you don't have your whole life ahead of you, Kendall. You've done everything you ever wanted to do in your life at 18 years of age. Note my sarcasm...

What is this? Kogan? What is this...Kogan? I'm only familiar with Jagan and Cargan. I don't think Kogan is even in my

Can I just say that I LOVED how Carlos was the one who brought Logan to consciousness? That I love how Carlos was the first voice Logan heard. Cargan FTW!

Okay, now this is the bad part, but I'm actually not crying over Kendall's death. I'm a horrible person, right? I guess it's because in a selfish way, I'm glad that Logan's okay.

On second thought, maybe Logan isn't okay. No, he's far from okay. Poor Logan! least he's alive. Unlike Kendall...okay, for what it's worth, I'm CLOSE to tears. Darn you, Laura! Taking one of my least favorite characters, killing him off, and still managing to ALMOST make me cry over it! Darn you and your incredible writing prowess!

Aw Logan, you're no murderer. Even if Logan didn't die, you still find a way to torture him, don't you?

Well done on this, wifey! Off to read the next chapter now.
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