Reviews for My Bloody Dream
Guest chapter 1 . 8/14/2014
XxXAdishoXxX chapter 13 . 8/14/2014
I love this story :)!
makayla phelps chapter 4 . 10/9/2013
forget my last review i didn't mean to do that i didn't reada enoghuh of the story to come to the factor that Dan was gay and wasn't, sorry love ya'll
makayla phelps chapter 1 . 10/9/2013
why did you make dan gay just asking
Shun-Kun's Babe chapter 12 . 8/31/2013
I love this story. Very nice and funny ending :)
EpicKiya chapter 1 . 6/21/2013
just love how the story started... keep me interested :)
there should b more dan x shun couples!
KKtheNeko chapter 12 . 4/16/2013
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Guest chapter 12 . 11/9/2012
nice work but it was confusing at some points shun was a girl at some points shun was a boy WHICH IS IT?! also super FUNNY ending.
Guest chapter 4 . 11/6/2012
Yanase Ange Hotori chapter 12 . 1/21/2012
Awesome! I totally love it, but why did Dan have to be the vampire prince? Is it cause of his hair and eyes, or something else?
Melmel Phase chapter 12 . 8/16/2011
I loved every second of it! Especially the end/last chapter XD ;3 LOVED the lemon. I'm so glad I found this! There really needs to be more Dan x Shun fanfics
illusionneverchangedx chapter 12 . 8/6/2011
hahaha the ending was so funny! this was a great fic! loved it xD
MadameRedx chapter 1 . 7/31/2011
Good opening!

I like this fic so far, and I'm happy you contributed to the DanxShun pile! I was quite disapointed when I searched from page 1-3 and only found het pairings - -'

Oh and I think I found a typo here...

'Despite the other side of me, I'm known as the nerdy girl at my high school' you mean guy? because I got kinda confused and had to scroll up to the top to make sure this was a yaoi and not fem! fic since you seem to have quite a number of them :3
DivineAmazonWarrior21 chapter 12 . 7/30/2011
Lol i loved ur story it was great and i enjoyed it very much
ageha-nacht chapter 10 . 7/15/2011
I swear I almost went fangirl! This is such a sweet fanfic and at least Hydron loves Lync (despite abusing him) Hurry and update!
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