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avalonaroony chapter 47 . 6/24
I've always lived Balthier in the game but your story makes me love him more! I think I've said it before but if only the game had taken the time to delve more into interactions and relationships with the characters. It could have been so much more. Love the back story with King Raithwall as well.
Guest chapter 47 . 6/23
Thank you for continuing to write! I still find myself enthralled by your story, and it adds such an incredible depth without changing the storyline of the game as presented by Square.
avalonaroony chapter 46 . 6/2
I was so excited to see an update on this story! Please continue. Still one of my favorite stories out there!
Diablo Snowblind chapter 46 . 5/30
Great update! Glad to see you back to writing after all this time.
Ceva chapter 46 . 5/30
I missed this story so much! such a good chapter too.
AkaiTennyo chapter 1 . 4/10
Two of my favorite characters in the game; and ones that deserve much better than they get. It's nice to see such a friendly relationship between the two. They really do seem to respect each other. It's rather sad they couldn't trust anyone else.
I like the little snippets of compassion from Vayne. With the allusions to the state of the imperial court, I can't imagine he was able to show that side often.
Damascus ari chapter 45 . 7/4/2015
An excellent venture into the story of FFXII, transforming it all the while into a suspense-filled journey with astounding insights into many characters and bringing fresh perspective into otherwise dull or insignificant moments.
I found myself enthralled by this captivating tale, laughing quite often, and being surprised just as much. I loved the story between Fran and Balthier, and grew sympathetic to the plight of Cid and Vayne. I even skipped breakfast (and lunch and dinner) to read this gripping work of art.
I only hope updates will grace this story in a timely manner, and may they be of the same quality as the rest of this story.
Roses All Over chapter 45 . 9/9/2014
I'm so glad to see another update! Thank you so much. I liked seeing Larsa again and the somewhat mention of Penelo. That was very sweet of Cid to share about his wife and it gave me a better impression of him as a character. I'm looking forward to reading more!
avalonaroony chapter 43 . 7/8/2014
What a great chapter, and so soon! I'm loving it. I think the draklor spin offs have been my favorite oc chapters actually. There's so much insight into them. And one of Cid's workers falling for him is such a concept! I'll be interested to see if that goes anywhere. What a cliff hanger! Ghis is taking advantage while Vayne and Cid aren't there. I know you just updated but update soon again! The suspense!
avalonaroony chapter 42 . 7/2/2014
I'm always excited to see an update for this fic! I like how you portray the characters, especially the Archadian citizens. In the game, all you see is overly pompous and opportunistic people. While that's true for some people in all societies, your story brings some much needed humanity that ffxii lacked a lot. Less black and white, more gray. The interactions of the draklor workers was hilarious! The moogle flinger...draklor ladies and gentleman! Love it! Once again, glad for an update!
Lilithsumeragi chapter 41 . 5/31/2014
Yes, i ended reading these four chapters in a row.

I loved each one. The chapter of Ghis POV was fantastic, and Vayne concernings about his brother are very heartwarming. Fran and Al-Cid are great too.

Thank you for these interesting chapters. Ill look forward.
Diablo Snowblind chapter 41 . 2/6/2014
It's good to see an update to this fantastic story, and this update is just great. However, I have...concerns.

What is the political support structure that makes your Vayne so dangerous? Who in government obeys him? You write Vayne up as being a fantastically dangerous political savant, yet you give him no allies that I can see. He has no friends among the Judge Magisters, who only grudgingly obey him, he has no friends in the Senate, in the traditional army, no major merchant friends insofar as I can tell...

Who the hell are Vayne's allies supposed to be? Draklor doesn't count. They have no traditional political power of their own. Who informs on Senate and military affairs to Vayne? Who are his allies? Why is he so politically powerful? In the game, we were led to believe that Vayne had the loyalty of the military, but here, that's not as apparent...which makes it difficult for me to really see Vayne in the light that you want the reader to perceive. You haven't written him as having a single politically powerful the games men like Bergan were his creatures, which would explain a heck of a lot. I'm not seeing that here.


The Ghis POVs are fantastic, though I fear that you may have overstepped in making a Ghis an emperor of Archadia before the Solidors. We can infer from the games that the Solidors likely date back to Raithwall's era, and are probably related to him on some level. There probably wasn't anything resembling an Archadia before that time. I felt as though the ruling families of all of the major nations were related to Raithwall on some level. In any case, making Ghis a family of emperors of old begs the question of why in the hell the Solidors wouldn't have killed off the entire clan upon their ascent in your universe. This is pretty standard practice in real life when one family overpowers another for monarchical rule.
Diablo Snowblind chapter 40 . 1/14/2014
There's a heck of a lot going on here. But primarily, I'm glad to finally see you update.

It's little wonder that Vayne's humanity would be so very, very hard for these relatively normal people to see. And, now that you point it out, it does seem a bit odd that Larsa would have given Penelo a piece of manufactured nethicite...heck, Rozarria would likely do more than merely pay Balthier, it might make him nobility outright in exchange for such a princely gift.

Ashe is definitely villain material. If only the game had gone that route...

As usual, your writing is fantastic. Keep up the great work. And read and review my own stories when you get a chance! I'd seriously appreciate the input of someone as skilled as you.
Oilgarchy chapter 40 . 1/14/2014
Marvelous work as usual, twigcollins. Thanks for the update.
autumn-leaf16 chapter 39 . 11/2/2013
When I first reviewed this story, I said that it is the best FFXII story that I have ever seen, and I still believe this. I love how you write about Vayne- you do such a good job! My favourite part is definitely the interaction between Cid and Vayne, and I am glad that Vayne has someone who understands him, who actually care about him.

I really like what Vayne said about Al-Cid, how he is a clever fool. I would really love to see the two of them talking in your story. I actually feel that Al-Cid is one of the few who can actually be on an equal level with Vayne, although they are such a contrasting pair.

I think you have a really good grasp of the mood, how you change it, showing the different aspects of Vayne as he interated with different people.

Finally, in this chapter you mentioned that Vayne’s elder brother had a wife and I like how you mention this, because his brothers obviously played a very important part to his character, as well as the plot, even though we never met them. I admit, it is also because I am working with this idea so I was quite glad to see someone thinking about a similar thing. I like how you sort of show that his brothers had their own life, they were not just there for the sake of plot.

I admit, some part of this review does not make sense at all, but the main thing is, I really like your story and I can’t wait to read more!
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