Reviews for Wings of Dawn
emotionless-robot chapter 1 . 9/8/2010
Even better the second time around, of course XD

Like I said before, I love the way you wrote this. It flows nicely and I'll admit that I've re-read those description paragraphs more than once...

Good job!
BenignUser chapter 1 . 9/7/2010
Wow. This is beautiful. I love this piece.

The immediate opening absolutely screams "Dark Ocean," and pretty much right off the bat let's us know something serious is going on here. Loved the color contrast with the shoe. Red being Sora's color, it's a very vivid image to have a strip of red surrounded by blackness. The prose gives the feeling that Sora had fallen into yet another cave similar to the one from the first season, and the darkness that pulled her in is using her depressive thoughts to keep Taichi away from her.

Yet with every obstacle placed in his way, Taichi manages to overcome. That's true heroism right there. Even still, with every obstacle overcome, Sora appears to just run deeper into the cave away from Taichi and in doing so creates further obstacles for him. That's why I love the ending so much - we don't actually realize all this until we've read through the story. Then we can go back and go, "oh, so -that's- what happened."

It's a great conclusion. That just as Sora's about to be consumed by the cave, Taichi appears, and she at last realizes she had been running from him all this time. It doesn't even seem to matter what the cause of everything was. It's just a pleasant relief that there are no more obstacles - and that we can see them enjoying their hard earned reunion.

This is very creative prose. It's just so fascinating. o I've told my interpretation here, and I'm curious if others that read this will have a different or similar idea to mine regarding what exactly happened.