Reviews for True Hearts and Truly Home
jeangary28 chapter 1 . 5/5
Awesome and interesting start
Tee Hill chapter 1 . 4/25
Sassyvampmama chapter 47 . 4/10
:) Thanks for sharing.
Mycrookshanks1222111 chapter 2 . 4/6
You should edit this, if you do that it would be a good story, right now it is really hard to read.
nessa01 chapter 47 . 4/2
Omg that was such an amazing story! ! ! ! Poor Bella had to go through so much in a short amount of time! I am so glad that everything worked out for them!

Thank you for writing this amazing story for us to read! ! ! ! !
insatiable06 chapter 15 . 3/19
I have enjoyed your story to this point so far, however the words are throwing me off a bit.


Are a few words that leave me guessing what you mean and it distracts from the story.
jaspersmate81 chapter 47 . 3/14
Great story! Amazing creative and unique plot. Truly nailed all the characters on the head perfectly. I loved your Jasper and Bella they were so cute. I would have loved to see her as a vampire though and find out how the Hippie Botch took to being a newborn. I think it would have been hilarious to see her bitching out and making demands of Gaius. That would be a priceless reaction to read. I truly hope that you would consider writing a sequel, I'd definitely read it. You left a lot open for their to be more to the story with both Aaron and Aro being the power Hungary bastards that they are. What about Elfin, does she ever go there to rule in the future? What about Hippie Botch escaping.g to come try to snatch the baby, or Aaron doing so? Keep up the excellent work.
pegasus5406 chapter 47 . 3/13
Wonderful story hon. I enjoyed reading it very much...thanks. bigg huggs. Peggy
Guest chapter 47 . 2/26
I Just wanted to let you know how much I just loved your story. It was truly different well through out and exciting! Thanks.
MarveyTibbsMcGarrettWilliams chapter 47 . 2/17
Love it :)
faletoimj chapter 17 . 2/13
I have to admit that I got me teary eyes when I came across that part where Jasper sang a song for Bella and when he proposed to her. I am so in love with this story so far.
katandjasper chapter 33 . 2/8
This was a very bad chapter for me. You should have said that it was anal sex. For me it's extremely painful and the way it was written made it sound like he would force her if necessary. You should be more clear and I really hope this doesn't happen again.
Joy98 chapter 47 . 2/7
I love your story. Thanks
1WhoLoves2ReadAlot chapter 47 . 2/1
Awesome story, love it
melanieds chapter 47 . 1/31
Great ending.
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