Reviews for Someday
Shadow09 chapter 1 . 7/5/2011
I have to agree with FrizFroz. That is one point of view I never thought of before. How long could he last before he will to fight finally leaves him? What is there left to fight for once everything you care about is gone? What happens if the darkest feeling of his heart robs him of his strength? Out of many stories and post I read about this game,no one ever brought up this point before. So thanks for showing this point of view. At this point, Minato is starting to sound like another tragic hero who regrets his chosen path, Archer or Future Shiro from Fate/Stay Night - Unlimited Blade Works path. Only Minato does not have a younger version of himself to whip him back into shape. Damn. Now I am starting to get depressed but this story is very well written. And it made me think, which is a plus in anyone's book.
der kapitan chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
A well thought out and really wonderful piece of writing. It really made me think (probably way more than I should be thinking and analyzing while reading fanfiction), and the way you write just drew me in. I really enjoyed the way you characterized Minato and the way you made him say he regretted being stuck there was very realistic. Who does wanna be clawed at mankind's hate and want to die?

But I digress. Great job. :D
FrizFr0z chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
An apt description of the angst we players feel after completing the game. Yup, it's tragically ironic that the greatest hero in the world suffers a fate worse than death for the rest of eternity, isn't it? There's a part in this one-shot that really made me think: in time, time waits for no one; all Minato's companions will die, yet he still guards Nyx's door indefinitely from humankind. What else will he be left with to fight for?

Makes me wonder about the 5th sentence though. "Like I'll ever let that happen." He says that he will never give up, but how much longer can his will sustain him as his lonely soul gets eroded by the passing of eternity? 100 years? 1000 years?

Damn. I better stop writing, it's making me depressed. Thumbs up for making me feel involved with this nicely done essay :)