Reviews for Absence Makes
KamiNytha chapter 1 . 3/27/2011
When i saw this story didn't have any reviews (even after a few months) I decided o read it and c y not, because a) i love basically all your stories and b) as a writer ik how important reviews are. After i read it i looked back up at the top again just to make sure that there really weren't any reviews. and guess what? i wasn't hallucinating. so i said -gasp- how can this be? This is a great story. this is an injustice that must b rectified immediately! so here is my review: this is a really good story and matches what i had been hoping the ending would have been (if she had to go of course) and was a perfect snapshot into Booth and his feelings. it was really in character and so sweet with just the right amount of sadness and hope. great job :)