Reviews for Rising Dream, Fallen Star
ana rod chapter 30 . 18m ago
I loved this still rock the charts.
cejsmom chapter 30 . 23m ago
Woo Hoo - What a chapter. I'll even sorta like Edward talking nicely to Tanya cuz maybe it will help to get her out of there faster. But the elevator ride - the last line - was the best.
EnchantedbyTwilight chapter 30 . 1h ago
Last line perfection.

I still can't tell you how happy I am you are back. I sqeed, at work, when I got the update! !
shaz308 chapter 30 . 1h ago
I feel for Tanya in this. I hope the tour goes well.
katiej1 chapter 30 . 1h ago
Thank you! :)
debslmac chapter 30 . 3h ago
UNF4Pellan chapter 30 . 4h ago
*screams* I JUST... AAAAHHHRRGHHHH . fnsdnfsknfslkf
3c cullen chapter 30 . 4h ago
OH I have so much hope for these two! Again, I don't know if Tanya has really changed or if she deserves an Oscar for her performance. Glad Demetri is on the job. Looking forward to more!
3c cullen chapter 29 . 4h ago
Did I mention how much I hate James? Is there a chance Tanya has really changed? I would like to believe so but I still don't trust her. Love this story and so glad it is back!
cullenmeadow chapter 30 . 4h ago
Thanks for update :)
Kgunter34 chapter 30 . 5h ago
Love it, great chapter.
kmac17 chapter 30 . 5h ago
Love it!
Robsmyyummy Cabanaboy chapter 30 . 5h ago
Yesssssssss! This chapter was fantastic, but that ending has my heart racing! Awesome update, thank you!
Robda chapter 29 . 3/1
Come on we need a new chapter let's not make this long like chapter 27 just not fair to us who love this story lol
nebfan51 chapter 29 . 2/7
Again thank you for sharing and taking the precious RL time to pen this story :-) Darn...all caught looking forward to more!
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