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Caina Stean'Ame chapter 17 . 9/9
Damn, how many years has it been since you uploaded that? Still, you wanted to know what the quiet ones are thinking so... This fic took me a while ,for the lack of time, but I did stick to it and for a good reason. See, I try not to judge fics harshly, but when I find a good one I feel so much Joy! And this was sure a great read. I liked that you did your research on starvation. I think I can't bring myself to do it - It's a frightening subject to me, given that a good portion of the world is, in fact, starving. I have researched many nasty things, like medieval tortures or the practices of Mengele, but starvation is for some reason up there with the scariest stuff for me. partially this is a reason why I felt like reading a horror story on several occasions. Another thing I really liked was that you kept the characters in character. Especially the relationship between Zoro and Sanji - The way Sanji acted like a jerk to keep the competitiveness between them as a motivation was quite nice. For a while, I thought you made Luffy a bit more stupid than he really is, but then I read one of the latest manga chapters when he blew up the kitchen and... Yeah... Luffy is pretty fucking stupid, even if it is usually for the fact that he noticed Zoro admitting to weakness was really cool. The story was straightforward, obviously, no need for plot twists and weird shit in it, very well executed and It had a dark but still a One Piece atmosphere. I really liked the Alchemist noticing I wanted to know more about him, though I totally imagined his looks way different than what you wrote. He was creepy as fuck. Especially creepy I found his way of interrogation, not because of the potions but because of his emotionless repetition of the same questions every day. The thought of it was disturbing as fuck, cause it feels a bit close to insanity. All in all great story. Zoro is my favorite character, together with Law and I really enjoyed this. I wish you wrote about Law too, just because I can't seem to find anything good that does not end up with sex... but anyway, I got off topic. Really loved this fic, and I am happy to have it on my fave list. Good job. (Excuse my horrible English)
NanneroftheWE chapter 17 . 7/26
That was a great story! You did a wonderful job! Gah! You had my heart twisting in some parts! But I enjoyed the ride! Thanks for sharing!
fan-atic chapter 17 . 7/21
I want to write you a novel; there are too many ways to express how I feel about this fic, about your beautiful, painful, sweet, sweet creation, and none of them suffice. You are the Nami-san to my Sanji, and in this moment I live to shower you with compliments and adoration. This masterpiece has driven me to offer you my heart on a platter of gold because I will continue to read your work as long as my love for Roronoa Zoro burns. Now, although it's been six years, I hope that you still enjoy reviews as much as you did then, because I will do my best to express exactly why I am possessed by your glorious, mind-shattering fic.

The way you write is to the point and clearly carries whatever scene you describe. On multiple occasions I had to stop reading and replay a paragraph, a single, perfect sentence. I could feel the characters' pains, especially those of Zoro and Sanji, and throughout you did a wonderful, spot-on job of characterization. Each voice was distinct and accurate, and you opened my eyes to a few relationships between the crew members, specifically Zoro and Chopper. I want to go back in the series and pour over every single interaction between them, just so that I can understand even better their positions in your work. I started reading this thinking I was prepared to cry, but I was not prepared to cry like this. I can't even begin to describe anything of how I feel about Zoro's chapters with the Alchemist, other than that Perona broke my heart and Zoro's character was so strong that it was like I was reading a canon story.

Speaking of the Alchemist... Mm. Too often, in canon and fanfics alike, the villains are not especially interesting. They have little depth other than "being the villain," and they're really just a plot device. But Magnus Panaceam... Mm. Even his name sounds like it came from the series itself, and his potions, "Steelskin," "Iceblood," "essence of cheetah," are precisely the same. His and his mother's past with the marines are so, so good. Magnus Panaceam is fantastic. Brilliant. I love how he has an actual, put-together past rather than some slapdash excuse for him to be evil. I love how you know things about him that didn't make it to the main story, like him testing all of his potions with such painstaking care. Magnus Panaceam is a character I want to know more about. What was his mother called in her fame as an interrogator? What was her technique for getting secrets? Was she right about the six marines? What was her relationship with Magnus, and if he didn't learn alchemy from her, then from whom? His entire being fits so well into the universe of One Piece. I feel like I've stumbled upon a rare and beautiful gem.

Not only is your One Piece lore obviously well-founded (I actually am going to go look up Sanji's fighting style in the OP wiki), but your heavy research into starvation is incredible. I, who am easily discourage by research, am now inspired by you. Zoro's recovery was just as painful as the events that broke him and I hurt for him the entire way through, but the way you didn't pull any punches and let him wither, allowed all of his hard work up to that point to flake away and slip through your fingers into the abyss, yet gave him a chance to get it back, made it all the more. Simply put, it was achingly beautiful. It was the flare of fire in the trees as they slowly succumb to winter, only to stubbornly continue standing and revive in the spring.

And now for my more personal personal opinion. I am forever grateful to you for not making it a shipping fic. I have nothing against Zoro x whoever, but what I was looking for was this; friendship. Real, honest, pure, part-of-the-crew nakamaship. In the secret corner of my heart, no matter how good the characterization is, I will never feel like a shipfic could be canon, simply because it's just that little bit too non-canon. But this…this could have been canon. And because every good review should have at least a little bit of critique, I will say that I wish there had been more shown interaction between Zoro and Luffy. However, it doesn't detract from the story at all, it's simply my ungodly craving for even a smidge more angst. I am at once shameless, and yet ashamed for my shamelessness.

It has been six years; I don't know if you will see this. But this is me literally not being able to contain my emotions.
pheonickx chapter 17 . 7/15
omg the recovery process was really well writtem like I am in awe, thank you for writing this!
It was very interesting to explore this through Sanji's point of view considering his relationship with Zoro, like there is no one better for the job for this kind of job. just amazing
pheonickx chapter 2 . 7/15
Yeah, honestly I would think that Luffy of all people would get the seriousness of the situation when it applied to Zoro this time but you know. He has his moments (with Brook in this chap) and really digging serious Nami and Sanji here though
May Eve chapter 17 . 6/28
Very disturbing and very well done. Thank you for sharing.
Iamhungry11 chapter 16 . 6/26
This story had me INVESTED. The pacing, the description, the characterization, the sheer thought and research put into this story had me hooked, and so I thank you for writing such a captivating story
DangoCorn chapter 17 . 6/21
Oh my God, I know you love constructive criticism and thoughtful reviews - which is what I'll be giving you in just a sec but, do allow me to fangirl first- but I have to say that officially fucking love you :). I found this story by accident when I was looking through one of this site's users' favorites stories. I haven't been in a big mood to read lately, but when I found it and read the summary I was instantly hooked. The fact that you based this on the nakamaship of none other than our two most heated rivals makes it all the more appealing to me. But then I started reading it and for the love of God - not only is your style of writing so descriptive, detailed yet at the same time not overwhelmingly so, but it's also insanely inspiring for me, as an aspiring writer. You depicted Sanji and Zoro's relationship amazingly well; balancing perfectly between their rivalry and friendship. And the villain you've created!? I mean, seriously, 99% of the villains I've encountered whether it be in books, shows or anime series, were the same in the aspect of evil laughing or constantly taking pleasure in watching others swelter in their own pain. So getting to know such an an emotionless, unbiased -in terms of his feelings, at least- villain is really exciting and fresh. GOD, I JUST CAN'T GET OVER THIS. I have no way of knowing whether you'll get to read this or not but, in the case that you will, know that your work -6 years later of posting it- is still being read, loved and admired. Extraordinary job, and thank you for sharing such an intelligent, clever story with the world.

traveling-imagination chapter 17 . 6/14
this was a real nice piece of work
i enjoyed every chapter, the good the bad and the ugly
i say again, this was really good and you should be so proud
keep it up
traveling-imagination chapter 1 . 6/11
First chapter and i'm already so intrigued
though it's dark and terrifying i need to read on
the fact that you did research for this fic is so encouraging
good job
xri chapter 12 . 6/7
This chapter is so intense.. All this story is! ! ! I've almost cry several time. I'm amazed! ! ! Sorry if my review is short but my English is really bad! Siigh!
Ersatz Writer chapter 17 . 6/1
Well I guess you're probably not on fanfiction anymore. That, or left this fic and fandom far behind you, but... Well. I'll review anyway. This was too good not to.

I absolutely adored this. I love fics which delve into character interactions and psychological exploration and One Piece is a great place to look for this because of it's setting, and gah. You've done the characters justice in a way which, unfortunately, I don't feel like even Oda himself can bring himself to. Every word is carefully thought out and serves its purpose. I particularly admire your ability in being able to summarise a fairly long passage of time without being over descriptive nor too brief. The final chapter in particular, there was a true sense of time flowing and progress being made though it was, essentially, a summary. I also commend you for your detailed research. A lot of thought has gone into this and it really shows in the details you've included in your fic. Masterful selection of opening quotes too~

Overall, this was pretty thoroughly depressing despite the positive ending, and I'll probably be reflecting over this for a long time, but that's a good thing, because you certainly know how to leave an impact with your words. It reminds me of Seven Deaths, by Xparrot, only it's Sanji who's been subjected and Zoro supporting him. I might need to read that so I can reconvince myself of strong, confident Zoro again... Your characterisation of everyone was also wonderful. I liked that you toned down slightly their usual antics, particularly Luffy, whom you handled brilliantly and he definitely felt a lot less annoying (to me anyway) than he sometimes can be in canon. Even characters who had few to say felt clearly in character, like Usopp, and the way you managed to weave them together as a group, as the Straw Hats, as well as being their individual personalities was spectacular. I loved the fact that even written from Sanji's voice almost entirely there was a sense of... Not-aloneness. There was always someone to talk to, or at least, antics to keep one occupied, and that atmosphere you created was amazing. I genuinely felt as though I were Sanji, or at least with him in some way, walking around the ship. To the infirmary, the kitchen, the decks... It's amazing when a story can make you feel that way.

The emotions as well were incredibly intense. Sanji's, in particular his fury at Luffy (I'm not that fond of Luffy so I did feel some biased relief at the fact that some sensible character was finally giving him a big fat kick in the head he sometimes really deserves) but also Zoro's. The way he reacted to his torture and subsequent guilt was intriguing and convincing. You had him down to pat. His sense of duty and loyalty that grew twisted with what he endured. I sound like the Alchemist now, but it was truly fascinating. Also, kudos to you for creating such a fantastic, competent villain who genuinely had decent motives and not just 'BAD GUY BECAUSE HE'S BAD' I did wonder if his back story about his father and mother were entirely necessary but it's a minor detail.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this. Suffice to say I think I will take my food with a little more appreciation next time! _ Thank you writing something so wonderful! :)
Anon chapter 11 . 4/13
Omg the feels in this chapter! Poor Zoro, your skill at writing just brings his agony to life it's so vivid. Kudos :)
Anon chapter 9 . 4/12
I hate cliffhangers! At least I don't have to wait to find out what happens next :)
Anon chapter 4 . 4/11
This is an amazing story. Each chapter has moments that make me tear up.
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