Reviews for Broken Aurora
beta tester beater chapter 36 . 7/8
I stopped to take a break from reading this but why is Cynthia a person again
beta tester beater chapter 36 . 7/8
so she's quicksilver
beta tester beater chapter 30 . 7/8
she a freak in the sheets
beta tester beater chapter 9 . 7/7
Bella just proved my point of vamps being over protective and possessive Alice got touched and Bella wanted to kill the guy
beta tester beater chapter 6 . 7/7
I doubt that all the mates would let Bella kiss their mates the vampires in the twilight universe are to possessive and it kinda pisses me off that they let it slide
beta tester beater chapter 6 . 7/7
she smelt her hand I'm dead lmao
Dagon Rafaeus chapter 43 . 5/22
completely difference in attitudes from blood solstice,
Dagon Rafaeus chapter 36 . 5/22
ultra instinct?
lashawn chapter 39 . 12/28/2020
Their decision to let James live makes no sense to me. They are so blasé about killing most of the time, but when people actually threaten them they let it go. Any enemy could be exploited and used by vampires to target them. For there to be members in their coven with war and battle experience, I’m surprised they would make this decision. They should’ve killed James in my opinion.
Traines chapter 12 . 9/2/2020
I’m liking the story so far and the slow build isn’t a problem it just makes it all the sweeter when they finally do get together, a story I read recently did that and it was all the more satisfying when it finally happened.
Maubeerbluffin chapter 1 . 7/30/2020
weren't the Denali much older? like, Tanya almost a whole millenia? is there a specific reason you made them younger? what about the succubus legends?

and why does everyone keep talking about mates? the fact that it seems so incredibly important in this story makes it feel like the usually strong familial bonds in the Cullens and especially the Denali sisters are much less powerful, which saddens me.
I guess I'm not a fan of the sisters all having mates, I always thought the three of them had a connection that was similar enough that guy were happy with that.
I get that you wanted to bring up the topic of mates for vampires, since they can be very important, but I think it would have been enough to just let Bella notice the mating bonds around her without pressure to find one of her own directly from her family.
seeing the others and feeling lonely would have been enough in my opinion.

but I'm curious how this continues.

oh, and I'm still hung up on the age thing, how old is everyone?
TTshorty33 chapter 71 . 4/18/2019
Usurper97 chapter 45 . 4/12/2019
Great Chapter. Well done.
OllyOllyOxycodone chapter 15 . 4/8/2019
Chapters like this make me appreciate your newer stories even more. Very happy I don't come across these anymore.
Usurper97 chapter 29 . 3/6/2019
I wish the part where Alice and her sister arrived at the Cullen house. My favorite part of these stories is when the person in the dark is put into a place where 'odd' things Cynthia's reaction to the Cullens would be sweet to see.
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