Reviews for La Vie et L'Epoque
zulka chapter 1 . 11/19/2011
i love this! It's beautiful! I'm glad you didn't end up deleting it. ]
K chapter 1 . 7/14/2011
I'm glad you didn't delete it. So often it's like ROGUE WAS UNLIKE EVERYONE EVER. MAGICALLY. HE WAS SO IN LOVE. This showed his feelings and the trials of falling in and out of love, and just plain falling. It felt real, and sweet.
heyjupiter chapter 1 . 3/9/2011
O, my heart. That was a great read. I loved all the details about New Orleans and the look inside Remy's mindset. Very well done.
AMandRE chapter 1 . 10/3/2010
I can honestly say I've never read anything this beautiful. And once again, the happy ending made it that much better. It is so nice to see Remy finding love after all he's been through, he and Rogue are perfect together in ANY fandom it seems.
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 9/12/2010
How shall I begin? There ARE a few typos and missing words, but nothing that I want to bother with right now. This. Was. Amazing.

Got that?


Start with Belladonna. The whole story of what they did and how it worked was real and evocative, but it was these two lines that got me:

"Yes, the more he thought about it, he could pinpoint the exact day his heart swelled and he thought to himself: This could be it, homme. She could be the one; forever. No one else."



He had always loved Bella Donna in a sense. After all, when a man knew a woman his whole life, when said man was expected to love said woman- betrothed to her even, the man couldn't really help but to love her.

Of course, at his young, restless age; he'd convinced himself it was more than that. He and Bella Donna weren't in love because they had to be, they were in love because they were meant to be. The things that made their relationship work were simple: they both wanted a family some day, for Remy that day was far, far away, they both wanted to unite the guilds, they both…well, there wasn't much more to it. All he knew was that he loved her and that they were happy making their little home.

Or maybe he hadn't loved her then. Maybe he hadn't truly loved her until later on, when he'd come home and found her in the kitchen; carefree and innocent in a way he hadn't seen her in years.

Yes, the more he thought about it, he could pinpoint the exact day his heart swelled and he thought to himself: This could be it, homme. She could be the one; forever. No one else.

Her hair, like tresses made of gold, was piled atop her head; pins stuck through it to keep it in place. A bandana kept her bangs back, she wore a stained shirt, baggy cargo shorts, and the ratty blue sandals she'd bought at a flea market.

Her hips swayed back and forth to the ragged ecstasy of Patti Smith; she danced while mopping their wooden floors.

She did not stop her movement when she noticed his presence. Instead she held out her arms invitingly and he'd laughed, joining her with a glow in his red eyes.

He held her tight, and they swirled through the kitchen and into the dining room and eventually they landed in their bedroom; mouths seared together; hands reaching and searching.


She'd asked him once what he loved about her, and he tried dodging the question. "I love everyt'ing about y', Bella. Don' ask me to choose one t'ing."

"Well I'm askin' y' to," she'd said stubbornly, a fierce gleam in her eyes of blue and lilac.

"Y' eyes," he'd answered quickly.

He could tell by the slump in her shoulders that he'd not said the right thing.


In the second year of their marriage everything went wrong. Guild traditions and arguing families stretched their loyalty away from each other, and instead of clinging to one another they clung to their respective families. He took the Thieves' side on most issues and she took the Assassins' side. Her brother Julian picked fights with him; his père never approved of her, and it made for bitter, heated arguments that, for once, they could not solve with a simple make-up fuck.

They were falling apart and Remy didn't want them to, but he felt helpless; miserable. He loved his wife, he had since childhood. But if that were the case, why was he finding relief when she came home late at night and left early in the morning? To his shame, he didn't care where she went or what she did when she got there, he didn't care that they talked less and less and avoided each other more and more.


In the third year of their marriage, Remy fully realized the severity of his situation. He realized that he'd made a horrible mistake and that what he and Bella had wasn't enough to make a relationship work. He'd been young when they'd gotten married; barely twenty years old. He hadn't known what marriage was, what it took to keep it going, to keep it fresh and alive.

He was a young man feeling trapped and desolate and he wanted out.


But life seemed to have other plans.


Bella Donna cornered him in the kitchen one day with tears in her eyes and displeasure around her mouth and told him in a flat tone that she was pregnant.

He'd gone silent, his whole plan was thrown off course. He felt the strings; like hooks in his skin, tightening. There was no way he could leave her, not with his seed blossoming in her womb.

"It's okay, Bella." He'd taken her in his arms; always the strong one, always the comforting one. "I'll take care of y' an' our bebe. Don' y' worry about nothin'."


Remy knew he and his wife didn't belong together; it was obvious. Every day their passion grew more stale and brittle. There were more forced smiles and awkward kisses shared between them than he'd liked to admit, even to himself, and the feeling that his youth was being wasted, sucked away even; made their relationship grow all the more resentful.


But maybe fate didn't think they belonged together, either, because in the fourth month of her pregnancy Bella Donna miscarried, and through her tears and his depression, all-consuming relief was apparent on both of their faces.


And as he mounted his bike and looked back at his wife; his wife with billowing sunshine hair and gorgeous eyes and tan, toned skin, Remy knew they'd done the right thing. Had they stayed together, hate and acrimony would have grown abundant between them- and Remy couldn't stand the thought of hating his Bella.

"I t'ink I knew years ago dat y' an' I could never be," she'd whispered. There had been tears in her eyes, but they were tears of liberation; not regret. "I asked what y' loved about me, remember?"

He'd nodded hesitantly; not understanding the point in rehashing old pains instead of just saying their goodbye's and walking away.

"Y' couldn't answer me. Y' made somet'ing up an' left it at dat."

His feet itched to lift from the ground so that he could speed away and pretend there had never been such a thing as 'Remy and Belle', or 'Bella and Rems'. Just 'Remy' and 'Bella Donna'; separate people that had nothing between them, people that had never mistook love for friendship and lust, people that could look each other in the eyes without cringing and inevitably thinking about what could have been.

"Wanna know what my answer would have been?"

He'd looked at her; truly looked at her; and what he saw was a lonely girl; searching endlessly for something that could fill the void of Daddy's love.

She didn't wait for his answer.

"I would have said I loved de way de red in y' eyes glowed when y' laughed, I would have said I loved de way de corner of y' mouth lifted jus' so when you'd done somethin' y' knew was wrong, I would have said I loved de way you snuck cayenne in Mattie's gumbo, I would have said I loved de way y' tangled y' fingers in my hair when we made love."

I felt it, breathed it, had it hit me like a slam in the gut. Love, love. I cried.

Then to Wolverine. First of all, I do NOT like slash. I survived this bit. I kept reading. I was hooked. Probably the biggest compliment I can give.

Katrina. Maketh me want to cry. I remember in comic canon how he charmed a nun, but mostly sit here with the way she convinced him he could be redeemed but didn't realize that he needed love to believe it.

And there's the next gut-slamming, cry-me-out moment: "I'm tired, Chére. Bone tired. I don' even dream when I sleep anymore." And she heard that, understood that, and loved him.

"Ah tried not lovin' ya, Ah pushed ya away and pretended what Ah was feelin' wasn't real, but Ah couldn't."

I cried again.

I love the poetry, the drowning, the lull, the rising tide, and finally in the end, the love. Awesomeness. Now, if you could always give me a happy ending...

Ah, well.

Well worth the journey.
AlpineWood chapter 1 . 9/11/2010
I read this when it was first posted, but I didn't review because honestly, I didn't know exactly what to say! I still have no clue, but I know you like your reviews and I like giving them too so here we go:

Remy/Belle: I loved the line- 'they weren't in love because they had to be, they were in love because they were meant to be' It shows perfectly how Remy is ignoring the blatant truth, and trying to make soething work that just can't. The miscarriae was sad, even sadder was the fact that they both felt some relief. I also loved the beginning scene, when Remy comes home to find Belladonna dancing. The wasy you described was simple but it held warmth, I could MAYBE see why Remy fell in love with her at that moment.;0)

Remy/Logan: I love love love this pairing! (in small doses) they really don't explore this one enough. I love how you made their ahem situation realistic by sticking really well to the movie plot, for all we know, this could have really happened! Prolly not, but oh well...Remy's attitude throughout was saucy and spunky and it was just so...ragin' caun of him! i love this playful, dark, slutty side of Remy! it was a break from seeing the poor thing being so gloomy and self-judging all the time! It was so sad when Logan didn't remember him! I teared up a bit! After all, Remy was in love with him, and if someone i loved forgot me I'd be messed up for sure! I also liked the line- it took him a total of five minutes to turn the clanking jet around...' he can't help it, he really does have a good heart! oh, and the way you described new orleans at the beginning and snuck in french words was so authentic and real! i felt like i was right beside him! if only!

Remy/Katrina: I also find it interesting that she has the same name as a hurricne...i wonder if marvel can tell the future...prolly not! Anyways,in the beginning when she helps him off the street and said that french prayer was just so thrilling it gave me goosebumps! I loved watching as you chronicled remy's withdrawal from heroin, and the raer can really see remy gradually falling in love with the nun! I felt so bad because he knew seducing her was wrong, at the end when he woke up without her, i wanted to scream. YOu could really see him giving up on love, which is why he almost leaves rogue...which brings me to my next point...

Remy/Rogue: You always manage to capture a different aspect oft their relationship, it never gets old reading you fanfiction! at the start, their relationship was nothing more than physical. Rogue wanted to get back at bobby, and like remy said, he wasn't gonna turn down what a pretty girl so easily offfered! i also loved the beginning when he first sees her, his once over of her was realistic, he thought she was beautiful and he liked her 'spitfire' but he was instantly falling head over heels. And when he does fall in love with her, it's just so painful and amazing! he tries so hard not to, and after their argument, I was a little afraid that maybe he really would just leave! By the way, the reuniton scene was one of the best I ever read. I t was real and not too dramatic and you could feel their love jumping from the page! Another thing- the line- as it turned out; his love alone was not enough' was awesome how you put it at the end of every segment, but at the end with rogue it said it was enough.

Woah, i'm exhausted now lol! Keep posting greatness!
Payla chapter 1 . 9/11/2010
Amazing, epic. More Soon Please.
bologna121 chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
this. was. phenomenal. Finally, a not-so-fluffy-at-all romance more centered around ROMY but centered around Gambit and all his baggage. I love how you portrayed all of his different types of love, especially his love with Bella Donna. I've never seen anything like this and I'm so amazed! Very well written, awesome plot, and all I can say is...way to go :)
Sugahroc57 chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
Ah, Ms Merr,

I too laughed, cried, screamed and it broke my heart.

I was surprised and kind of turned my hand held device to the side to actual see what I was reading, was actually there. LOL... And it was, Logan and Remy? Lomy?/ Regon?.. How could you! *tears*

Okay, that aside, I really truely felt a little of every emotion that is out there for Remy. He always had a dark and an unpleasant past no matter which way anyone writes it.

I enjoyed this story. Even though it was suppose to be a humor fic, it made me laugh... Okay, in a dark, almost humorless kind of way... But still

I love angst so your not disappointing me!
SevenIsMyLuckyNumber chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
This was meant to be funny? How! Haha anyways, this adventurous tale was a lot of fun, but really sad also. I'm glad Remy ended up with Rogue in the end and they realized how much they loved eachother. ROMY 4EVER!
rogueyroo chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
this was awesome in to many ways to type. i hated that they made remy so old in the movies...but i really did like the role he played. he's badass. ive never seen the thing between remy and logan b4, i like it!

and rogue was just perfect. i liked her spunk.
Laceylou76 chapter 1 . 9/10/2010
Oh! My! God! This was absolutely amazing! Wolvie and Gambit? Guffaw moment on that one! And hot, too! I was actually turned on! Our secret, right? haha

Merr, baby, you're amazing and you remind me why I love you and your stories! I cried, I did laugh, but mostly I just ached for Gambit; for his life! I'm so happy that it all led him to his love for Rogue and I feared he'd go to Logan when they were reunited, but nope... He stayed with her! You so totally rock and I love love love you! :D Great one-shot and hope to see many more! lol Toodles you most awesomeness writer of ROMY ever! ;-)