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MidnightAsphyxiation chapter 27 . 9/21
I absolutely love your story and couldn't stop readin the entire way through. I am a huge NejiTenten fan but the way you write... you've now made me a really huge SasuTen fan as well!
Real4You chapter 27 . 8/6
I just started reading Syndicate earlier this week, and I feel the immense need to apologize for not taking the time to read this work of art sooner. I feel like I glazed over the summary a couple years ago, and maybe read it back when just the first chapter was released, but I just didn't get it.
However, this is easily one of the most beautifully written stories I've ever read, from fanfiction to paperback!

Everything is just so well-crafted; I've never been a huge fan of OC usage, but you've really gotten me to feel for and even become attached to Hitomi. Even as I move throughout the day, I'm thinking about everything that's happened in Syndicate!
The way you've written and organized this story is so beautiful. I especially love this Sasuke-centric chapter; the way you've worked it to go backwards and detailing his backstory serves a purpose that I can't exactly word why you did, but I totally understood it!
I've been so in love with this story the passed few days I've had to force myself to pace my way through the story so I could relish and savor it all. I'm having such a hard time deciding if I want to read your last released chapter or save it for a rainy day, because I'm so hooked!

So i guess in so many words, I praise you and your amazing work, and you've got yourself a new fan!
AonoKenshi chapter 28 . 6/8
Wow, this chapter was great...
Your style/story is pretty sophisticated, and the main characters are all filled out.
I'm not sure if I follow the plot, but that's mostly because I read on/off.
Thanks for updating!
Aquarius Galuxy chapter 28 . 6/8
omg the final arc is soon! I don't know if I'm happy or sad to hear that.. it's been really nice reading an update every month :P
well, I'm glad Hitomi hasn't read the deepest recesses of Tenten's mind - is that where everything related to her past relationship with Neji is? ;)
ahhh yes, go Neji, summarize everything clearly and neatly without getting into arguments LOL
will Tenten really kill Kazu? Is that what Hitomi's favor will be, to save his life?
awwww I loved the sparring scene! and how they drew into a stalemate :P
aww Neji - been apart for too long? ;) I think not, if Tenten has learned enough to hold her own ;) The one particular fighting style that she picked up though, was that from Sasuke? so bittersweet though :P
LOL Neji is happy to be beaten, he's tired too :P
Interesting to see that Tenten is hesitant about mentioning Sasuke's name in Neji's presence - is it because she doesn't want him to get angry?
LOL "are you going to limp to the car?" - but wait, whose car? Shinji's? :o A little confused there
Has Neji been sleeping in Tenten's suite?!
... apples, huh? :o a delivery from Sasuke?
LOL Hitomi knew Tenten and Neji were in the study closet back then LOL
hmmm I wonder what situation Tenten would find herself in with Suzu the next time :P
and hmmm Neji and Kazu :P lol I wonder how his interrogation with Kazu is going to go lol :P Sounds like he'd get some info from the visit ;)
LOL "you shouldn't have said anything" :P I guess Takeshi and Suzu still have a ways to go then :P Interesting that she was meeting Isaka Kengo - the name is appearing a lot :P
I really like Hitomi's obsession with keeping clothes straight ;)
and I appreciate Shinji's backstory and why he's so clingy towards Hitomi :P
welll I guess we see Hitomi's all determined to get the case solved now ;)
looking foward to the next update, and thank you for this one! ! ! !
chrihstie chapter 3 . 6/8
Aw, how nice. I had a feeling that red phone was for him.
And it was funny how I thought Prodigy was him in the first chapter, but was actually his old name.
Poor Sasuke though. I'm a SS fan though so I wonder if they'd somehow end together.. But oh wells. I guess I'll find out?
Anyways, interested on how the two of them broke up. But I'm glad they still have feelings for each other, which I find really cute. c:
chrihstie chapter 2 . 6/8
I love the time stamps at the beginning of the chapters. I could imagine it being typed out at the beginning of the episode, if this were a show. I would think it's a pain to plan them out though, kind of wondering if it is.
The clothes were nicely descriptive and also makes me wonder if you're interested in fashion. And perhaps, maybe even a swimmer? :) Well, everything was equally and wonderfully in detail though.
I enjoy how you put in her daily-like routines, it definitely made everything feel more realistic.
dianalovely1995 chapter 28 . 6/8
Normally I don't like OC but you have written them into the story so well I cannot help but ship them. Great job as always!

I'm going to be so sad when this ends :(
chrihstie chapter 1 . 6/8
Oh wow, that was really interesting. So is the concept, in which I'm excited to read more about since I'm only on the first chapter. What a nice AU.
I like your writing style, the diction is varied and it's nicely descriptive. It's funny how casual their conversations are in times like that. Oh, Ino. The speech also shows a lot of character, which is great and very entertaining.
I really, really loved how you ended the chapter. The whole time I actually thought it was Neji that was prodigy, since he was called a genius. But in the end, it was revealed as Sasuke when he took off his helmet. I could imagine that so well as a scene.
You've seem to be writing the 'intelligence operative' concept with some actual interest or information so it seems realistic.
Anyways, good job so far. c: Will be reading the rest from time to time.
naradaughter chapter 27 . 5/20
you really outdid yourself with this chapter! I always loved chapters with Sasuke back stories. When I kind of feel that this will end as NejiTen, I can't help but feel bad for Sasuke. I hope he finds his own happiness someday. Or maybe you can pull a real twist and surprise us! Either way I loved how you made the connection between Tenten and Sasuke as both orphans work! Love this story ) I hope you can update more often! ))
naradaughter chapter 24 . 5/18
I meant to review every chapter but i just got excited to read each one! THANK YOU FOR THIS PLS PLS CONTINUE I LOVE IT. I live in a limbo called "after-college" and now this gives me something to look forward for )
sakuraseeker2792 chapter 27 . 5/13
Love this story! So glad I finally got a chance to catch up to the last 3 chapters! Can't wait to see what happens next and what goes on with Neji and Tenten and Hitomi!
sasutenjishipcap chapter 27 . 5/8
Odg. I just started reading Syndicate yeasterday and I've got to say, you've got my feels stirring, writer-san. This chapter (chapter 27) has got to be my favorite chaoter so far since I am a pushover for SasuTen although I'm pretty sure this fic is NejiTen but anw, I love their triangle and your story plot. I'll be looking forward to your next update and keep writing! Thankiesss~
Sayori Hollyhood chapter 27 . 5/4
No wonder Sasuke has feelings for her. She openly embraced him when he came back.
He was messing around with Ino for 8 months. I feel like Tenten had something to do with the spilt more specifically his feelings for her. I hope Sasuke makes a appearance in this Lucia case because I think he genuinely has her best interest at heart. Even if that means sacrificing what he wants. I don't doubt Neji cares for but I think Sasuke is just the better choice in this situation. Please update soon

S Hollyhood
Guest chapter 27 . 5/4
Love it :) Great chapter!
Aquarius Galuxy chapter 27 . 5/3
Noticed that you started off the scene with no time/location stamp :o
LOL Sasuke forced to share a room with Kankuro! Sure sounds like an uncomfortable motel to be in :P
I like the little glimpses you give into your OCs - I'm liking how you characterize Sasuke with his reluctance to be around chatty people, and I'm sure he's very unwilling to get close and personal with the people he's working with :P
oh wow, we get a glimpse into him talking with Tenten!
Sasuke's perspective is going backwards in time! Cool that he acknowledges that it isn't a good time for him and Tenten to get together - Tenten definitely isn't over Neji yet ;)
Omg I'm so glad Asuma made it out alive!
and ahhh so it was Sasuke who saved Tenten back on that mission :P
oh wow, that abseiling rig is cool!
many people would not have been able to handle losing Tenten ;)
Does Tenten have another name? :P or is it really the only name she goes by in Konoha? :P wondering because Sasuke said "Tenten is Tenten because she wants people to call her that"
so what happened 3 months ago to make Sasuke stop seeing Ino so much? :o and what happened to make Sasuke change? :o Poor Ino though - but I totally see her point - If Sasuke doesn't deserve Ino, then he shouldn't deserve Tenten either ;) I can see why Ino messed things up for Sasuke where it comes to Tenten - Neji would be a better fit for her ;) ;)
LOL Sasuke trying not to think about Tenten ;)
LOL Tenten's "oh god, is it stuck?"
LOL Tenten was drinking?! LOL is that why she's all chirpy? :P
LOL Lee walked in on them LOL!
LOL the magic words ;)
awwww Lee gets protective over Tenten ;) to the point of threatening Sasuke ;) (But I wonder what he did about Neji?)
ahh Lee reminded Sasuke of Sakura ;)
but what Does Lee think about Neji? ? Why shouldn't Sasuke say Neji's name so casually?
LOL Sasuke playing bartender because Lee can't hold his alcohol ;)
it's nice to see Tenten so happy :P
LOL Tenten and her impression of the pinch-faced man
ahhh Tenten talking about Neji in his induced coma, huh? I guess that was why she was drinking :P LOL she still thinks about him ;)
Love Lee's green clothes ;)
I can see why Tenten would be snipy at Lee for not wanting her to drink, if she's drinking because of Neji ;) Glad to know that Lee can do the drunken fist without being drunk ;)
Wonder what Tenten was about to say when she paused and said "I'm not an idiot"? :o Hazarding a guess that it would have been "I'm not Neji"? ;)
ahhh so now we discover why Tenten punched Sasuke :P
enjoyed the scene between Tenten and Sasuke - well-written, I wonder how much they did? :P lol Tenten totally saw through Lee and Sasuke :P Am guessing Tenten slept with Sasuke then, from the scratches on his back :P
Enjoyed the frank conversation Sasuke had with Tenten :P
Nope, no one questions who Tenten fell in love with ;)
Interesting that Tenten asked to be friends - understandable though :P also interesting that she's wary of showing parts of herself to people when she gets closer to them :o
so... why did Tenten accept the blind date when it was Neji? Did she owe Ino something? :P
So Tenten did see Sasuke as Sasuke himself in Shanghai, instead of him being a replacement for Neji during that kiss at the train station :P LOL Neji would be so so jealous if he knew that she'd slept with Sasuke ;)
Oh wait, so Sasuke stopped sleeping with Ino as much after he slept with Tenten - was it because he realized that he really liked Tenten? :o
I like how Sasuke is the one showing bits of Tenten's memories that we've only heard about so far - Shanghai, and her breaking someone's fingers because of Neji. :P I feel sorry for him though - ultimately Tenten is not fated to be with him despite how much he likes her ;)
Enjoyed the breaking bones scene - I like how frequent the trains pass, and how they're spread through the scene.
LOL yeah I can imagine Sasuke can empathize with Neji about about prizing his mental capabilities ;)
I like how you weave in Sasuke's "protocol" excuse :P Appreciated the image of Tenten sitting at her desk being all depressed/frustrated ;)
Also enjoyed Sasuke's first re-introduction of Tenten after his return to Konoha - she didn't judge him or anything, which was nice :P
ahhhhhh I guess Sasuke looked at Tenten when he answered Gai's question because she was the one to say hi to him first and all, but OMG I can just imagine Tenten freezing when she hears Sasuke taking up a codename so similar to Neji's. I actually imagined him to have used Prodigy in english, especially after how Neji perked up when she used Sasuke's codename in her apartment before she left for Sendai... but Neji strikes me as a more Englishy type LOL so is Tenten's Dragon in English or Japanese?
Loved the update! Will Sasuke be showing up in present time then? ;) I think Tenten still only sees him as a friend despite the things they've done.. poor Sasuke :P
Thank you for posting! ! ! ! !
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