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Makoto chapter 52 . 22h
Has it ever ocurred to you that maybe people are complaining con purpose?
You have made it very clear that if people complain you loose inspiraciĆ³n to work on the story and thus les updates. Maybe people are complaining con purpose so that you dont update. It makes sense because if I liked another of your stories I would want you to not work on other stories so that you can focus on the ones I like.

Just saying that you should think about this and not justo punch tour way through it.
SixStringBass chapter 52 . 11/20
Welcome to the New World, Welcome To the New World gonna bring you to your knees~ I love the references in this fic. Subtle.
Silber D. Wolf chapter 52 . 11/19
Tanya von Degurechaff chapter 1 . 11/13
P053id0n chapter 52 . 11/11
Hi, nice to see this updated! Thank you! One the hand I am as I said thankful for the update it's a really good story, one the other I hate you for it because I started to read One Piece fanfiction again to get back into the mood to read this(that takes too much of my time!)!;-P
But one thing, holy shit, did you kill of akainu? Or did Naruto fight against another Admiral in the Timeskip? I am curious to see this Arc continued, it's nice to hear more about the crews past, though I am really curious about the dressrossa arc!
Thank you for writing, and I still hope you update again soon!;)
Guest chapter 52 . 11/10
I fucking love this story. And i know that you dont exactly like hearing this but i really hope an update is coming soon! So good!
Sa06Ev12 chapter 52 . 11/10
cool as usual
Guy-In-The-Hoodie chapter 52 . 11/9
Sounds like the tremors on steroids are a problem that can be solved by Naruto's bijuu shadow clones. Either that, or Conqueror's haki could be used to wrest control away from the Dandy pirates.
Guy-In-The-Hoodie chapter 1 . 11/8
Always fun to read Kenchi's work.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/7
While I really like your story the only problem I have with it is how pathetic naruto is. He's survived the 4th war and beaten Madara the juubi and kaguya otsotsuki the only people in the one piece world strong enough to even fight him should be admiralsgarp and the admirals a handful of the shichibukai and the yonkou but you have captains and vice admirals holding there own against him. To survive in the new world you need haki so have naruto learn and master haki front silvers Raleigh when he's teaching luffy with his clones he could probably master all 3 in a month or 2 and as a main character he would have conquerors haki and if he mixes killing intent with his conquerors haki it would be even more effective. And since devil fruits cone from the roots of the shinju in your story have him eat the goes fruit that grows at the top or at least have him learn and master the rokushiki so he's not seeming as weak as you've made him.
beowolfalein chapter 1 . 11/6
Wouldn't the ship eventually break from the weight of their training weights?
lonewolf3317 chapter 52 . 11/5
I'm so glad this story is back and updated! I absolutely adore everything about it. It's a storyline I've never seen anywhere else, normally people just pair naruto up with Luffy but you've taken a concept of using minor characters and turned them into badasses! Maybe turn PM off? If that's an option but ultimately
Don't listen to the schmucks who are too immature to realize shit happens in life and they can't always get their way. I'd hate a great story to be ruined because people don't know how to be proper, cordial adults.
the black pikachu chapter 52 . 11/5
Hay I read the end A/N on chapter 52 and I just wanted to say on behalf of the non-dickhead part of the fanfiction community that I'm sorry.
A lot of the idiots in the fanfic community forget that this is just a FAN site and not a professional book reading site and as such they get cocky and think the writers owe them for "lowering them selves to the mortal plane to dine to read the lowley fan storys of the people who write them".
Dude I have seen many fanfics that I think where awesome die because of PM bulling some even had as big a fanbace of reviews as you but then the F***heads who think they are owed something come along like a rampaging heard of bulls and make writing the fanfic not fun anymore.
What I'm trying to say with this big ass rant (sorry for that by the way) is that I hope you don't stop writing shnobi of the high seas just because of the a**holes of our community
I'm not gonna tell you to " write another chapter now" or "if your not gonna continue writing just end it :p" because that would be counter productive this PM was just to say sorry and to tell you that not all of us are a**holes :)
Redbeard401 chapter 52 . 11/4
thank you for updating! great story you've written and im excited to read more, whenever that is convenient for you!
Madara123 chapter 52 . 11/4
Thank you for you effort Kenchi
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