Reviews for Shinobi of the High Seas
Makimass chapter 3 . 37m
So not only Naruto makes unfunny remarks he also is a creep towards Nami, yikes..
Ohma chapter 1 . 5/10
naruharem...why did it have to be old man naruto...the age gap just disgusts me
Rice with Chest-Nuts chapter 1 . 5/8
ugh... idk why someone would even make a crossover story like this? i mean, what's the purpose? this is just another Naruto fans being a Naruto Fans who take it too far again. what a joke...

but that's fanfictions for i guess... always exist to sate the curiosity of obsessed fans to certain franchise. fuck. don't know why am i even here... lololol wwwwww
Guest420 chapter 4 . 4/26
Naruto kissing NAMI gives me creepy old man vibes
Narunaru002 chapter 53 . 4/28
Hope you return to this
Guest chapter 46 . 4/23
I personally think that Luffy would of included Naruto and CO in his lil nakama tirade even if he was mad at him tbh but owell also another thing it seems like ya kinda sped through alot of stuff and will I understand wanting to keep it basically for the most part Canonish I guess just not alot changed/got influenced by you adding in Naruto which is kinda a shame.
Guest chapter 34 . 4/22
Problem with this Zoro didn't get Luffy's pain and exhaustion pushed out of him and given to Zoro
Bob chapter 13 . 4/20
Well I certainly hope that Naruto learns/has haki I like the idea of the story so far but I'd think he'd have haki all things considered cause everyone has Chakra apparently in this, but he hasn't been trained with hakim and that's another thing that could give him an edge.
Guest chapter 14 . 4/20
Hope ya have Naruto get stronger and not in the Boruto stronger sense but actually just stronger
kage fighter chapter 53 . 4/21
as always. wonderful job. this has been an amazing ride and I can't wait to see more. I can't wait for miss valentine to deal with the blast from her past.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/15
"Can I even make a world where people truly understand each other and can live in peace when there are people like this all over out there?"

No, he can't. Not if he's too stupid to realize that he has to permanently remove such people from the world to achieve that goal.

And why the hell does he constantly forgets the shinobi basics, like the Kawarimi, Shunshin and other such things, whenever it suits you? Do you really want Naruto to look that incompetent?
MarTinez9 chapter 53 . 4/9
I really do hope you countiue this story it's been almost four years since the last chapter. I really hope you didn't abandon this great story.
nick4840 chapter 53 . 4/8
Gotta say, I love this story, and I’ve read through it several times now. It makes me sad that it’s been abandoned, especially because, looking at your profile, I can see you’re still writing fanfiction. I hope you pick this story up again someday
Guest chapter 53 . 3/31
Yo KenchiBro, I know you're making Yosuku maybe end up being paired with Muret. But it's like even though emotional manipulation at some degree is normal to get someone to like you. He's literally hounding her into to liking him. At this point it's like the naruto sasuke sakura situation. She doesn't like him. It doesn't matter how much you like someone you can't make them like/love you back. I do want him to be paired with someone, but that doesn't have to necessarily be Muret. He's grown from that point. It's not like he can keep hitting the hammer on the anvil and it will happen. Sure she might see a difference in him but that doesn't mean she will like him because of it. Yosaku said he fought Law for himself, but really it was because of Muret. Otherwise he would have not even cared to fight him. He wants to fight him because he compares himself against Law, Muret likes Law so he wants to see where he measures up to him. He might have said it was for him but it really wasn't. And if he loved her as much as he said he wouldn't have slept with those kuja pirates/amazons.
Guest chapter 15 . 3/31
"It still pissed him off that he couldn't freely use Hiraishin though"

Well, in that case that moron should have realized that the Hiraishin does not require any kunai. Why the hell do so many fanfic authors believe otherwise? What's required is the "jutsu formula" that can be applied anywhere, even directly on an enemy shinobi, as could be seen in the anime. That's perfectly canon.
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