Reviews for Shinobi of the High Seas
PlrStaley chapter 50 . 1/28
Epic chapter keep it up!
Hektols chapter 50 . 1/28
Great idea to use Miss Valentine's powers to train the crew.

When the Byron thing is over it would be nice to have Johnny and Yosaku having a spar with Zoro.
Ninpou chapter 50 . 1/28
nice chapter!

looking forward to the next one.
shubhendu dutta chapter 50 . 1/28
As usual another great chapter. I hope you will post next chapter soon.
yanlamthian chapter 50 . 1/28
Horayy new chap. Whres popcron when need it. Damn.
Grizzmon chapter 50 . 1/28
Well, looks like Vivi will get lucky soon.
Knight of elves chapter 50 . 1/28
Great job with the story so far keep it up and update soon please. Thanks.
E E Merica chapter 50 . 1/28
Nice. Waiting for 51. Makes me want to go tread one piece.
BlackJoker013 chapter 50 . 1/28
Nice to see the crew back I'm just counting down until they hook up with the straw hats a mermaid island reunion perhaps?
deadal chapter 50 . 1/28
if a demon fruit reappear after it's eater is dead, would Kaguya Ōtsutsuki's death have allow the Shinju's fruit to reappear too?
i love your plot twisting, stay sharp!
The Keeper of Worlds chapter 50 . 1/28
Loving this still:)
Guest chapter 1 . 1/27
how pridictabld fucking trash
LioPyro7890 chapter 50 . 1/27
Can you update more often please
Casey W chapter 50 . 1/27
Boner for... Goddammit, Ken! You literally wrote that line as soon as you heard me say it, didn't you?!
Alt-Eisen-Kyosuke chapter 50 . 1/27
It's been a while but this another excellent chapter. I'm glad to see another update!
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