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animecutylover chapter 40 . 6/5
They're not going to Marineford?
animecutylover chapter 37 . 6/5
The fun’s starting! XD
animecutylover chapter 36 . 6/5
Lol. Paulie can’t gamble?
Guest chapter 17 . 6/3
Like the slave trade?
Vanessa Masters chapter 49 . 6/3
Devil fruit come from THAT tree!? Maybe, poor Naruto must’ve looked like a fool, asking what the tree fromthe Devil fruit cake from looked like. But he’s never been in that part of the world before, so he didn’t know.


You don't know anything."

"You're as cruel as a child. I wonder, is it something to do with your upbringing, or is it something the government did to you?" As if something came together in his mind, he decided to sate his curiosity with one question, "…How old are you really?"

"Byron-," Miss Valentine started to say, until she saw how hard Bonney was trying to fight answering that question, even with the serum she'd been slipped, "She doesn't need to answer that. I don't care about that."

Turning his gaze to Miss Valentine, he nodded before standing up and walking away without another word to the shaken Bonney. Miss Valentine observed her for another moment, and her reaction to what their musician had asked her.

Leaving the kitchen to find Byron sitting at his piano in the common area of the ship, she stood behind him as he idly played a tune. He didn't seem to be focusing on anything, even what he was doing, which seemed to make his playing at the level he was doing it all the more impressive.

"Why'd you ask her that?"

"Consider it a morbid observation," He said, never taking his eyes off of the keys in front of him, "We're releasing her anyway, are we not? Pay it no mind."

"Well, yes we are. But I can't ignore it now. You've ruined the mood I'd set for the interrogation. I want to know why."

Her tone was light, as usual, but the undertone wasn't. She had questions, and now that she apparently wasn't going to get them from Bonney, she wanted them from Byron as to why not.

The man had been a pirate captain before he'd been taken as a slave. He had seen many things, and had been adept enough to garner a crew to sail on the Grand Line. He picked up on particular things, especially regarding people, "She responds to things like a jaded child, instead of how a full-grown adult and hardened sailor would," Running away, blaming others, seeking vengeance for slight offenses, "And what exactly is her power?"

The power to manipulate age. Anyone's age.

"Oh God. You don't think-."

Byron hurriedly cut the question off at the pass, "I don't know."

The two lapsed into an uncomfortable silence, one that made Miss Valentine thankful for the music being played at the moment.


Oh God, is jewelry really younger? What a interesting and scary idea.
Vanessa Masters chapter 48 . 6/3
Naruto finally fights the red Magma mutt, and really, were they going use jewelry to de age the five elder stars so they could live longer and rule longer?

And akainu, the world government doesn’t cover the world, look at the elemental nations.


Marguerite thought about everything that Johnny had told her. She did trust him after he played human shield for her. He was a nice enough person, he made her feel good just from talking with him, so she did like him, 'Alright, if that's what he really wants.'

Johnny was wondering how bad he'd made himself look when he felt a weight shift around on his bed and warm lips press to his.

Marguerite was kissing him.

Okay, so that was happening.

She lingered on it longer than she originally intended, because she actually liked it, and she hadn't expected to get any sort of stimulation out of something that she'd thought would have been mundane. Kissing Johnny made her heart leap.

She would not have been averse to doing it again.

Marguerite pulled away, leaving the target of the affectionate gesture with a stunned expression as she smiled sheepishly at him. She didn't know why she was smiling but she couldn't stop.

"…Wow," Johnny basically summed up his feelings on the matter. He'd done the deed, with Kuja Pirates ironically enough, but there had been no emotion in it. It felt silly to be so electrified by a simple kiss, "Huh…"

As his senses came back to him, he turned to the doorway but didn't see a thing. Strange, he could have sworn he'd felt something move from that way.

Super cute!
Vanessa Masters chapter 46 . 5/30
Noting the pissed off look on Naruto-clone's face afterwards, Soren turned to the side and looked over the side, "Oh my God, Uzumaki!" Naruto-clone hurried over, thinking that the cannonballs might have been a buoyant mine of some sort, "…Uzumaki's clone got shot!"


Before Soren had even finished his sentence he stabbed through the clone with his index finger. Shigan (Finger Gun) of the Rokushiki. No acid necessary.

Up Naruto went into a puff of smoke, leaving Soren to blow on the end of his finger as if it were a real gun.

Vivi, Perona, and Paulie stared at him as if he were insane. One of them actually questioned this aloud. That one being Paulie, "Are you out of your goddamned mind!? You shot him! …Err, stabbed him! You stabbed him!"

"I didn't do it." Soren said blankly, shifting his attention to look out at the incoming ship, "That first shot was closer than we thought. They got Uzumaki. You guys saw it. And if you didn't, I'll still say it happened and take it to my deathbed."


"Because I want to fight somebody, and if Uzumaki was here he'd just hog all of the action! Even his clone would!" Soren replied loudly before getting sarcastic, "Eek! Now we don't have the extra wind in our sails, making us as fast as a regular Marine ship. We're so doomed."

Vivi would have felt the need to hit Soren in the head if she wasn't certain that it would harm her infinitely more than it would him, "So you dispelled his clone? The one thing around here that can actually power the ship's super weapon and sails that give us our speed boost?"


"…Just to get into a battle with dangerous pirates?"

"I've fought dangerous people over way less-."


"-And what's life without getting into a little fight every once in a while?" Soren said, cracking his knuckles as the ship of the Firetank Pirates came closer and closer, "Besides, who says we need Uzumaki every time something gets tough?"

When he got no answer from the others, the smirk slipped off of his face and his shoulders slumped as he turned back around to face them all.

"…I need this. Don't take this away from me you bastards


Oh Soren.

Oh And Marguerite seems quite taken with Johnny, mind you, he’s the second, or fourth man she ever met, but still.
WolfmanMichael94 chapter 52 . 5/30
Hey kenichi thanks for the amazing stories im hooked on two of your stories so far and I can't wait for the updates. I like your pokemon naruto crossover its a really good read and better than most stories I've read so far. This story tho is amazing and i really like the plot the pairings and the action. I hope you update soon i can't wait to read the next chapter on both stories. I am going to read the better left unsaid story next and if it's anything like those two stories its gonna be great.
Vanessa Masters chapter 44 . 5/27
Oh boy, Yosaku vs Law upcoming!

And at least Robin is reunited with Luffy, badly hurt as he is.
Vanessa Masters chapter 43 . 5/27
"It's a very long story that started after all hell broke loose on Sabaody Archipelago." Robin told him as she quickly moved from cell to cell, opening the doors, "How did you manage to defeat Bartholomew Kuma by the way?"

Busy in his own right as he sent clones down the stairs to clear the way for any fleeing slaves once they were freed, Naruto also had a Fuuton: Rasengan forming in between two of his hands that he started using to carefully carve a hole in the wall of the tower lest it grow unstable and simply explode. Still, it was an easy enough tale to remember.

"I kind of dumped him on a deserted island in the middle of the Calm Belt with Hiraishin and ditched him there. There's no way what I actually did to finish him killed someone that tough. If I'd kept fighting him, even if I'd won I wouldn't have had much gas left in the tank to get back to Thriller Bark or my ship." He then recoiled slightly when he felt a slap on the back of his head from an arm that had sprouted there, "Oi, what was that for? You a fan of the Shichibukai or something?"

So that was why Kuma still managed to appear out of nowhere in that battle against the Pacifista cyborgs after everyone had figured that Naruto had gone and dealt with him. Still, managing to fight someone like that to a finish had to be a harsh challenge after wasting so much power trying to help them fight Oars beforehand. Besides, he apparently had no clue that Kuma could basically teleport similarly to him, otherwise he probably wouldn't have assumed that such a thing would be a fix, so that was another thing as well.

Yes, Robin understood this, but knowing now after the fact the extremely indirect reason that her crew had been so abruptly separated from one another was right there in front of her even with all of her skills of reasoning and deduction couldn't stop her basic knee-jerk reaction, "No, nevermind. It's just that he's the reason I'm here. He fought against us and used one of the abilities of his Devil Fruit to send us all to random corners of the world."

It was a good thing he was done carving, because Naruto's control over the volatile Rasengan slipped enough to blow up in his hand and knock the slab of wall out and down to the ground far below, "What?"

"You heard me. Kuma split us all up during the Marines' attack on the pirates at the archipelago."



Don’t WHAT at us, Naruto. You heard her, Everyone got separated, and you more or less instigated it.

And now we learn that bridge was being built to get to the elemental Nations.
Vanessa Masters chapter 42 . 5/26
Meanwhile Kumadori, Blueno, Jyabura, and Fukurou were watching Johnny attempt to hit on Kalifa in amusement as he seemed to be failing miserably, "-I mean, we used to be kind of enemies yeah, but does that really matter now? I mean in the end we're all just flesh… and bone." He spoke smoothly, pushing down his sunglasses a bit so that she could get a look at his eyes.

The beautiful blonde woman did actually spare him a glance for a moment from behind her glasses before noting how he was trying to close the proximity between them, "Please refrain from sexually harassing me further swordsman-san."

"Johnny." He said with a pleasant grin on his face.

"Right. Johnny-san."

"But my friends call me J-Rock. J-to-the-izzle, Mr. J. Any of those if you like."

"Whatever you say Johnny-san."

Soren palmed his face and was never so thankful that Naruto walked out of the house with Vivi. He didn't want to mouth off and he actually wanted to give Johnny a shot to impress a woman, but goodness someone needed to throw him a lifesaver because he was dying out there.

"Alright guys, let's go." Naruto said, with Vivi already holding onto him piggy-back style in preparation for the Hiraishin, "The ship awaits."

Both Soren and Johnny nodded and walked over to their captain, with the latter giving a goodbye wave to Kalifa. He felt a bit victorious when he actually managed to get a smile out of her after doing so, at least until Soren muttered to him, "John-boy that was pathetic…"

"Whatever. Quit trolling." Johnny replied under his breath, not willing to let the surly first mate of the crew get him down. Today was a win for the speed half of the twin swordsmen in his book, "You're just jealous because you know that all the girls want Peanut Butter and Johnny."

All of the CP9 men outside started snickering, as did Naruto and even Vivi while Soren looked absolutely mortified at what Johnny had just said, "Oh God, please don't ever say that again."

"Peanut Butter and Johnny. Peanut Butter and-."

"Shut! Up!"


Oh my! Naruto fused again with Murama?
FFS chapter 52 . 5/26
Kool story bro, more tiddies plz tho. get boa to give head or sometin. You dont have to, but much appreciate para ayudarme senor.
Vanessa Masters chapter 38 . 5/23
"S-Stricken?" That didn't sound good from Vivi's point of view whatsoever.

Charloss jumped down from the person he had been riding prior to seeing Vivi and kicked his legs out from under him to knock him to the ground for easier remounting, "I wanted to take you in addition to my twelve other wives, but as you were with your father at Reverie I simply could not take you to be mine. But God has been good and has brought you back to me with nothing in my way. Nefertari Vivi you're coming with me to become my wife. I demand it!"

'Oh hell no.' Nojiko thought, subtly moving one of her hands to a pistol at her waist to show that overbearing bastard what she thought of that until Vivi's leg kicked her hand back down out of sight, 'What the hell are you doing? There's no way this guy that doesn't do anything important can have enough power to make Vivi be his wife!' She shared looks of shock and panic with the other three women there bearing witness to what was happening.

But Vivi was far away from home, and the way she was she had next to no power other than her name. Apparently this man had the World Government willing to stick up for him and Vivi was terrified of him before even knowing that there was a World Noble around.

Without a word, Vivi stood up and walked the rest of the way over to Saint Charloss, "I… see." She spared a glance back at Miss Valentine, Nojiko, Muret, and Perona and just shook her head with a stone-cold look on her face.

"Oh, I finally have my rare, exotic Alabastan beauty." Charloss exclaimed with a sense of glee. Whether he was ignoring the despair radiating off of Vivi or simply did not care one way or another he didn't show as he climbed back onto the poor man that had been carrying him, "Psht, I need a stronger slave. How else would I transport my lovely and most treasured bride-to-be? To the Human Auction House!"

Everyone kept bowing until the noble and his entourage got out of their sight, and then the citizenry got up and continued on with their lives as if they had not been more or less held hostage just moments prior.

Only Nojiko, Miss Valentine, and Muret stayed in the positions that they had been in beforehand as Perona had gotten up and had wondered why they were still in the same kneeling stance. Muret's eyes were quivering in pure disbelief at what had just occurred, "Did that really just happen? That didn't just happen right in front of us did it?"

"Why didn't we do anything?" Miss Valentine said, shaking her own head as she stood up and looked in the direction that Vivi had gone off in with Saint Charloss, "I thought you were about to blow that guy away Nojiko? What happened to that?"

"She stopped me." The voice of Nojiko seemed almost haunted at what had just occurred. Vivi had been taken without a fight; not from her and not from them either, "For the love of God are these people that scary that she'd rather go with them than fight back?"

"You're damn right they are."

The girls turned towards a pirate with a familiar face as far as Nojiko and Miss Valentine were concerned, especially with the x-scar on his chin, "X Drake." Miss Valentine said in recognition of the sharply dressed former Marine.

Drake nodded at being identified, "It has been quite some time since we've met Foxhound Pirates. Is that barbarian Soren still alive or has Uzumaki gotten sick of his baggage yet?"


Oh no! How will Naruto take this!? Vivi is being forced to leave with the Celestial dragon Luffy lunched in the anime!
Vanessa Masters chapter 37 . 5/23
"Okay, first it was funny when you said 100,000, but seriously! 20,000 beli for a bottle?" Soren raged as he sat at a bar, almost foaming acid from the mouth in disbelief, "Are you out of your rabid-ass mind? I am not paying that much for a drink! For that much money that drink better give me a full head of hair and make women fall in love with me at first glance!"

The woman behind the bar stood with her cheek in her hand as she leaned against the counter, an amused look on her face. She had short black hair, a pink t-shirt with a black spider on it that revealed a bit of her cleavage, a black jacket over that with a grey stripe down the sleeves and black frills at the ends of the sleeves and the collar, a yellow-bead necklace, a pair of pants with an odd pattern, and white shoes.

She let out a plume of smoke from the cigarette in her hand she had been smoking before speaking to Soren, "Well for all you know those things could happen, so why don't you just buy the booze and find out?"

Soren gave the woman a dry look and pointed at Johnny and Yosaku who were both enjoying the exact same drink Soren himself was trying to purchase, "Because I'm not stupid like them. They're going to go back to Uzumaki and try to bum some money off of him and they're going to be in for a rude awakening. Now could you give me a more reasonable price here? I'm begging you."
That’d some beer.
Rofl! Baby eater! I mean, it’s not true, but funny.

Oh lord, I was worried Muret fell for Chopper, it’s only Law...LAW!?
Vanessa Masters chapter 32 . 5/20
"Silence." One of the Kuja Pirates said, "Now we've worked out how this will go as far as your usefulness will go." She pointed towards Johnny, "You are the more aesthetically pleasing one."

Johnny smirked and looked over at a growling Yosaku, "You know what that means Yosaku? It means I'm the sexy one, too bad for you."

The woman then continued, pointing at Yosaku, "Yes, however from what we've seen he is the one that is far more powerful."

Johnny's jaw dropped in shock as Yosaku began laughing, "It's just a fact. The ladies know quality awesome when they see it. It's no one's fault, but do be jealous, I like that."

"What the fuck?" Johnny tried to argue, "How does he seem stronger than me? It's the sword isn't it?" He got a series of unanimous nods from the women, "Oh come on! He's totally overcompensating with that big piece of crap! Don't take that at face value here!"

Ignoring him, the Kuja Pirate in command of the situation continued her explanation, "As a result of these things it has been decided that the pirate named Yosaku will be with the least desirable of our crew. So that his good stock may possibly improve the quality of their offspring. Meanwhile Johnny will be given to the most enviable of our crew looking to bear children due to their already dominant good genes."

Johnny's face lit up, "Sweet!"

"Boo!" Yosaku said in displeasure, "Fuck you Johnny! Karma's a motherfucker, you'll see!"

"I'm sorry buddy." Johnny said, wishing he could dance right now just to rub his victory in that much more, "But my 'suffering' will be that much greater than yours. Just so you know…"

The women broke into two groups with the one running the show pointing to one side that was standing around Yosaku's bed. The more shapely, smaller women gathered around him and picked his bed up to take into another room with Yosaku's tongue hanging out and hearts in his eyes the entire way, "Pirate number one will be used by the petite women with lesser physical ability…"

"And I'm just a-ok with that!" Yosaku happily interrupted as he was taken into a room with the door shutting behind him.

She then pointed at the ones that surrounded Johnny's bed, as his eyes were bulging out from behind his sunglasses at the size of the women, "Pirate number two will be used by the women with the optimum strength, the cream of the crop." She said about the gargantuan women, one of whom lifted Johnny's bed to carry into the room designated for them.

Johnny struggled against his restraints in an attempt to get away, "Can't we switch? Why would you want your best to breed with my weak ass? Let them go with Yosaku, let me have the weak ones? Please? Please? Can't we just cuddle?" He let out one last scream as his door closed, "Nooo! Naruto-aniki save meee!"

"Be a good wingman Johnny!"

"Fuck you Yosaku!"

"No thanks, I've got women willing to do that for me!"


(Meanwhile – Onboard the Natural Disaster)

Soren's head snapped up as he sat in the crow's nest with a pair of binoculars in his hands, "Something good and/or hilarious is happening to someone I know very well right now and I'm clearly missing the punchline of the joke. This day just keeps getting worse and worse…"

This was better then I expected. XD
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