Reviews for Robbie's View Point
Kimmae chapter 1 . 3/31/2011
First of all, let me convey empathy with the fact that this starter has been up for months without so much as a "I LURV IT PLZ UPGRADE SOON" review. Those are everywhere, and I feel that at least something as simple as that should have been offered!

As a start, it's very good. I find the imagery in the first paragraph, while great, a little too heavy. The line in particular that states Robbie has dead eyes is a bit too much. I don't disagree with the message and the point-I just feel the wording is too heavy in some parts.

And the best part is-you're describing back story! Yaaay! Of course we all know the back story, that's why we come here to read fanfiction about it, but I believe it's mistreated and left behind by most when it shouldn't be. You're making apart of your own story! It makes me squee. Of course, I'd like to see where you take your own story from this point onward. Something new added to the mix? An alternate ending? INTRIGUE? DRAMA?

I hope your inspiration hasn't dried up. I hate it when inspiration dries up. Leaves me feeling not only thirsty but dejected.