Reviews for Filled to the Brim
sakuki-yuu chapter 57 . 2/25
Debo decir que hace varios años atras cundo estaba recien entrando en el mundo de fanfictions y yaoi leí esta historia hasta como el capitul despues lo dejé de leer porque me pareció que el personaje de Izaya era muy patetico por rogar ser jodido y actuar como mascota (amo a Izaya 3 así que de ninguna me gustó que estuviese siendo tan sumiso) pero ahora que comenzó Drrr de nuevo sentí nostalgia y me puse a leer fics antiguos y encontré este de nuevo,debo confesar que no estaba convencida de leerlo al principio por las razones anteriormente mencionadas pero me armé de valor y lo leí completo,hasta este el capitulo final y debo decir que me arrepiento de no haberlo leido en ese tiempo porque de verdad es uno de los mejores fanfics shizaya que he leido! Tiene de todo! Romance tragedio porno, realmente disfruté leyendo esta historia así que por favor continúa escribiendo mas Shizaya 3
OnlyLoveNoHate chapter 57 . 10/27/2014
Omygosh this is so cute! Tho to be honest the parts that had shiki with Izaya were a bit weird but it was worth it! This story was really one o the best that I've read and I love that its complete! I think Ill join in Erik's club
Leonora Lai chapter 57 . 10/16/2014
please forgive me I'm lost of words to show my great appreciation to your story.
As an Asian, I tended to think that Westerners(I guess you're from the States?) usually failed to understand the the unique social culture and interpersonal relationship in Asian society. I have read lots of Shizaya stories in ffnet, but found most of them quite OOCs, out of culture and character. Yet your story shows a great understanding on the characteristics of Shizuo's and Izaya's. but still, personally thinking, Izaya might not be that bold to ask for sex, since we Asian are quite conservative...? and shizuo and Izaya might not say that many times of F-word and sh*t, I think that is very rude even if I'm shouting furiously at my forsaken enemy...well maybe that's the culture , Japan is still a very traditional country, although its people are a bit pervert(take the porn manga that can be seen in any bookstores for example).
I really like the way you write about how Shizuo's feelings towards Izaya changed. that made me cried a lot QAQ. and the revisit part is reeeeeeeeeeally romantic and OMG I burst into tears in front of the class orz...embarrassed but that was worthy!
well... I think it is a unique experience to read some fanfictions written in English and by a person who comes from a totally different cultural base :) you are an amazing writer and I must say I am really impressed by your works( yeah I read Dying Message! that one is also excellent!)
McLucky13 chapter 57 . 10/13/2014
Though this story is completed, just wanted to say... Holy crap, that was good. I laughed, cried, felt so pissed off at some points and, felt like grinning like an idiot at the lovey-dovey couple (who weren't sickly sweet; thank god). You did a wonderful job with this story. Keep up the good work :)
Kaye chapter 57 . 8/15/2014
I really liked it. I am not really a fan of sex sciences being 13 and all so I skipped those but besides that I really enjoyed this fic. I love the romantic parts and that letter was to die for. I will read more of work.
Looking forward to it:)
Chione-chan chapter 57 . 8/15/2014
It's over...but it it wasn't that sickly sweet Hollywood ending nor was it "It's all good, now let's bang" I...feel rather complete now.
Chione-chan chapter 51 . 8/14/2014
*takes a breath and relaxes*
Well like they say, even if the mind and heart forgets, the /body/ remembers.
*smiles diabolically*
And you know what that means...
(little minions in the corner):SMUT SMUT SMUT, I meant cuddling. But that's interesting. It's not very good for Izaya but...:)
Chione-chan chapter 50 . 8/14/2014
That formatting was quite interesting! Dat King's piece.
Chione-chan chapter 45 . 8/14/2014
If someone wrote a love letter to me like that...I'd consider marrying them. Definitely favorite-ing. That was insanely beautiful. Especially that Trojan War reference *high five* When I first read this, I was appalled (and perversely fascinated XD) by the first line and the first four pwp chapters. Then it starts getting good, then downright awe-inspiring. I can't help but think...maybe that's how "getting to know someone" and "loving" should be-learning and loving the sick and dirty before good parts. Of course, that would have it's kinks (pun intended? eheh) but it would be interesting.
So if the answer to the meaning of life is 42 and love, then what is the question to the meaning of life? How many times must one love? (Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy 8D))
Chione-chan chapter 44 . 8/13/2014
Oh, I noticed something funny: The guys that Shiki told to let Shizuo in, Kimaya and Ono. Did you know that Shizuo's,voice actor is Daisuke ONO, and Izaya's voice actor is Hiroshi KAMIYA (like an anagram?)

Yeah, just letting you know and wondering if that was intentional.
Chione-chan chapter 43 . 8/13/2014
But it's not "tragedy" so...Izaya's gonna be okay, right?
vaporeonxglaceon chapter 57 . 8/13/2014
OMG this story was amazing, Itreallywas a shame we didnt get one last smutt, but it is okey, it was still an amazig story, and I deffinately will wait anxioussly for your next story
Chione-chan chapter 41 . 8/13/2014
Ah, so this how borderlineYandere!Izaya... another Mika Harima...XD poor poor Shizu-Chan.
Chione-chan chapter 37 . 8/13/2014
Simon says "Shi-zu-Oh": Yugioh! *0*
Gaki says "Always so cute Anri-chan": Oh my gurd, it's totally Aka-san! I'm SUCH a genius XD
Izaya wants to have dinner: aaaw... I bet he plans to binge eat the ootoro. How sad it would be if they didnt have any
Shizu sees Izaya-nii: ...awkward.
Chione-chan chapter 32 . 8/12/2014
Dat vending machine 3 May I remind you that people on the drr kinkmeme have screwed up preferences? Er...what, my desk top screen...psh, no I'm not, psh, checking out that site...psh...leave me alone ;_;

And I totally agree that theres a lot of sentimental potential for Shizaya. Though it could also be a heartless (seemingly) "enemies with benefits" kinda thing. Oh, it could go many ways. How thrilling! So many possibilities! AHAHAHAHA *spins in swivel chair*
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