Reviews for Hitchups
Guest chapter 22 . 7/14
I am now trying to picture stoick doing that, what gothi does, it's interesting.
Guest chapter 40 . 7/9
An absolutely amazing read!
dirtd12 chapter 40 . 7/9
Guest below. You're 21st Century Western ideas about love and marriage don't apply to a fanfiction about 10th Century Viking society. Especially one whose main character is about an outlaw nomad. The girls behave the way they do because they're all outcasts who neither can nor want to live within tradition.
ZayneLvLz chapter 40 . 7/2
this story was amazing and i cant help wondering if there will be a sequel or if just the one shot u mentioned. but still this was one great story.

thank you for the hard work
KNIGH7DRAGON3 chapter 37 . 6/29
I'm not crying, You're crying!
yummychii chapter 1 . 6/20
Uhm, for the guest before. Are you forgetting that Httyd isn't set in the modern day? Historically speaking, things like Making Love to only one person wasn't common back in the Viking days. Maybe the Movie portrayed that every character had their own husbands and wives, but it doesn't mean it's accurate.

Also prostitutes back then might have had no choice. Hiccup seemed to be put off by prostitutes too. I think it was clear that he regretted it until something sparked between the two.

Every character had a detailed and easy to follow background, and it was beautifully, delicately done.

You've read until chapter 27, so I'm going to assume you were at least interested in this fic. But you can't just go around and call the author 'they developed partially like a caveman.'

They've worked hard on writing this amazing story, and a character an author writes doesn't mean the character IS the author. Every character was actually in-character the whole way, and Hiccup stayed as himself, yet became something more.

I understand everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but I couldn't stay quiet about your comment. You could have written about how that part wasn't well done and maybe a few advices on how to improve it, but you've gone out of your way to be rude to a fellow author by saying they have a sick fondness for whores.
Guest chapter 27 . 6/20
Type your review here.
I really liked your writing skills until you made your sick fondness for whores known. It's like you developed partially like a caveman , intelligent but emotionally challenged so much so that mindless rutting is completely okay with you rather than doing the act with someone u love completely demeaning the act into something puke-worthy.
Sachiko13 chapter 35 . 6/19
I've been glued to this fic ever since I began reading, and I have to say that this chapter was by far the best. The understanding Hiccup and Astrid reached was just otherworldly compared to the movie! This story here is a goddamn masterpiece.
nayuta chapter 40 . 6/7
Just. Wow. Speechless here. Amazing work!
Thank you so much!
WolkaiserDrake chapter 3 . 5/25
scotland? it would be interesting if they encountered the welsh dragon
Mirage chapter 2 . 5/22
astride is and always will be a stupid bitch...i never did understan how hiccup did like her or even did come together ..all his live she tormented and really bodylly hurt him ...and then after the first ride on the Dragon she was all wrong...

and his father will Need to open his eyes-

i think hiccs is ether partnered of with the Outlaw leader or the crazyy but later not so crazy redhead guy...
Mirage chapter 1 . 5/22
atleast the twins found it cool, but im sad about fishleg, gehe atleast should have realised how clever it is to tame and Train a Dragon...for work, as defense against other Dragons and to go from a to b way faster than ship or feet...
Guest chapter 40 . 5/16
aperson1234567890 chapter 40 . 5/7
Marvelous, simply marvelous. I enjoyed just about every second of this. Thank you for writing this amazing story!
aperson1234567890 chapter 5 . 5/4
Woot for Camicazi! I always liked her better than Astrid, and it's nice to see her in this. I was afraid she might have only been in for that short bit a chapter or two back.
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