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Anonymous Person chapter 19 . 10/15
Stoik killed all the dragons in the arena? For someone who watched the movies and a good portion of the television show that's actually a difficult thing to accept. I really liked those dragons!
Anonymous Person chapter 17 . 10/15
Huh, was that line "This time, this time for sure" intentionally? I definitely recall Astrid saying that in the films.
Anonymous Person chapter 15 . 10/15
Personally, I'm more of the... how the hell did you look at a sword then be able to tell that Hiccup more in likely made it?!
Anonymous Person chapter 1 . 10/15
It's certainly an interesting idea. A heck of a lot actually does hinge on that one decision on Astrid's part.
Fluffy Nabs chapter 40 . 10/13
Whew. Okay. I just finished this fic and WOW. Just WOW. It made me laugh, it made me cry, it made me feel ALL the feels! This AU is so interesting and I love nearly almost everything about it! You did a great job with the plot, the dialogue, the character development. Awesome. I will say that the ending is so sad... especially after I read some of the Without A Hitch oneshots. Wow, that just left me gutted. Poor, poor Hiccup. Immortality sucks. I'm super glad I read this story... and also glad that it's a AU, and not canon, lol. Thank you for writing!
Annfic chapter 14 . 10/4
Yayyyyy hungarian! I was so suprised! It was great to be able to read the foreign language as well️
Dantae The Nightfury chapter 1 . 10/2
5th Time reading this, I still the best fanfic I have ever read.
ShootMe002 chapter 39 . 10/1
Still the best fanfiction story I have read, hands down.
Guest chapter 40 . 9/29
"allright" alright or all right
"offset her" did you not mean upset?
"whicker basket" wicker
"freebee" freebie

A good globetrot and resolution, though I feel Framherja kinda cut the legs out from under Hiccup's Magyar rapid-shot training.

Why is there no translation of the spell here?
Guest chapter 39 . 9/29
"baited breath" bated
"notched his umpteenth arrow " nocked
" Hiccup couldn't breath. " breathe.

Frabjous with the foreshadowed forming furnaces, Framherja flambéed.
Guest chapter 38 . 9/29
"stern and wary. " I think you want 'weary' here.
"retain my outlaw" outlawry is the state of being an outlaw; I think you did this other places.
(Of course, he may just be being cut off from saying 'outlaw status', so it's not imperative)
"that inflicted the Brown's leg; " afflicted
"makeshift reigns" reins
"preformed " performed
"grabbed Toothless tail" Toothless's
"You're scar," Your
tarrangar chapter 31 . 9/28
I don't see why they could never be together, she's merely engaged to Snotlout, which mean it can still quite easily be broken, if Hiccup manage to kill the demon then that makes him a hero, combined with having a weapon gifted by the gods, that's enough prestige, that he could probably take the place as heir if he wasn't a wiking, with him being the chiefs son even if Outlawed, it should probably be easy.
Guest chapter 37 . 9/27
"prater" prattle
Guest chapter 36 . 9/27
"Where's you dragon?" your
"was receipted." received.
Guest chapter 35 . 9/27
"Hiccup bared a passion" bore
"Astrid couldn't breath." breathe.
"Your jealously is cute" jealousy
"youbent" space
" equally weary towards both of them." wary
" vise versa." vice
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