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I'mInk chapter 40 . 11/30
This is the most detailed, thought out fanfic I've read up to now. The whole thing was an addicting, emotional ride that I enjoyed until the end. I don't have much else to say than different versions of "this story is amazing", but I'm still going to try, haha
First of, the most interesting part, aside from all of the lore and cultural details put into every chapter, for me was the interaction between Toothless and Hiccup. I always love stories where Toothless expresses himself in words, even if they are just translations of Dragonese (is that spelled right? I never read the books I have no idea).
I also liked all the different accents and languages. It gave the exact feeling of a traveller who tries to struggle with foreign languages to the reader, not only Hiccup himself. Clever!
And another thing, or well, character, I loved was Gudrid. Not only the mystery that surrounded her, but her interactions with Hiccup and the revelation that she was in fact Gothi were so interesting! Thank you for that!
You're an amazing writer, thank you again for this masterpiece!
Thank. You chapter 22 . 11/25
Hahaha I had this weird thought that Gothi was Gudrid LOL

Modaghair chapter 40 . 11/21
The story of the "How to Train Your Dragon" franchise is one of being replaced. First there were the books, of which I read little and did not much enjoy. There was a cannon, and it continued until the movie was made. The movie was very different, and it was so much better to me that it superseded the books and its story replaced theirs. After reading this, I believe the story has been superseded again. In my head this is the real story. It became cannon by right of being the best told and best thought out.
Jj chapter 40 . 11/20
OMFG THAT WAS THE ABSOLUTE BEST HTTYD FANFIC IVE EVER READ THANK UOU FOR MAKING THIS MASTER PEICE .So well put together I love it I'm bookmarking it saving it everything.

Guest chapter 40 . 11/13
I know its been a while since u wrote this but is there a sequel or something cause u cant just leave it like that
andriska97 chapter 14 . 11/11
Oh yeah Hungary is the best!
GhostGirl chapter 5 . 10/30
Is hiccup gunna turn bad ass? I hope he does! XD
bossybossninja chapter 37 . 10/16
Ha, I knew it was Gudrid ever since the little she said she was from berk, I knew there was a way around the "I have never seen you before." Nice!
bossybossninja chapter 30 . 10/14
I liked the chapter, really good. Once again though, the kissing was fine, I thought it added to the overall mood of the text very well, but the sex was, even though implied, unnecessary. Good chapter though.
bossybossninja chapter 28 . 10/13
Hey, I loved the chapter , if you play the soundtrack of the first movie, called Test Drive with reading at just the right pace, as I did, it matches up PERFECTLY! I was waiting, and waiting, and finally I read the chapter when they get back into the air again, twas amazing. This is the kind of quality content I love in stories.
bossybossninja chapter 27 . 10/13
i absolutely love the story so far! But. Why? What is the point of adding in sex? How would it, in any way be a plot point so significant you had to spend a chapter and a half on it? Man, I love your writing, and I have taken the time to read everything so far, including this entire chapter, but to me it seemed a little pointless, and didn't add to the story, but instead degraded it.
bossybossninja chapter 26 . 10/13
._. first half not bad, but... the second half was completely unnecessary in my opinion.
StephiexAnn chapter 40 . 10/9
(English is my 2nd languagesorry for mistakes.) You have no idea what you just did to me! I've spent 3 days at reading this story and couldn't stop until I finished. The characters you've created... I actually saw Hiccup growing up. I've experienced it! Every charakter seemed to be real, every one of them had their faults, their values... I forgot I was reading a fanfictionit was a book to me. Very enterteinig book, I must admit. I almost cried, I laughed, I bounced on my butt like a kid. When looked at this story for the first time, I wasn't expecting something like that. It was long. But still too short. WELL DONE. And thank you!
Galimaufry chapter 40 . 8/27
This was a incredibly detailed, gripping and powerful story. I enjoyed it immensely! I love the idea of Hiccup and Toothless as enduring heroes through time.
Server lock chapter 3 . 8/24
That last line by toothless was priceless.
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