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Ghoul chapter 43 . 3/13
Still reading this in 2018. No other piece of literature has stuck with me as much as this fic has. I grew up with TWEWY and in a way I grew up with this fic, too. Finding this fic years ago was like a wish come true. The transition of game to writing feels so genuine; it feels like the game never ended. I'm not much for reading books and the such, but I could read this fic countless times. I always check back for updates, even now. Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you are doing well.
R. Seldon chapter 43 . 8/9/2017
Just want you to know I'm completely thrilled you're still working on this. I read the first few chapters on Livejournal waaaaay back when you first posted them there, and they always stuck with me as one of my favorite takes on NekuJoshua- you really capture the sense that they've both been through this miraculous transformation, while still keeping them true to themselves, which is an incredibly fine line to walk. When I fell abruptly back into the now-much-quieter fandom this summer it was a huge treat to realize you'd continued the story and there was SO MUCH MORE of it noweven as it was bittersweet to look at the last update date and figure you'd probably stepped away for good. So getting this update just a few weeks later was amazing. Thank you.
Lord Geovanni chapter 43 . 8/5/2017
When I started reading this once again a little bit ago it was merely to bask in the wonder that this story is. I knew that there was not an update. I knew that there wasn't anything added to the story. I knew that randomly reading the story would not amount to anything. I just wanted to enjoy a good TWEWY story once again. But something completely amazing has happened: there was an update in the middle of me rereading the story. I took a little time to sit down and think out a very good review for this; I cannot explain just how excited I was to realize halfway through the story that there was one more piece that just got added, one more piece that I have never seen before.

As for the chapter, everything is great. I was actually expecting the story to be done in one or two chapters, the last time I reviewed. Instead it looks like the final battle is really just beginning. I'm ever so hopeful that it's Neku that gives the strongest opposition but Joshua coming out of nowhere, Uber-powered and just destroying her, sounds like a good time in my opinion too.

Perhaps here I can place my thoughts and hopes for what happens in the remainder of the story. I hope the Reapers to realize just how powerful Neku truly is and understand how much he supports them. I hope Neku is able to claim in some form, in some way, his friends so they don't just move on without him. In some fashion, they return to the game or become aware of it and, in such, Neku who can share with them the world he's stuck in but it not be a burden on them or him. Perhaps a little bit of closure for Crane, a place that he can finally feel like a new home. A place he feels that he can give support without disrespecting his Lord's memory. A place he can fully call home. And, just for the jollies, perhaps actually give Neku a harem of men. 777 doesn't seem like he would be too oppositional. And Neku just really need some love in my opinion. Then adding the soccer sales clerk, Beat, and Bunny-boy, and you already have a pretty good Harem starting out. But then again, that's just my thoughts. Your resolution will probably be significantly more magnificent.
A Brilliant Loser chapter 43 . 8/2/2017
I read ch43.
And then proceeded to reread all 43 chapters because signal to noise is the pinnacle of TWEWY fanfics and I will love it for fawking ever. Thank you so much for writing

Also rhyme's epic distraction, a
Inveigler chapter 43 . 7/30/2017
"Twigcollins glances back, and lets out a little huff of surprised laughter. Neku's body is nearly invisible beneath a blanket of her readers' pale gray arms.
'Are you trying to protect him, from me? Oh, that is precious.'"
-What actually happened this chapter.

lol, I love every bit of this chapter. Waking up to the alert for this story in my inbox was the highlight of my day- I'm just looking forward to JOSHUA RIPPING SAIKA INTO SHREDS, DO IT, JOSHUA, DO IT DO IT.

Still worried about Neku's fate. Not sure if anyone can help him when his soul? was ripped into pieces. My poor baby.
yuki chapter 43 . 7/28/2017
OMG! I was just about to reread this for the thousandth time and saw that you updated. Thank you so much! XD
alesia.ysador chapter 43 . 7/27/2017
"Sorry," Joshua says, "You're not on my list."


Also. Rhyme! So badass! Can I just cover her in soft kittens forever?

I am a little sad you don't update on AO3 anymore, but this story is just so fucking gorgeous I don't even mind braving the Pit so.
kuroyukihime2 chapter 1 . 7/25/2017
I'm so happy to see that you've updated! This story was always one of my favorites on this site! I hope more will be coming and thanks a lot~~
Kay chapter 41 . 7/25/2017
I'm so, so excited to see that you updated! I love how you write action and emotion! I'm on the edge of my seat with every chapter now. It's all so amazing. Again, this fic got me into the game, I'm so ride or die!
Yukionna13 chapter 43 . 7/25/2017
Oh my god... you updated your awesome fic. I really love it. It's just wonderful and great. The relationships are so detailed and your worldbuilding is just so insanely good.

I love your detailed writing and how you give each and every character some depth. I really respect you for that. I can feel the impatience Joshua's enduring and Rhyme's fear and even Saika's surprise and glee, even though she doesn't feel anymore.

And you are just the master of cliffhangers. Do you know that? It's maddening but also so very good to get to the end of each chapter and have that cliffhanger there.

Anyway, thank you for writing this fic and sharing it with us.
Etoka442 chapter 43 . 7/25/2017
Selene chapter 43 . 7/24/2017
Ahh no who was that?! Such a cliffhanger ;(
Xyrlea chapter 43 . 7/24/2017
THIS. I don't think I've ever been so happy for the past months. It's been a year and some months since I wrote a review for this. But that's because I've been waiting! Ahhh thank you thank you thank you for updating; just the fact that you are updating makes me so incredibly happy! Urrghh I don't know what to say but I have this bubbling excitement right now. Josh is coming to save Neku and some great amazing things are gonna go down and I'm so HYPED! Knowing your writing, it'll be executed perfectly. Butiwantlotsofangstandmorejoshandneku :. Hahaha I'm still smiling to myself about this update because this is just so. much. wow. ARGH I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW HOW HAPPY THIS MAKES ME THAT YOU UPDATED. PLEASE ACCEPT THIS GRATITUDE IN THE FORM OF A TERRIBLY WRITTEN REVIEW 3. Even if it takes you another year and some months to update I'll wait for the next one! Till next time ~
stormy64 chapter 43 . 7/24/2017
AN UPDATE? HOW LONG HAS IT BEEN, AAAAAAHHHHHH! I'M SO HAPPY! I went back and re-read the last chapter to get a refresher. WHAT A FANTASTIC STORY! Thank you for sticking with this for so long!
The White Camellia chapter 43 . 7/24/2017
I am screaming, screeching, my joy is bubbling up and over it cannot be contained. I thought I was dreaming when I saw this update, because I was too happy for it to not be a dream. Some things are simply too good to be true, and besides you've brought me uncountable hapinesses with all the chapters before. Your fic was the one that brought me into the twewy fandom, you know? I was just looking around on ao3, looking for something to read when I came across this. You got me to buy the game back in high school and I have to thank you for that, too. Your writing is lovely, it's attention grabbing and I just have to read it over and over again. Everything to do with the blue noise, Neku's first game and how it ended, but 777 came back too. And everything. Just everything. It was awful, but it was a familiar sort of awful. The good things that come after a deep sink like that don't feel good, they don't feel real. But you made it so and that really helped, it cleaned and made me so happy to read. I love Saika, her relationship with Uzuki, how when she was asked about it, Uzuki said it was good. And I could see how it was. It didn't feel like one of those she's a victim so her perspective obviously can't be right you see in stories, but I could see how she could be happy with her. That even though it ended like that, that it continued with shoving Uzuki out of shelter and taking over her body, I could see how Saika could do that and still be that great. She is terrible, but she is great.

I could go on another rant about the relationship you've written between Joshua and Neku, but then it'd end up as another block of text filled with happiness. I'd probably end up quoting half the story to point at and scream about how much I love them, how much I love your words which you string together into such beautiful things that I read and love and love. Thank you so much for writing. I wanted to say that. Thank you for writing this beautiful, lovely story and introducing me into this fandom. Your words are lovely, and thank you for sharing them.
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