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terracannon876 chapter 42 . 9/5/2016
I got this alert a long tme ago, and I never really truly READ through this chapter because it'd been a long time since I'd read this fic. One of the reasons I love this fic so much is because it flows from chapter to chapter, every character has their own consistent voice, and the fic even has its own canon by now. No other fic can truly replace it (or, indeed, scratch that itch) now, but on the flip side it's pretty difficult to read or jump into without having the fic on mind, and with that I have to apologize for putting the chapter off for so long. But, none of that. Just yesterday, I decided I really, really wanted some TWEWY fanfiction, and this was of course the first (and only) one that popped into my head. I blasted through it and ... yep, it's every bit as good as I remember. I think my favorite part (and there are a lot of favorite part, but my most favorite part) is that you have a rather elegant prose that conveys emotions (and action) excellently, but you also manage to catch all the slang and "edge" the characters throw around, either in their thoughts or in their dialogue. Each character is very unique and has their own voice, and it's so in line with canon but so your own thing that it makes this fic very special.

But more importanty, this chapter...

Over the last few updates, I never truly realized how close we were at the final showdown. Saika had shown up to Neku before, but it was like a cat batting paws at a mouse before going off bored, but here that cat is back for the kill and it is damn intense. The ability to take angels as well is a nice mini horror story, and it doesn't help that everyone involved is either not powerful enough or injured from the get go. Joshua can't do a dang thing, and if Ezra and the other can't do anything, I'm not sure what Hanekoma could do, censured or not.

The scene with 777 and the band, though. Both of them. They both really brought a tear to my eye just to see their determination to pull the concert through, and it's also really nice to see the cooperation between the Players and the Reapers.

You always had a talent for writing the action scenes, too, and despite Neku being more powerful than he should have any rights to be, he is still written as believably struggling and in dire straits because damn Saika is a tough foe. You did an excellent job setting that up since the beginning. Not to mention Neku always seems to actively handicap himself from his more advantageous options. He's right - Joshua really would probably be chuckling at how he'd thrown away some "good" options. But that's another thing to admire about your Neku, that he doesn't take the easy way out. (I'm a little sad that the bunny duo aren't bunnies any more, but at the very least they're safe.)

And ... man, the way this chapter ended. The way it ended! The only recourse ... is to read and reread again o_o;;

Anywhos, sorry for the overly long review about things you've probably already heard before XD Thanks so, so much for writing this amazing fic, and I can't wait to read more! There are always readers out there cheering you on )
Xyrlea chapter 42 . 4/9/2016
Just finished reading all the chapters at once and now I can't do anything until this updates because I don't want to lose all the hype. This story is so amazing! I Just, wow. It blows my mind. The plot is so so so well-developed (if that makes sense) and I could not stop reading this until the end. I think I may have a problem hahahaha... Anyways, see you in the next update!
Steven Kodaly chapter 42 . 4/8/2016
*Finally finds time to check Fanfiction account*
*Sees Signal to Noise has updated*

So, let me get this straight:
Saika is an evil chick.
She is vulnerable to echoes of the Real (being hit with large blunt objects in the UG).
She's up against a redhead (orangeylocks, if you want to use the exceedingly technical terminology used in-game) wearing a largely blue outfit.
She's in an uncivilized land (the UG, Reaper's Game and everything related to it is hardly what I would call civilized, seeing as they are, at best, squatters in a city they do not and cannot maintain themselves).
She's in Japan, typically labeled 'The Far East.'

Saika has been cast as the Wicked Witch of the East, hasn't she? How long before someone decides to drop a house or skyscraper on her? Someone like, say, Manhattan's Composer?

Nonsense aside, I really enjoyed these chapters. Did Entropy!Neku come back in time to deliberately give his past self the chance to unmake him? That seems strangely fitting. Saika seems to have killed Neku, but she's not the first otherworldly being to have struck him down - after all, that was how the boy's story started! As such, I'm not prepared to count Neku out quite yet. Although, if he's in pieces now, I wonder if that would explain the comically large number of Dead Neku phantoms Joshua saw over the course of the story - perhaps they weren't artefacts of his clairvoyant powers, as he thought, but rather bits and pieces of Neku scattered across space and time.

Or, maybe a bunch of other alternate versions of Neku came back in time, just like Entropy!Neku, just to prank the Composer. Neku would get a laugh out of it, at least.

Ignore me, I'm posting while tired; that's always dangerous. Looking forward to more of your work on this!
stormy64 chapter 42 . 1/14/2016

Gosh darn it, I am so invested! Thank you do much for writing!
Tsuchi chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
Oh my gaaaaaawd...! I was all "two chapters in a week? Is it my freaking birthday?" But that cliff-hanger...! omg this is amazing, I can't stand it...!
Inveigler chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
If you listen very carefully, that faint sound you're hearing in the distance is me, screaming along with Neku.

So many great moments in this chapter! The way Neku acknowledged that he and Uzuki hated each other and then tried to save her from Saika anyway! Neku's grown so much since the beginning of the game. And when Saika kills the Angels like they're nothing and then uses what's left of them to attack Kariya- a foreboding glimpse of what might happen to Neku if he loses. And Neku saying no to possiblefuture!Neku- rejecting that future in the hopes of making his own better future. And then saving his bunnies and pulling his Players and Reaper back from Saika's claws.

Just when I was thinking that maybe Neku really could do this, maybe Neku really could beat Saika at her very own game... Saika rips Neku's wings off. Rest in peace, Neku. You tried.

Thank you so much for another brilliant chapter!
Zepar chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
Now for the real cavalry to arrive.
Liandrielle chapter 42 . 12/22/2015

I was worried you'd left AND I'D BE STUCK ON A CLIFFHANGER FOREVER! To be fair, now I'm still stuck on a cliffhanger, but I can live with Neku probably dying or being Erased again, like always, right? Ooooh, that Angelic courtroom scene. Joshua's pure intuition is perfect. And I LOVED Kariya's descriptions, particularly the one of him as a comet. The idea of a Fallen Neku was great - especially the way he gets a conscious decision about it - and of course, OF COURSE, Neku would never, ever let things turn out as planned for any Higher Plane, no matter how stupidly high it is. THIS WAS FANTASTIC. (now please don't leave for another year plsplsplspls)
A Brilliant Loser chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
Dammit that name drop and the other Neku and just
My heart. My feels. I can't wait to see what happens next
Latiwings chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
Heads up, typo on line 10, second section n Mr H's name and there was a mistaken usage somewhere that I lost track of but yeah, thought you would like to know.

Now that's aside, OMG THIS CHAPTER IS MARVELOUS. Congrats on making it before the end of the year by the way, this is possibly the best before Christmas update anyone can ask for. When I saw the update I had to walk aside and calm myself down; I get so riled up about it for the rest of the day and then I read it and I don't think I can sleep tonight even if I only had like, 4 hours of sleep last night.

Everyone's plans got thwarted oh my gosh, I'm kinda glad Vancouver's plan didn't work out (somewhat I think) and everyone is great and the fight is great XD I'n somewhat fond of Sota and NaoNao fighting as bunnies (holy damn Neku you revived them holy shit)

I read this all in one go, no regrets. I can't, I just, I don't know what else to say, every word is precious in this chapter and Neku is a precious flaming train wreck and I just, I just-! I can't articulate what I want to say but you're a marvelous person for this, thank you so much for this chapter. Thank you thank you thank you!

If it's not too much may I ask what's the rough timeframe for the next chapter that you plan to hit? Not expecting anytime soon, what's with Christmas, end of the year, New Year, Chinese New Year (I live in a place where all these is legitly celebrated in a straight row). I don't mind if you don't want to say anything on this, so yeah.

Thank you again for this chapter. It made me smile and giggle when I saw the update, downright floored me after reading it. I'll be coming back to this story for ages and ages and everyone I know that lieks this fandom will hear me spouting about this. Thank you so much for this.
Kay chapter 42 . 12/22/2015
Two updates. I'm dying. Please. Why.
Zepar chapter 41 . 12/18/2015
Yay an update.
Your Little Ninja chapter 41 . 12/17/2015
Literally screaming right now. Oh god, there's so much suspense and aghhh, it's amazing. Thank you for updating! Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
stormy64 chapter 41 . 12/17/2015
I think I literally screamed a little when I saw this story has been updated. As wonderful as ever! Thank you SO much for persevering with this story! It is one of my favorites!
A Brilliant Loser chapter 41 . 12/17/2015
*had to reread from joshua and shibuya!eri's lunch g to get a handle on what's happening*

Oh man I'm on my edge of my seat (or i would if i wasn'ton a ladder) wanting to know what happens next
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