Reviews for Darker Wonderland
Anonymous chapter 33 . 7/17/2014
This story is amazing! The plot drew me in and I was captivated.
Guest chapter 33 . 1/23/2014
oh wonderful, moving and one of a kind story of the Heart/Clover/Joker no kuni no Alice fanfiction
Raevenwings chapter 14 . 5/27/2013
Pretty good Chapter... I've been reading this stupid fic all day... I love it XD! When Lilly came in I was all like *mental groan* "Not Lilly... Uhh I should have expected that..." She's cool, though. A bit demanding, but I guess that's her personality!
sabrina.naina chapter 33 . 4/8/2013
okayh! this is one disturbing, depressing and twisted story that i have fallen in love withh! definitely worth reading till the end! really love bryon/lily pairing!_
TheUltraSupremeOverLord chapter 33 . 7/11/2012
This story was wonderful! But your ending was fabulously emotional. It was beautiful to read.
Kiria4L chapter 33 . 4/23/2012
I don't know if you'll read this review or not but I'm reviewing anyway. And i must say i love your story or stories (i read your other stories too) and this is the first time I'm reviewing one of them (sorry). Your plot is well written and dark too and how you created Ashe and Bryon is amazing. I can't really express how i felt after reading this and truth to be told i can't wait for more you'll write.

This is truly a great story and one where the OC fitted in perfectly. ~ I hope you'll write more in the future and thank you for writing this story.
hoody chapter 1 . 12/29/2011
this was interesting in a way...oh!who am i kidding this was fuckin' epically GENUIS!XD!
bluefairystudio chapter 33 . 8/25/2011
I just want to drop by to say this story is absolutely amazing. I don't usually read OCs but this is just...pure love. The characterisation, the world, the depth, I actually CARE about these characters. I know I cried more then once reading this story. The story of Alice and Ace is amazing. That's exactly how I pictured their "relationship" actually.

Pure magic EarthRiddle-sama. I really hope you write something like this again sometime.

(and now I go back to my regular schedule smut reading)
ghostgirlZ13 chapter 33 . 7/25/2011
that was just sad but great ending.
Sly Sloth chapter 33 . 3/17/2011
That was indeed a rather bittersweet ending to a wonderful fic. Kudos to you for writing it.

Comparing from the very first chapter, you've really improved in your writing. The characters developed very naturally, and none of your OCs felt forcefully inserted into story, which seems a rare thing in fanfic these days. Funnily enough, I actually feel a little bit sorry for Ace here. He just seems so...empty for some reason.

Bryon and Lily's child, and Michael's ending made me smile though. Even in a tragedy, there's still life and happiness to be found...or something like that.
maidstonespotato chapter 33 . 3/16/2011
That made me tear up ;_; It wasn't full out sad, but bittersweet. Like other reviewers, I didn't expect Ashe to die and I didn't expect Ace to actually kill her. It was sad watching Ashe die almost nobly. Knowing the full truth while the Roleholders remained ignorant definitely pulled at my heartstrings.

As sad as it was, it was nice seeing Bryon escape a fate like his sister and breaking the cycle. He would make an awesome dad X3 But on the other end, it's rather eerie knowing that Lilly might meet the same fate as Ashe. Bryon would try and step in, but he might fail :O More unanswered questions, yay! XDD

The epilogue caps the story off nicely and I am quite sad that there's no more. Is there any chance that maybe when you're bored you might write drabbles about Bryon and Lily? :3 Maybe, possibly, never? XD
southernwinds chapter 33 . 3/16/2011
xP poor ashe... she deserved better TT_TT

i'll miss this story, it's really good :)
QuiksilverGirl chapter 33 . 3/16/2011
Wow... you weren't joking when you said tragic... I was honestly in tears by the time Ashe approached Ace. Though bitter sweet, it wad truly the only way to gain the freedom she longed for... freedom from herself.

Once again, a brilliant story and excellent writing... thanks again!
Ink'n'Echo chapter 33 . 3/16/2011
Wow, You weren't kidding when you said depressing O.o. I share the same sentiments with Exagie, the ending seems so expected yet I never really thought it would be this way, maybe cos I've always wished it would end happily for all of them. So Sad! T.T But it was very well planned and thought out and I love the way you write here; this overlapping and play of speech, one moment it's the narrator, next it's the actual action and then Bryon's narration. It puts the readers a step back to look at all that has happened yet it engrosses them into the scene, as if they're actually the circus peeps listening to the story told by Bryon with a secret insight to wat actually happened.

Bryon feeling sad actually made him more human O.o And I think it's a genius with how Lily and him grew in power over Blood and Elliot and family with an odd but wonderful relationship and showing that they loved their child was probably the best happy thing to happen in this story :) And Ashe, being a true lost case actually showed how nothing could really be changed in Wonderland, reminding us of the darker side of the role-holders. LOVE the Ace part! It tied everything up very nicely so that there's proper closure for the past and you nailed his character very accurately Micheal's career was actually very suited and i love the line:

"I'm not trying to fix or cure them. You don't fix people. People aren't broken. They simply exist," he said. "I'm just trying to understand them. How many people try that?"

LOVE it! XD That actually summed up the true good nature behind his quirky behaviour in wonderland. It's not too cliche but it really showed him as a hero of sort, like how Alice is in her own way. Though i kinda wish he'd stay single cos i can't picture him with another person or have Ashe still living about Wonderland on her own ; It be nice to see a happy dual ending but it's up to you, really :) Nevertheless, this chapter is strangely one of my favs 8D and congrats on ending this wonderfully! I really enjoyed it every single step of the way
Exagie chapter 33 . 3/15/2011
OAO Ashe... is dead? B-But... ;A; *sobsob* She was my favorite.

Sad to say, but I was honestly surprised that she died. I thought maybe she would find something else in Wonderland to keep her busy or continue her old ways, but certainly not death. And by Ace. OAO Of course, I should've seen that coming. OTL I feel like an idiot for not realizing it. Duh. I'm such a dumbass. XD

I love Bryon and Lilly's little ending there. I was surprised when you mentioned they had a kid, but I guess I should have seen that coming as well with as much as they- IMMA STOP TALKING THERE. XD I love the idea of them having a kid, though; it makes me happy. w I love the way you ended those two.

Blood's a grandpa. BD *evil laughter*

I can't seem to comprehend Michael's situation. Not because you didn't write it clearly- in all honesty, you wrote the entire chapter with perfect excellence- but because I can't wrap my head around the concept of him and Ashe not together. I was so used to their strange love in Wonderland that I find it hard to picture him with another girl. Of course he's going to have to move on, but I just feel bad that he and Ashe didn't work out... It's sad. ;A;

Then again, you warned ahead that this story was going to end sadly, so that was the only thing that didn't surprise me. XD

Overall, I loved this story. I love your characters, the concept.. GAH! I loved it all. 8'D I'm missing these characters already. If we weren't writing that collab, I think I'd miss them even more. OTL
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